As A Veteran

It breaks my heart to see the people give in so readily to the ideas of “socialism”, which of course leads straight to communism. 

Do you really believe everyone on earth can be taken care of? That is pure foolishness. How about the people who do not want your help? 

Society thinks it can force people to conform. They should take a look around them and they will see that many people do not conform to the demands of society. Life is not conforming to the ideas of society. Life is living of your own freewill even if all of society disagrees against you.

A welfare state is being created right before your eyes and so many people are blind to the truth of the deception of “socialist thought.”

So few realize they are joining a hive mind set. The hive mind all think the same, they want to do what is best for everyone, they say. But they never say as long as you comply to their demands we will help you. Refuse to follow their demands and see how much help they offer then. 

The hive mindset is nothing more than the mob mind set. You are with us or you are against us. I saw this same behavior in the late sixties when from the happy, fun loving, free think individuals living life to the fullest hippie’s or “freaks,” And then the communist SDS, (Students For A Democratic Society) raised its ugly head and all hell broke lose. Violence at Kent State, violence at Jackson State, Violence in Chicago, riots all over the country caused by radical students from the (SDS). Pretending to be what they were not, for the people. They were nothing but communist who wanted a Godless society without any morals. Some of the same people of the SDS took it a step further and became the Weather Underground, using violence as a matter of policy. Blowing up government buildings, robbing banks, committing murder.  But most of those graduated from college and became the hive bureaucracy we see today failing at all levels of governance, education, business, judicial, journalism, because they still live in the hive mind. Destroying America from within with their anti conservative thought, anti God, their anti-anything that disagrees with them and their hive. 

“Someone said to me once you did vote for Obama because you are a racist.” What that person did not know was I did not vote for John McCain either. In fact I did not bother to vote at all because I did not think either person should be president and it was not one over another, neither were worthy in my mind. So I choose not to vote at all. But the hive mind calls me racist because I did not vote the way it wanted. They hate individualism.  

Many people know the name Davey Crockett, but few know he was a member of Congress. I remember reading a story Crockett told about being in government. So he was out walking the country side in TN and he came upon a farmer. So he stopped and talked for bit. Upon talking to the man he said can I count on your vote. No, the farmer replied. Why not? asked Crockett. The farmer replied because you voted for the old widows home. 

The farmer were referring to the “act” of Congress to build a Civil War Widows home. The farmer recognized that would lead to more “acts” to benefit someone in the public and thus growing government and more rules, more invasion, less freedom, more taxes.  The farmer knew what Crockett did not and today we are living is a welfare state where the government is going to “take care of people.” O.K. believe that if you will but I do not believe they will help anyone who refuses to obey their “laws” and invasive demands.  Crockett was a part of the Anti-Jackson faction. Andrew Jackson who hated the idea of a Central Bank or on the modern term, the Federal Reserve. 

The hive mind is vindictive, it gets angry when you disagree, specially if you speak out. The hive mind does not like individual thought, its the hive or nothing at all. Like stirring up a hornets nest they buzz around, and sting anyone it does not matter. If you happen to be on their side and you got in the way, oh well, that’s to bad. The hive lives on. 

For those who refuse to join the hive, they will show their great compassion for you as they cast you aside as nothing more than garbage. 

Which is what “Build Back Better”, “The Future We Want” are really about. Globalist hive mind control. Where you do not own anything. So who owns everything? UM. But that is another story all together. 

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