To The Chinese Communist Party & Your Traitors in America

We are watching. You can corrupt the elected officials CCP but guess what we are watching you and your traitors in America and we will come after you if you continue to invade America with your corruption, lies, and treachery. We are Americans, you may think us weak but we are strong for one reason and one reason only. We Love God.

We stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, feet firmly planted in peace until the moment we are at war. Armed Americans will not stand for our country being corrupted by the CCP god hating, power mad lunatics. If we need to arrest our own citizens and put them on trial sedition and treason for working with your CCP Trolls we will do that. If we need to confiscate HARVARD & YALE & any other school that is taking bribes from you we will.

We will defend the loyal Chinese people who love freedom and live here in America, we love them. But we hate communist of any color, of any nation, of any political party. You, the CCP have enslaved your own people who disagree with you, you are trying to pull the same web of tyranny here in America. We will not have civil war. We will have a war against the CCP and all communist hive minds of liberal progressive social democrat communist.

You trolls of the CCP are all cowards, you are afraid to live out side of the government tyranny. We see the same liars and cowards raising their head here in America, Eric Salwell, Diane Fienstein, we know there are many political people working with you, we know many school are working with you. But that will soon end Xi and your army of trolls working to destroy freedom in the world, with you belt and road enslavement of humanity along with the World Economic Forum and the UN. We know that the cowards in Europe like Sieg Heil Merkel, Sieg Heil Macron, Sieg Heil EU, Sieg Heil World Economic Forum, Sieg Heil UN. Sieg Heil Democrat Party, Sieg Heil Rhino Republican’s, Sieg Heil Joe Biden.

We see you games, we see your treachery, we see your end goal and we are watching. We are waiting on orders from our leader, Jesus Christ.

Were watching Xi and maybe we will come for all your people and free them from Chairman I’m a Mass Murder and happy about Mao, your hero. Don’t forget to put me on your list of American’s you wish to murder and destroy. Where I come from we shoot communist. We don’t deal with them. The clowns in power all over the world are like little chicken little’s crying the sky is falling unless we save you. We prefer to save ourselves as the price of our soul is much to high to bow to fathead leaders who think they are demi-gods.

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