Did Election Fraud Happen in the 2020 Elections? Um

During the first debate between Mr. Biden & President Trump, Chris Wallace asked Joe Biden if he would wait until the election results were in before claiming victory? So why is he pretending to be the President Elect? Is he part of the full on election fraud? People seem to forget it is not the media reporting that places a person into the office of the president it is the votes of the population. When voter fraud is committed it deprives citizens the little bit of control and freedom they have. 

So why cheat in the election? Is freedom so awful? Is the socialist agenda of the communist hive mind so wonderful? With people coming out and saying comments like “If only people would do what we tell them.” Really? When you don’t know what you are talking about people should listen? You hear about case after case of this “LOCKDOWN VIRUS”, it is simply a way to put in place communism, Modern Monetary Theory and the Green New SCAM.

People get sick and die everyday and no Lockdown is going to stop people from dying and freedom is more important and any life. That is why so many people have willing gone off to war to fight for freedom. Not these made up wars by politicians who think they are in control of our lives. Report your neighbors the Guvnuts are telling the people. Straight out of Stalin’s communist Soviet Union who murdered 20 million or more of Russian citizens who did not agree with him. These governors who spew that tyranny should be arrested under civil rights laws for the denial of people to go to church, or the beach, or where ever they choose. This Lockdown measures are pure communist TYRANNY. Denial for freedom, under the guise of medical tyranny.

Our country is bought and paid for by people who are elected into office to help the people but they help themselves. Joe Biden is the very type of politician America does not need. He is the typical racist, spewing his rhetoric, his infamous “If you don’t know who to vote for between me and Donald Trump, you ain’t black.” Really. that is a racist comment? Telling a black man that if he chooses one white man over another he ain’t black. That is the kind of mind that will destroy America and the very foundation of freedom. And people voted for this foolish old man. Why because they believe the lies of everyone who thinks like them and they cannot see truth because for liberals truth is relative. Meaning lying and cheating are fine if we can get our way and gain power. Just like Hitler and the Nazi Party, just like the Communist in Russia when they overthrew the Czar, lies, lies, and more lies.

People think this election is over but voter fraud is raising its ugly head in the courts of states across the land. Will the liberal democrats who think its fine to cheat their way into power just like all good godless communist think. Tyranny is not a fools earn if you achieve power. Yet, here in America the  citizen’s are sitting a watching to see if officials will allow the process to work its way out in courts and thus overturn Joe Biden’s pretending by the media and his own illusion of grandeur. 

Many liberals live in a world where it has to be their way or the highway. They think systemic racism is alive in well, oh,  it is in their minds. The people who turn their backs on freedom are a part of the hive mind of communist thought. It takes a fool to not see the lie of socialist, communist thought. Bernie Sanders and AOC with there delusion of communist thought. Think like us are you are evil, wicked, bad person, because me and my hive mind says so. And people think President Trump is a racist. 

Let’s disregard everything President Trump has accomplished in 4 years. What did Joe Biden accomplish in 47 years in government? NOTHING but make super predators out of black men. 

The rights of every citizen has be violated by this voter fraud no matter how you lean. Integrity in the system is lost and no one believes the system any longer. Handcuff anyone who was caught committing voter fraud.

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