Liberal Privilege the Right to Decieve

Liberal Privilege the Right to Deceive


We hear a lot in the news about White Privilege. Yet we never hear anything about Liberal Privilege. What is liberal privilege? Is it different than white privilege? From my understanding, if you have white skin you are privileged, um! Do you really believe a white person has privilege in Africa? Or South America?

Money has privilege. Yet the rich and middle and upper middle class liberal progressive socialist-communist is one giant voice of self-loathing and bigotry. Scream everyone is a racist, a deplorable, a white supremacist, homophobic, Islamophobic or some other such brainwashed idea of their LIBERAL PRIVILEGE to tell lies, half-truths, and which allows them to deny the truth, deny factual science (Exact Knowledge). Yet they accept made-up theories from chicken littles who scream the world is going to end in x amount of years because a computer model says yes and that makes it a fact? UM

Can these people see the future of the whole world? Or are they using “computer-generated models” in which the data entered can be manipulated and adjusted to scream the direst outcomes based on made-up theories producing models by human beings who have no idea how the earth actually works? But oh, they are the scientist and they have the knowledge. Really! You mean they have the liberal privilege to spin climate change any way they want so they can force the people of the world to do their bidding. Just another liberal lie, excuse me, I meant liberal privilege to tell lies.

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Richard Feynman.

Liberal Privilege extends far beyond the lies of “climate change”, or the lies of a democratic party who said.  Health care costs would go down and you could keep your doctor.  These liberals lied about health care, under the ACA, the prices soared. I wonder how much money did Nancy Pelosi have invested in Health Insurance companies at the time of the vote? Democrats passed a law that harmed people by forcing them to buy the “communist” health care. Buy health care or else. Threats from the Liberal Progressive Privileged Class. Do what we say or else. Yea, they respect your freedom and liberty and rights about as much as they respect Donald J. Trump.

We see it with the (Liberal Privilege) to tell outright lies and there is no one paying the price for the lies. In fact, the Liberal Privilege allows them to accuse everyone who disagrees with them of the very behavior they commit. Liberal Privilege racism is rampant in the government. Liberal Privilege has a two-tier justice system. We are innocent but you are all guilty who disagreed with us.

Bernie Sanders says he is for the working class in America. That is a lie, Bernie is for the LIBERAL PRIVILEGE A class that takes from everyone and sends everyone into equal poverty. Bernie is for the working people just as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Maudaro were all for the working class. But they forgot to tell you one thing; only if you agreed with them.  If you disagree with them, in the modern terms you are “a deplorable” in a basket of all the other deplorable’s. Liberal Privilege has deemed you scum of the earth not fit to exist. Bernie wants to support the murder of babies in the womb worldwide to control the population growth. I suggest that all men who agree with Bernie should volunteer to have a vasectomy and women who agree should get their tubes tied. That is a positive outcome for climate change and population control.

Liberal Privilege allows you to be an elected official and fleece the public funds with schemes and scams. Telling lies to distract from the criminal behavior of your own “LIBERAL PRIVILEGE.” Why do these people not go to prison? Um!

The Liberal privilege of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and the host of other long time democrats and many rhino republicans who are stealing away Americans legal rights, “the Patriot Act”, ACA, or affordable care act, The Green New Deal are all Ponzi schemes of government officials forcing Americans to bow to the power of the “Liberal Privilege” that allows these people to commit sedition right in front of us and pretend that the other party is the guilty one. Never for one moment giving a damn about the rights of Americans. Stealing every right that Americans have, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms. This is the communist hive mind of social democrats progressive liberal privilege as well as many rhino republicans, hoping for their own New World Order. All of these are the globalist elites who are working to steal everything America has to offer and give it to the world and send you the tax bill to pay for it. Liberal Dystopian Privilege. The right to degrade and dehumanize you with insults, threats, and violence if you dare disagree.

You hear the Liberal Privilege say that many minority voters cannot get a State ID to present to prove they are American citizens with the right to vote. That is a laughable lie. The only people having a problem getting a state ID is people who are physically ill or too old to get out or as is most likely they are illegal and do not have a legal right to vote. But Liberal Privilege says that is racist. So this is actually racist screaming at everyone else they are racist, Liberal Privilege turns truth inside out just like the Communist Party. They believe that every person on earth has the right to vote in US Elections. I’m sure they would welcome any Chinese communist votes if they could get them. Complete communist control is exactly what the Socialist, Progressive, and the Liberal Privileged want to force all US Citizens to bow to their power, their control, and their demands. They think they have the right to make royal decrees and you deplorable’s had better obey if you know what’s good for you.

