Banana Republic Joe

America will officially become a Banana Republic if the mail in ballot fraud is not uncovered. Harris says the real work has just begun as they will destroy America with her liberal hive mind. Obey or else. The fake news declares Banana Republic Joe president of the New America Banana Republic. Corrupt DNC operatives are trying to cheat America out of their freedom and enslave us via the CCP wave of acceptance. Every democrat is truly a fool, thinking themselves wise. Voting with 80 million plus mail in ballots they cheat at every opportunity to turn the election Biden’s way. Liar, cheats, traitors and tyrants. New Zealand and Australia congratulate Biden / Harris what else would we expect from nations that are run by tyrants and fools. The CFR, Council On Foreign Relations are globalist traitors to freedom and now we have a globalist liar and fraud who may become a US President with a communist hive mind vice president. You can expect the UN and the globalist to try and destroy the constitution and the bill of rights. Time for the PMP, Patriot Militia Party to form is now. The right to free speech may well be threatened, the right to practice your faith may be threatened. Your guns rights will be threatened and this is the revolution they wanted. Destroy your freedom and enslave America one new law at a time. Organize now PMP.

The communist / marxist are in charge of the government and they hate anyone who is conservative and they will do all in their power to destroy your freedom under the disguise of lawfully elected officials but that is a lie. They have cheated their way into power and it is the right of the people to deny them the rights of power to use tyranny to rule the population.

Article 1. Basic Freedoms

Congress Shall make no law respecting an established religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: Or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition government for redress of grievance.

So when Hillary says there is a limit to free speech. She is a liar.

Article 2. Keeping and Bearing Arms

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

So when Hillary says there is a limit to the right to bear arms. She is a liar.

If Banana Republic Joe is allowed to steal the election with their voter mail in fraud and Commie Kamala and Banana Republic along with a Democrat Congress move to suppress religious freedom, free speech it will mark the beginning of the end of America.

If they dare to move against gun owners it will be time to create militia’s in every county of every state in the union to resist the communist take over of America by fools backing Banana Republic Joe and Commie Kamala. Two traitors to America in a long list of American Benedict Arnold’s stabbing the citizens in the back while they smile and lie to their face. In RI they voted to remove part of the name because it might hurt someone feelings. Well you hurt my feelings with your politically correct hive mind of communism. Congrats RI, you should change the name to Rhode Island Thought Plantation, since you all live on it who voted for the name change. Little cowards of communism following along the blind leading the blind like the Guv Nut Gina Zeig Heil Ramindo and that goes for all the voters on the Thought Plantation of Rhode Island and if allowed to stand the Democrat and billion globalist communist liars pretending they are going to make life better for every citizen when they should say for all the citizens who are with us and those who are not we are coming for you. You ugly deplorable s. How dare you not agree to be our slaves.

Donald J. Trump was elected to a 2nd term in office and no matter how many “officials” declare Banana Republic Joe and Commie Kamala won , they are liars. They may have stolen the election but they did not win it. Now the thought police will come out. Disagree with the BLM and you are marked, disagree with AOC and you are marked.

Anyone who wears a BLM logo is a coward and simply a part of the marxist hive mind of communism.

The sports leagues spewing the political correctness will hopefully disappear off the face of the earth and that includes college and high schools if they spew the communist, marxist propaganda of the Democrat party, BLM and ANTIFA. These three groups are the new “AXIS of EVIL.” And are the gravest threat to our freedom and rights as human beings to defend ourselves from their grab for power and tyranny. This is just another communist take over of a country. The “Axis of Evil” is alive and well right here in America, the enemy within. Fake News, FOX, CNN, CNBC, NYT, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and hundreds of others these are the Benedict Arnold’s who have turned from freedom to join the enemy. Traitors each and everyone.

I say this now in public before it is to late and they silence voices like mine and others. Pray for your enemies and arm yourself against their intrusion into your lives. Government is not for the people they wish to control you at all levels of state and federal and city and town governments in America Government are the nosy neighbor who just can’t mind their own business, no they have got to stick their nose in your business at any opportunity. And what do they do? Exactly what the word intrusion means. Wrongfully entering , seizing and taking possession of the property of another. Every democrat says they are going to steal the wealth of the rich. By what right? Political power? No, TYRANNY!

Intrusion definition is – the act of intruding or the state of being intruded; especially : the act of wrongfully entering upon, seizing, or taking possession of the property of another.**

Militias form.


Patriot Militia Party.


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