Systemic Racism the Propaganda Lie You Are Told to Fool You

I was recently watching a college football game and the announcers started preaching social justice, parroting the propaganda of main stream media. They brought in a young white announcer and she started talking about social justice and used the phrase systemic racism. That is propaganda. Straight out of Black Lives Matter the communist group pretending to be about rights when they are about destroying and taking over control. This young lady and the announcers are surely doing what they think is right but did they ever look around and see any of this systemic racism? They sound like Adam Schiff, there is evidence is plain sight that he never points to. Systemic racism is propaganda pure and simple and the network is preaching it. They have the right. But as fans we have the right to stop watching just as I no longer watch the pro sports teams as they are all preachers of the “BLM” propaganda.

In the age of bitter divided is it better for the people to tell the truth or follow the propaganda line of their masters? Is it not ironic that George Floyd by his own actions brought about his death by using drugs and overdosing, thus over reacting to the police. Just as once officer over reacted to George Floyd’s actions, two wrongs do not make a right. Rioting, Looting, Violence, and Murder do not make the propaganda a reality. It makes the truth harder to see but still never changes the facts. Fenytal a killer drug contributed to the demise of George Floyd. The officer’s actions contributed to his death. Two people, 2 bad decisions, a bad policy and that is not systemic racism.

Thus this systemic racism is not real but a myth, a propaganda lie, straight out of the communist playbook. Tell a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it to be the truth. Now you have sports announcer using propaganda and they too will soon be turned off and people will start rejecting college sports if these announcer’s continue their social justice preaching. I tune in to watch a football game, not listen to propaganda.

One of the few things I still watch is college sports but as the tide of propaganda rises I find myself thinking these people are creating divide. People who going around preaching the myth of systemic racism are usually the biggest racists and bigots of all. They are the type of people who smile and are welcoming and the moment you leave they talk about you. Hypocrites of the highest order thinking from their pulpit they will preach to the world about their favorite subject, racism.

Funny how you never hear about how a nation so filled with this plague of racism is always because white people are the problem. Really, is in not more about individual effort? Desire, choices in life that individuals make. Their are drug lords and criminals in society that are just as smart as any politician, as any billionaire, as anyone in society, but they have made a choice. That is not racism on the part of a white society, that is a individual choice made by individuals.

Law and Order or a life of crime. What is so hard to understand?

As a young man growing up my grandfather had two lines of wisdom he repeated over and over.

“A honest man never looks over his shoulder.”

That is a way of life. Don’t commit a crime and never worry about the police because they are not looking for you. Of course people do get caught up by mistake.

His second line is truly a line white liberals could learn something from.

“Every man deserves respect until he proves other wise.”

This is from a white man, born in NC, 1894, died in NC, in 1977. Fought and lived through the First World War, lived though the great depression. Lived in a time of racial divide but gave every man respect upon their first meeting and always, until that man proved he no longer deserved his respect.

The great propaganda lie of systemic racism says this is not the way of the world. I beg to differ from the chicken little minds of systemic racism, climate change, the New Green Deal. If one of these people knew anything at all they would not spew propaganda. But that is there plan make everyone think everyone else is racist when in fact the bureaucrats are the entrenched “systemic racist.” They offer you racist, welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, free medical care, etc, etc. These are systems of racism because they say without words you are not able to take care of yourself. You need white people who pay the most taxes to take care of you because you are a person of color. That is the problem of the socialist, communist, systemic racist preachers we hear every where you go. They remind me of the India guru movement in the 1960’s/70’s, weak minds follow and shout out the chicken little problems of the world. You know the problems that really don’t exist, except in their own minds.

I live by those two lines of wisdom my grandfather imparted to me and his other grandchildren. As in every family some of us took it to heart and some did not. Thus we have just like nearly all families in their past have had bad apples in the bunch. But people are not apples and just because one bad police officer made bad decisions does not mean that all of his fellow officers are bad as well.

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