Scared to Live! Afraid to Die!

Life and the transient moments of time in each and everyone of our lives is a scared thing. Maybe not in your mind but as you are the made in the image of God, to him your life is precious. Oh, I know the muck believers will scuff as they preach the religion of evolution as fact yet it falters with each passing moment in time. Reality is held together not by the forces men call them but by the will of God alone.

These transient moments of time that we hold dear are to be safe guarded at all cost from death. However, when your are terrorized by the media and the political elect and the medical bureaucrats day after day and told to stay home and live in fear of dying from a virus your are being brainwashed without even realizing it.

People are to scared to live because they are to afraid to die. That can’t even accept their own evolutionary theories of life cycles, no wonder they live in fear of death.

Human beings can live in fear of death or live in fear of God. Many scuff but they believe they have a soul, they cannot explain their feelings of life and death because they are scared to live and afraid to die.

The breath of life is a gift from God, not Darwin. The universe was created by the spoken Word of God. People don’t seem to understand the power of the Word. I can not just use the words with power unless the Lord God lays upon me the gift of power to do as he commands and you understand the righteous and holy nature of of the Word and fear God and obey him.

Reading this article how many will laugh, scuff, criticize and demean. Human beings really do have the power to do their own will and they do. Imagine if we lived a thousand years, ten thousand years, people think it would be utopia because human beings would make it so. Yet they fail to understand the reality they so wish to tap into, that world we cannot see, that universe of quantum consciousness. The foundation of all reality is orderly, well designed by the Creator, GOD, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus they are tapping into powers they do not understand.

How did I come to this conclusion? Reading the words of human beings. When I realized that people actually believe they can put their consciousness in the cloud and live forever in the quantum resurrection. These are the minds that do not fear God, but oh they fear death. They live in terror that their lives may be cut short before they are able to drink from the foundation of quantum computing.

Since they think they can compete with God, perhaps they should put their consciousness on the block chain and they can live forever in the ether of digital reality.

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