The U.N. Controls Your Bitcoin and other Crypto

Although I am not a crypto bug, I do recognize the difference between worthless Federal Reserve Notes and something like Bitcoin and other crypto currency that must spend energy to create the currency. But we live in a day in age where corruption is everywhere. Bob Dylan in one of his songs says, “even the swap meets are corrupt around here.” 

Our nation is controlled by corruption, democratic and republican party corruption, corruption in banking, business, every where lies lies and more lies. This is the age of lies, and deception, there is little in our world that is not a lie. Obama gave away control of the internet to the U.N, in 2016. Here is just one link to a article about Obama, giving away control of the internet. From the Wall Street Journal, ( There are many such articles on the internet, you simply have to search for them. 

Though I know many people in crypto do not believe in God but you need to understand that control is what the enemy of God is all about. Control of your money, your beliefs, your life, your very breath.  

How many crypto fans know the U.N. controls the keys to the “internet?” What power have you for wealth independence if you rely on people who if they hate you, can turn off your connection to your wealth? If you think of crypto as a means to an end to wealth and security, the U.N. controls your wealth and your security. I have written many articles about how the U.N. or as least how the majority of its members are against the United States, they are all for taking your personal freedom, your religious freedom, as well as financial wealth and your guns if you bow to them and their control 

Obama betrayed America over and over and over. How, punishing people for not buying health care. Attacking Syria, Benghzai, Fast & Furious, IRS scandal against 501 3c tax exempt, conservative and tea party members. Sending billions to IRAN, the Paris Climate Accord. One thing after another and now his second in command, Joe Biden is suppose to have been elected, that is laughable if it was not so corrupt and against the very foundations of our constitution, civil rights, and our very freedom.  Every person who died for the freedom of us all is being betrayed by the Democrat party and its rhino republican party members. As they bow to BLM, and call ANTIFA just and idea. More laughable idiocy from people. 

Listen to how elected officials talk. Inflaming the people who are liberal into hatred of the ideas of conservative thought. “Impeach 45”, the foolish old women Maxine Waters has shouted over and over. Adam Schiff repeats the same lies, as if his brain is stuck and he can’t get in gear to move forward. He believes his own lie, “There is evidence in plain sight.” His mantra of deceit is always the same, everything is in plain site but no one can see it but him and he can never point it out. The Heckel and Jeckel of political life is Nancy and Chuck, two political clowns who make all the other liars seem like children. Nancy loves to say she is protecting the constitution even as she rips its to shreds. AOC is just a female Bernie, she should go live in North Korea for a year to learn what freedom means. 

But back to the real story for the folks in crypto. Real money is God’s gold and silver. That is the wealth that cannot be turned off at the whim of people who demand you obey or you will never get your wealth back. Take a vaccine, turn in your guns, or we will never get your wealth back if it is held in crypto currency.  You would loose all your “DE-FI”crypto if you refuse to o’bey.  “They cannot control the block chain but they can control your access to the internet.”* Bo Polny.

“If only people would do what we say.” Dr. Fauci, sound familiar? What they fail to say out loud and it will be sooner than you think. You will obey or we will shut you out of society as we see fit. DICTATORSHIP. BIDEN / HARRIS = DICTATORSHIP, UN = DICTATORSHIP. 

Lock Down’s are tyranny, plain and simple. What right does the government of any state have to force business to close at their whim? That is tyranny, plain and simple under the disguise of a “medical issue”. So no one can catch the flu any more it always has to be Covid 19 and not the seasonal flu? No one can live in the world anymore unless they take a vaccine against a virus they have used to fool the people into believing the lies of their medical tyranny.

As a person outside the crypto space, except for $100. 00 of Bitcoin I bought for my wife who wanted me to buy it a week ago. I tend to think of crypto as a means to and end to acquire real assets, gold and silver. 

So though no one can legally give financial advice without a license. Which is illogical as it gets, since the financial advisors have no clue on earth what they are talking about. Computers do the trading. They are simply figureheads from days long past. So I am not giving financial advice, I am giving you Gods advice trust in real assets, use crypto to gain, but never forget the U.N. controls the internet. So ask yourself who really controls your money?

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