So it seems the Liberal Privileged believe they can take the rights of gun owners, the right of free speech. But make no mistake if the Liberal Progressive Privileged is not careful they are going to have a shooting war on their hands. I do not own a gun. But I believe in the right of every American to own a gun to protect them at home but to also create a well-armed militia to prevent “LIBERAL PRIVILEGE” from destroying Constitutional rights. Exactly what the Republican party did under George W. Bush when he passed the unAmerican “Patriot Act”. Just more Liberal Privilege lies to destroy the rights of the citizens of America. Which is exactly what the Democrat party is trying to do today. Since they are walking in lockstep like the Nazi soldiers of Hitler, and locked into the ideological communist hive government state of mind they must be called what they are. Seditious Communist Traitors. LIBERAL PRIVILEGE, the right to betray America and accuse the people who fight back against the real enemy.  Tricky and lies, the right to deceive, this is Liberal Privilege. What hypocrites.

Idol Worship, Deception of Faith

From Merriam – Webster dictionary “Idolatry definition is – the worship of a physical object as a god.”

Throughout the world, people worship visible, physical things. Idol worship is the image of anything that represents God to you.

You see pictures of Jesus everywhere. But did not God say don’t make images and do not worship them? Yet you see many people bowing to images of the Virgin and Child. The Pope himself bows before a man-made plaster image of a Mary and child. He is worshiping Idols. Statues that have now power, no life, no nothing, but he bends to his knees and prays to an image of Mary & Child. Idolatry is the worship of a physical object as a god. Why does the pope bow to a plaster image of  Mary & child? Is this his god?

In Romans 1:22  “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.”

How many pagan images of gods have you seen? Images of Jesus, Beetles, Frogs, and all manner of beasts, such a bear. Man will worship anything but God. Man will make images of their god and pretend it has power and is alive and can help them.

Why does the pope bow before a plaster image of the virgin and child? These plaster molds from the hands of men as no power. Why does the pope bow before it and pray?

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

In Romans 1:18 “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

Do you need to see your god, so that you may believe in God?

You cannot see God and you will not pray to him because you do not believe he exists because you cannot see him. You need to be able to see you god, so that you may bow before the images of idols and believe they have power. Prays are not answered by images and statues for believers.

Does the statue of Mother and Child answer the popes’ prayers?  He holds the truth in unrighteousness, professing himself wise, he has become a fool. He will glorify the paster images of mother and child and he does not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, God. Because he cannot see him, his vain imaginations make him think he is God’s representative on earth, but his foolish heart is darkened and professing himself wise, he became a fool. And all those religious leaders of the world who profess themselves to be wise and follow this Pied Piper of deception have become fools. Leading their flock to worship idols made by the hands of men. Lifeless, impotent gods, whose power is in the imagination of human beings and their vain imaginations.

Ephesians 6:24 “Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.”


Barrack Obama’s Communist Ideology

History looks back at the reality of what happened. Obama reigned in the hope for people he deceived. Just as most US Presidents have done in the past. We have had few common sense presidents in the 20th and now the 21st century. Obama said “American is looking for change” Hope and change? Really Hope and Change.

So Obama set about droning American’s, without a warrant, a trial, and conviction. Set about putting real whistle blowers in jail. Attacking the “Tea Party”, attacking Christian and conservatives with the IRS. Working hard and destroying the unity of America.

Barrack Obama was not given a look by many Americans for one simple reason. He was a corrupt Illinois politician who stood with radical communist writers, preachers, and thinkers. Coming from one of the most corrupt areas of the country. Where politicians are simply paid off to vote for the financial donations of his backers.

He bailed out the bank, the bankers and the wealthy investors and left the people high and dry as all presidents had done before him. We have a history in America of the middle class getting cheated by the Banks, the Bankers and the Wealthy Investors in the Banks. They stay rich and the middle class and poor suffer and the wall of elitism shields these rich people. “Too Big To Fail” corporations that the American middle class gets the burden and bill and the rich stay rich. Obama forgets the poor and middle class and sided with the rich and the elite. The color of the skin did not matter he betrayed all races in the poor and middle class and sided with the wealthy Then forcing all American’s to buy government health care. “Everybody enrolled in government health care” forcing and fining individuals who refuse to buy, forced communist health care. No American can be forced to buy health care just because the government demands it. Are we a free nation or a communist nation?

“Say it ain’t so, Sam.”

Obama may have tried to bring harmony in the nation but when you try and force people to do something that forces free people to do something he and his political class wants and to hell with what the people do not want it. Though millions of American’s did not have sufficient health care, I had none. I still did not want to be forced, as in communist countries to have health care because the government demands it. Democrats forgot they worked for all the people. You forgot forcing Americans is not the American way.

