“Anti-Semitic” & Hate Speech Laws are nothing but Denial of Free Speech

Luke 16: V14 & 15

And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him.

And he said unto them, “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men, but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.”

Laws that deny people freedom are an abomination in the sight of God. Yet these men and women, esteemed people steal American’s right to free speech through the trickery of Anti-Semitic & Hate Speech Laws. Yet another giant con to steal your rights.

Luke 17: V1

“Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible, but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”

As vile as hate speech and anti-semitic speech is, yet surely freedom is more important than any offense of words from people who despise even themselves. Are Jews and Isreal so weak that have to be protected from words? Hateful or not!

Are all American’s to become subservient to these laws of prejudice that is denying each and every follower of Jesus Christ the right to speak their mind even if it offends Jews,  Muslims, or Christians?

If in America we have the right to free speech then why are people in power saying that anti-Semitic speech is hate speech and making it a crime? Really, a crime! But yet in America, people have the right to hate and say hateful things. We also have the right to disagree with the powers that be that pretend to believe they can control what we say and do. Belief in Jesus Christ is a revolution, and once the fire of revolution is sparked, they know there is no stopping the power of God.

Just, as the Jewish people have the right to say hate filled things and hate, and they do. Is it not human nature from many people to be filled with hate of something or someone. Are Jews exempt from this hatred? No, I think not. Are we to be a nation that says that this specific group of people and their nation cannot be condemned because it is anti-semitic. That is a lie. Condemnation of certain jews and actions of the nation of Israel are not always Anti-Semitic. Let us not fall into the lie that we would give up our right to free speech, because of some hateful speech. Let us not fall prey to any ideology that says people cannot condemn this group or any other group. This Anti-semitic idea is brainwashing at the highest level. It is an anti-Free Speech posture. Jews can say what they want but no one else can.


This is a betrayal of all rights of American Citizens. Your free speech is being denied you under the guise of anti-Semitic laws. Protecting some of the most racist, bigoted people on the planet the zionist jews, just because they claim the right. Sounds like the pope and the Islamist, and the evangelical Zionist.

Let us live in reality, not some made up ideology hatred of people because of who they are, but for the actions, they have taken against humanity. The Talmud is no different than the Canon Law of the Catholic Church and the Shira Law of the Muslim faith, they are all one ideology. Man-made religious laws that they expect all humanity to follow. These three religious laws of men are a great deception, faithless and blind. Wallowing in filth and calling it righteous. Allowing and encouraging the rise of Sodom and Gomorrah all across the planet as humans wallow in the filth of these three sets of religious laws.

Free speech allows me to say these things. You will call them hated filled. They are not. They are simply the truth. There was only one rule in the Garden. Moses was given 10 commandments.  Not in Canon Law, Not in Shira Law, Not in Talmud Law outside of the Bible. Free speech is the truth. All those who say you cannot say anti-Semitic things are the same people saying you cannot say things against homosexual activity or made up microaggressions or against Jews. Well, they are wrong. Jews need to be called out just as these left wing communist call out everybody. Well its time to call out the War Mongers, Bankers, People Neither Hot Nor Cold, ANTIFA, the Black Lives Matter, The Pope, The Cardinals, The Preachers, The Preist, The Politicians, Communist, Fascist, Zionist, Corrupt Capitalist, Muslims  Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives and those in between. And Jews who are against believers in Jesus Christ.

No one is exempt from the wrath of God. Jesus criticized the Jews. God criticizes the Jews. Why are these people above criticism? When someone says the Jews own Hollywood are they wrong? Is this comment anti-Semitic? Or is it simply the truth? The truth cannot be classified anti-Semitic. Oh, you can call the truth a lie, but that does not make it so. Will Christian American’s fall into the trap of classifying free speech as anti-Semitic speech? It seems it is so. Yet you Christians have no problem criticizing Muslims. Is this not a complete and total double standard? Any hate speech law is censorship.  You are encouraging your own enslavement.

So to all those people who hate Israel. Yes, Israel as a nation has done many bad things to many different people even people of their own faith. But the people as individuals cannot be judged in this way. Many Jews in Israel disagree with their government as well as our government. Many Jews in Israel disagree with the Zionist view of Judaism. They don’t want to pass any laws against the rights of Americans to criticize Israel and some of the Jewish people. We must love our enemies, but it does not mean we have to blindly sit around while our Father’s enemies enslave his people. God the Father, Jesus Christ the son and savior of humanity and the Holy Spirit demand people not be afraid and speak out against the Unholy actions against all of God’s Children. And they if they are not one of God’s Children. As followers of the One God let us believe that words may cause harm, but laws create tragedy. Our own state department has now redefined anti-semitism and in such a broad way as to classify anyone who speaks out against, or criticizes Isreal and Jews, to utter one word of criticism will be belittled as anti-Semitism. What a lie of entrapment for the American people rights to free speech, but these laws to protect Jews or any other group against hate speech are nothing, but a police state laws.

When will President Trump say we follow Jesus Christ, He always says we believe in God. What God does he believe in? Is he a follower and believer in Jesus Christ or is he a follower of Zionist Jews, who hate Jesus Christ? And his followers?

The president moving the US Embassy to the Capital in Israel was the right move for one simple reason, it is the Capital of that nation. We as a nation should not blindly believe or follow or defend Israel when her leaders are betraying the faith of Jesus. For if we are a Christian nation who believe, then let us say to the people who wish to stop our free speech by demonizing it as anti-Semitic. Truth is not hate speech, nor anti-Semitic, but many times truth is hated.

And the most important point about zionist who always say if you criticize Jews, Israel or Zionist then you are anti-semitic. Hogwash That is a total lie. This is their hatred spewing itself up. Accusing anyone who disagrees, or points out what they have done and or trying to do. Hogwash, But you can criticize anyone on earth, any group and no one can disagree with you! If they do, they are demonized anti-semitic. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES.