The Enemies of Jesus

The Enemies of Jesus

Muslims are anti-christ, they hate Christians, they demand all Christians bow to Shira Law. So all Muslims are the enemy of all Christians, especially here in America, with the infamous CAIR group. Today is the time to declare that America is a CHRISTIAN Nation, we should not allow Shira Law in our country. The people who shout you are Islamophobic are just trying to divert the truth into what they define as hatred. Muslims are liars, their religion allows them to lie to you to get over on you. Just as under Cannon law the Jesuits are allowed to do the same. Just as the Jews are allowed to do under the Talmud. People who follow sharia law, cannon and Talmud law are the biggest bigots and the most hateful people on earth, just as the people who follow canon law and the Talmud laws of Judaism, are all enemies of Jesus. They all hate Jesus, they hate the very idea of Jesus Christ, and they will call you a bigot and Islamophobic or anti-Semitic if you dare speak out.

Much like the Jews, and the hateful anti-Semitic propaganda they accuse people of who dare criticize them. Or this Pope of canon law, this Jesuit pope lies to the people. Christians beware. These people are your enemies. They were Jesus enemies, They are the enemies of peace, of love. They hate with all their fiber anyone who does not bow to their demands. They lie and deceive to push forward their doctrine of hatred of Christians, along with atheist, feminist, LGBTQ, and whatever ever else. All of these people hate Jesus.

Shira Law is a hate crime. Islam is a deceptive, misleading and murderous religion. The very ideas of Shira Law are hateful and demand the murder of anyone who fails to comply. That is you Christian? These people shout Islamophobia while they plot to enforce Shira Law. They hate you. Will you bow to these murderous “Zealots?” Will you bow to the Jewish Zionist Zealots, Or the Evangelical Churches who bow to Catholic Zionist Zealots and the Jewish Zionist.

Here in America, the enemies of Christians are all around. They are anyone who promotes Shira Law, they are anyone who promotes Canon Law, they are anyone who promotes Noahide Laws. These are the enemies of Jesus Christ, and they are everywhere. They are violent, hate filled, backstabbers, traitors to freedom, traitors to the constitution of the United States of America. The saddest thing of all is that it does not include the socialist, communist, democratic socialist, fascist, corporations, and technology companies, who also hate Jesus. Sad that most American’s can not see the enemies within.

Christians, America is dying, the great falling away is happening right now. The word of God is dying, and the power of evil is rising. We live in a society that says hate crimes are defined by words that cause harm. “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Remember that old saying. Today people cry like babies because they say they are insulted by Christians. The very idea of a Jesus is an insult to the belief of all Muslims & Jews and to the Pope. This insult is being attacked by faiths that demand they murder nonbelievers in Islam, Judiac Noahide Laws, or Canon Law.

Did anyone of these people ever stop to think that men called you to murder, not God? God does not call on anyone to murder, yet in all of these faiths, unbelievers are punishable by death. I guess the idea that Love is more important than hate is lost on the believers of Islam, Christians Evangelical Zionist, and Jewish Zionist. Did you ever notice how they all demand subservience or death. So am I lying? The zealots of all three faiths demand one of the other if not both if you do not adhere to their “religious laws.” So here we are, people, who believe the fairy tale of Jesus, like little children we believe the story because it rings as the truth of our reality. Love of your neighbor, Peace as much as possible, Freedom to choose as you will believe and practice what you will. But always walking in peace, love. Not demanding people submit or die. What kind of mind makes up laws like this? Christianophobia is running rampant across the planet.
The next phase will be sending people to prison, and then the murdering them, which already happens in non-Western countries. Muslims want a new holocaust, Jews want new holocaust, Christain zealots and Catholic Jesuits want a new holocaust. They all want a holocaust of the bodies of the believers in Jesus Christ. Don’t think these Islamist are kidding when they say you must accept their faith, pay a tax or die. Don’t think when the Pope says that a fundamentalist is violent, even if they don’t commit violence. He is not installing in peoples minds who his enemy is. His hates Jesus Christ as much as the many Jews do. While evangelical Christians fawn at the feet of Jews, while many Jews hate the very idea of being around non-Jews. They hate Christians, and many people wish to fawn at the feet of bigots and racist and pretend they are holy Jews. All the while calling followers of Jesus all sorts of foul names. Specially if those believers are Judaic followers of Jesus. Christ said there would be people who would call themselves Jews, who are not Jews. Christ said to the Muslims, he came to show them their errors and told them to do what he said. His message was peace and love, but the followers of Muhammed chose war. Evangelical Christians are the worst of all because they are betraying their own faith for the faith of Judaism, a religion that believes Jesus is a fraud and a fake.

God knows all three have turned their backs on peace, love, and kindness of Jesus.

Followers of Jesus should start to organize and let our voice be heard here in America again.

The Communist has a voice, the Socialist has a voice, the Social Democrat has a voice, the Muslim has a voice, the Jew has a voice, but there is no voice for people who believe in Jesus. America needs a voice for people who follow the Word of God and believe in the words of Jesus.

America was created from the followers of the words of Jesus. America began as a nation that followed the words of God. Now we are a nation divided between hatred of ourselves for what we are or hated of others for what they are or for what they stand for. We are a house divided. The great falling away is upon us. The will of the people has been subverted into a communist, anti-god.

Now is the time to declare that we stand with Jesus, we believe God. We will no longer allow the propaganda of communist, socialist, globalist, fascist, evangelical, the Pope, Islamist, or Jews to run America. It is time to declare war on our enemies who hate Jesus. Their hatred of someone many say never existed, well even if that were true, think of one thing. Jesus preached love and here in America we believe in letting people live their lives as they see fit within our laws. Yet today we have religions who wish to impose their religious laws upon others. By what authority in the constitution allows them to do this? Nothing exists for such laws to be allowed. In every county that allows sharia law or any other religious law is an infringement on American Citizens rights. Therefore we as Christians take offense to any Shira Law, Canon Law, such as a Sunday Law, or Judaic Law, such as Noahide Laws being put in place anywhere in America and believe that it infringes on our rights under the constitution. To put it simply it is the enslavement of American’s to the foreign ideology.
Buy what right does anyone anywhere in America have the right to enforce Shira Law? This is the enemy within, with liberal, progressives who hate Jesus as much as the Muslims do. Jesus told the Muslims they were doing wrong, and he was there to correct them. But they did not listen. They chose the path of war instead of peace. So now it is time for all people who have the “faith of Jesus” to put on the armor of God. It is time to go to war with the God haters, with the Lawmakers, with the people who insist that it is a phobia not to believe or accept someone or something into their lives. They have a million names they will call you, racist, bigot, homophobic, islamophobic, anti-semite, hate monger. Yet in fact, I am none of those things. I have no problem with anyone believing what they wish. However, when they start passing laws that infringe on my rights, my beliefs then yes it is time to push back against, the Christianphobics, the anti-god, the people who wish to push their communist anti-God laws upon American’s. The people who wish to push the perverted sex laws upon us. The people who wish to outlaw the Word of God, the people who wish to outlaw the Bible and make a mockery of the believers in Jesus. It’s ok to worship a cow, or black stone, or a plastic idol or rituals. But don’t you dare believe in Jesus and the words of Jesus. So our nation has come to the point in a reality where most of our society has a reprobate mind, The great falling away is right now. American’s are falling for the lies of Islamist, Jews, Evangelical Christians, and the Roman Catholic Chruch. All of these groups hate Jesus.

Roger Williams, the founder of the first Baptist Church in America, proclaimed that men had liberty of conscious, “Soul Conscience.” He believed no one could no force a man to believe in God the way someone else demanded. Or even to believe in God at all. No, each one of us must come to think on our own. Not forced by the hand of government, or church, or men or religious law. Yet all these groups I have talked about, they want to force their religious beliefs onto anyone who does not believe as they do. Time to rise Christians, time to organize, time for followers of peace, love, and Jesus to put on their armor and stand with the Word of God. Let us hold out the had of peace to all but bow to none but God and to follow only Jesus.

Enemies of Jesus is a far-reaching reality in our nation. Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are anti-christ. Enemies of God. Planned Parenthood is antichrist, they murder God’s little helpless people at their most fragile. The giant tech companies, Go, Ogle, to watch intently, Google, they are watching you. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google and all the offshoots of these groups hate Jesus Christ more than they hate themselves. They hate the very idea that you would believe in the fairy tale of Jesus. A man died and was raised from the dead and was raised into heaven. God is dead they shout, and you must repent of this Jesus. These tech companies say we will tell you what you can say. We will tell you what hate speech is and if you don’t listen, we will ban you and censor you into oblivion. Yet if you are a member of the hate-filled groups in favor of homosexuals, transgenders, free everything, open borders, no speech that we say is not acceptable. Accept the mental illness of transgender as normal behavior. Changing your sex is being pushed by the powers of evil. Think about the logic of this reality. Kindergartners are learning that they can be boys or girls as they choose.

If you don’t know what weakness is then there you go. Teaching children that they can be any sex they want is wickedness at its deepest root. Attacking the Children. Open your eyes this is that evil is raising its head against God. Attacking the most vulnerable of God’s children. Murdering them in the womb and lying to them about sexuality. Socialist deniers of Jesus are the Free education of children, Our education system is the feeding ground for the anti-christ. Teachers have betrayed the children by agreeing to teach the lies of the Baphomet. Rhino Republicans, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Socialist, Communist, Fascist. Giant tech companies, all hate you if you believe and live Jesus. They are his enemies and now is the time to stand up with the full Armour of God, Standing with feet firmly planted in peace. Standing against, transgenders, homosexuals, deniers of free speech, hate mongers who fear the light and hate the truth, any truth. White is black and black is white to these people. They twist words into a convoluted tangled ball of lies, half-truths, and deception of the people. Forcing the wedge between people based on lies. Let the truth be