A Nation is a Terrible Thing to Waste

A Nation is a Terrible Thing to Waste

   The USA, holding on by a thread, this the last bastion of political freedom. To hear CNN and Fox and the rest of the parrot heads tell it, truth is on their side. But a nation that destroys its roots is a nation rotting. The minds of the people are turned from the ideals of freedom to the idea of the hive of communist thought. If you do not think that is true take a deeper look around you. Crypto is feared because it is not part of the hive mind. Yet you see the central banks scrambling to try and force their way into being the “only” acceptable digital fiat currency. 

America, filled with the graves of men and women who died to hold on to the freedom of a Republic built on the individual sovereignty this ideal of freedom. To hear the hippies of the sixties tell it life is the “summer of love.”  To many people today have fallen into the trap of the New Age of Enlightenment. The idea that man is the answer to the reality of existence and we must all work together to obtain the hive utopia of their thought police. Here in the USA we have dichotomy of beliefs about government, God, money, authority, rules, privacy, and the sovereign existence of our own freedom. 

    Go to the cities and you hear people taking about how guns are bad. Is a hammer bad? Is a saw bad? Is a ponzi scheme bad? I think most everyone knows the answer but yet the illusion of propaganda coming out of government, “news”, is guns are bad. This is pure nonsense of the hive minds who cannot break free of the lies of the people they believe. I grew up with guns loaded and in draws or corners of the house. No one touched them except to clean, or go hunting or to defend themselves. Guns are not “bad”, losing your freedom or your life is bad. No one thought of guns as bad. No guns are not bad, but what is bad is the manipulation of the free thought of humans into an hive mind. For those who reject the hive well buy some ammo.

Why do the people of America rush to destroy the past, because they are demanding we bow to their new future of communist hive mind control. Big Brother, the all seeing eye watching over all of us to make sure we don’t break any of “their” rules. Not yours, not mine, their rules. And you will play or you will pay a very high price. 

We need a new type of freedom of thought in America. We need freedom from public school. Our children should not be forced to go to any public schools. We need freedom from the welfare state, freedom from the prison state and most of all freedom from bureaucratic prison state of rules and regulations that strangle the life out of everything they touch. 

Freedom is not bureaucrats making the rules they and the governments say we must obey. Freedom is for the mind of human beings to be left free, not to be controlled by rules and regulations by bureaucrats. One of the biggest loses of freedom in our country is because of bureaucracy, simple put to many government rules and to many employee’s. Since rules and regulations create bigger government remove of 75% of rules and regulators and they American people would thrive, the Nation would thrive, the world would thrive. 

Things should be based on standards just as in manufacturing. So people improve the standards as time goes on. Not regulators taking the breath out of innovation and creativity by passing more and more rules. If we are not children why do we need to be watched like children?

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