Obama may have been a shining light for the Democratic party but his legacy is a shameful event against American’s.”This is what change looks like” You will buy health care or the government will take a percentage of your overall income. You will be fined. That is not freedom. That is communist tyranny.

Now Virginia government assaults all Americans 2nd Amendment rights. Again Democrats assault the rights of all American’s. Democrats harassing President Donald J Trump. Claiming many outlandish things such as collusion with Russia.

Democratic impeachment of Trump is like an assault on the constitution. Because the rules have been changed in favor of the accusers. Kind of like when our government under Obama attacked Americans using the IRS. Not working for the people as a whole but just their specific agendas.

The democrats and Obama assaulted American’s rights. Under President Trump, they are doing everything to assault American’s rights.  Democrats are assaulting religious freedom, gun ownership, assaulting children in the womb, and out. To all the democrats that want to take American’s guns you are choosing to see how far you can push free American’s, law-abiding,  tax-paying citizens, did you forget your working for the people, not your communist party ideology? You are not a king Governor, nor is the democratic party in VA, princes and dukes and earls, and we the American people are not your serfs.

Using your political correct speech as a weapon of deceit, using your wealth to live in luxury and tell the poor and middle class. Live on the streets. Pay more taxes, live under invasive laws on the environment. We will control your entire life. When we take your guns No thanks, democrats.

This assault on the 2nd Amendments rights of honest, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens instead of the real issue of guns in America. A society that glorifies outlaws, criminal behavior, creates violence in all aspects of our culture. A society that has lost its moral foundation. Fatherless families, The Federal Reserve Banking system, the lack of mental health, the promotion of ideas such as sexual perversion, violence. Guns have never picked themselves up and shot a human being. It takes a human being to pick up the weapon and pull the trigger.

All of these things divide our nation. People who always use the race card are in my experience are people who have never experienced racism and do not really know the difference between racism and hooliganism or criminal behavior. People who use political correctness are people who are trying to change the reality of truth. Changing the meaning of words, thereby twisting the truth and deceiving the people.

The divide in America is for one simple reason. MORALITY. Half this nation (roughly) believe in a moral standard. The other half live in the idea of  (Do what thou wilt will be whole of the law).  Thus people thinking of this way believe they can do what they want, be what they want and change into whatever they want. And force you to accept what they want or demonize anyone who disagrees with them.

Donald Trump has exposed the idea that a moral society is important to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That a law-abiding society must be maintained.

Obama got off the track and was pulled into a world that he could never understand. His own party had created the poverty, the hatred, the violence of the ghetto. This democratic party lies to control the lives of every human being living in America. But you do not have the right and if you continue to push the boundaries of the slave agenda democrats wish to force Americans to bow to.

Obama in his last state of the union commented: “democracy grinds to a halt without a willingness to comprise, or even when basic facts are contested, or when we only listen to those who agree with us.” Thus his division has created our new society of social justice warriors who attack anyone who believes in law and order, the constitution, the bill of rights, free speech, capitalism and America itself. Bigots of hatred much like KKK, White Supremacist, all the while lying to themselves they are fighting Nazis.

An impeachment demented Congress who attacks anyone who supports Trump, ignoring the basic facts. In fact, making up facts to create an impeachment case against him. A lawless society with a renegade Congress that believes it has the moral right to force what they deem necessary to take control of the American government at all cost.

VA is a proving ground for the 2nd Amendments rights in America and could spark a civil war.  Just as they did in the American Civil War. Democrats are pushing America to a 2nd Civil War to seize power with what they call socialist ideology but is really a veil of communism. This is why ANTIFA calls people Nazi’s. In Germany during the rise of Nazism, the German Communist back by the Soviet Union were fighting the Nazi’s. ANTIFA are all communist, just as Black Lives Matter was a communist-backed organization.

The Democratic party now embraces AOC, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders and anyone who is preaching there self-righteousness communist agenda of hatred of all who disagree with them.


Prince Charles Sustainable Market?

Prince Charles’s globalist Sustainable Market is nothing more than a way to restrict people’s rights. Prince Charles is a virus on society putting forth his wish to destroy humanity.

Here is the plan “His new initiative hopes to ‘find ways to rapidly decarbonize the global economy and make the transition to sustainable markets’, Clarence House said today”

This is just another globalist scam to tax the people and scam the people like Obama did with “Solandry.” The Ponzi scheme to create a solar “green” carbon economy. We the American tax payers paid for it. America does not need to be decarbonised. Prince Charles needs to be debrainwashed. Along with his UN and Globalist Communist Allies.

War A Good Warfare for God

A righteous man does not need laws, it is the unrighteous lawless ones who the laws are written for. These men who push their lawlessness upon the people

1 Timothy: 8 “But we know that the law is good if a man use it lawfully;

9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for man slayers,

10 For whore mongers, for them, that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing, that is contrary to sound doctrine;”

Most of our political leaders on every level or liars. unrighteousness, lawless persons who believe they are entitled to rule over you.

Adam Schiff has proven to be a lawless liar, who chose lies over truth and deception over fair play. Jerry Nadler is the same, a hate-filled individual with a personal vendetta against President Trump who in my opinion should never have been allowed to investigate someone he personally has fought with and hated for years. Unbiased! I think not. Nancy Pelosi has proven again she is incompetent to be the third in command of the US Government. Chuck Schumer is just another political hack alike Joe Biden.

Now we have state governments denying citizens the right to own guns to protect themselves from the criminal “Government” in charge. Time to deny the political hacks who pass unconstitutional laws and go after their political seats, their reputations, their flaws, their mistakes and point them out to the people.

Patriot Militia Party, well-armed, defending against fascist like the political hacks in VA, OK, CA, NY, CT, IL, OR, WA.


Democrat Party Into the Wastebin of History

I know that many people believe Jesus is a pacifist, a socialist, a man that never gets angry or promotes violence. But is that really true? In the book of revelation, we are told by the Lord Jesus Christ to put on the Full Armor of God. Is not armor an indication that you are going to war?

Genesis 11:6 “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”

Now the Lord said man would not be restrained from the things that they can imagine. Here you see the future foretold. Today we are looking at the stars, we are studying the quantum reality, we are changing humanity into our own images. Can humans restrain themselves from any desire or fantasy of their vain imaginations? Sexual perversion, sexual transgenderism is your vain imaginations and worship of the transgender gods of old. Baphomet, and all the other transgender pagan gods.

People seem to think that these transgender gods are worthy of their praise. But they are not. There is only one name to worship, Jesus Christ. Don’t fool yourself, you have been lied to, I have been lied to. In fact, the whole world has been lied to by the society you live in, i.e. Babylon. A world filled with the worship of unrighteousness and wickedness.

A world turning its back on righteousness, turning its back on the truth. Denying the liars are liars, denying the wicked are wicked. A war is brewing. A war between those who wish to destroy and those who wish to be left alone to worship God and align themselves with the holy righteous son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We know the war is coming, we know Jesus will spearhead the final conflict in defense of the righteousness of the “I AM.”

We are preparing for war, with our leader being the warrior Jesus Christ. He needs his people to be prepared in the full armor of God, standing fast against the lies of society. Lawlessness is raising its ugly head, the demand for you to comply is rising. Allowing illegal criminals to remain in America. Not forcing criminals to post bail, allowing people to use the bathroom on public streets. Political leaders and news outlets spreading lies and propaganda to the people to deceive them.  Allowing people to let children change their sex is the ultimate destruction of the human being. Pure and simple it is child abuse at the highest level. If and adult 21 years or order chooses to do such a thing to themselves, so be it. But to allow a child to change its sex is evil. To encourage it and prevent the parents from making the decision to prevent such acts.  That is pure wickedness, thus you see the worship of the transgender gods without even realizing the evil being committed. Or do they know evil is being committed?

Sexual perversion is not to be normalized but to be abhorred.  Please call me any names you like. If you are too blind or ignorant to understand good from evil perhaps you are living in a world of delusion.  Transgenderism is sexual perversion at the highest level for the insult is to God’s creation, and to the power and truth of God. Only evil wishes to change humanity from the Image of God into the image of itself.

This battle for the soul of America and its Christian morals is taking place right now. Networks are working to make illegal immigrant criminals into citizens who are a protected class. They wish to pass laws that make it illegal to arrest and deport them. You have political leaders, creating unsafe “sanctuary cities” across America that protects criminals and endangers hard working honest citizens. We have a political class, that thinks they have the right and them alone to tell the law-abiding citizens they are criminals unless they comply with the demands of their illegal gun laws.  Lawlessness is raising its ugly head. The spirit of antichrist is rising.  The Democrat party is working to make criminals the good people and give them the power and make the law-abiding people the criminals and hunt them down. This is the state of mind of the Washington Democrats, The VA governor, the VA democratic legislature, and the NC, OK, IL and who knows which state will be attacked next by the communist, socialist, liars and hypocrites who believe they and they alone should have the power to rule. Note I said rule not govern. They are stealing the power of the people and making criminals of the law-abiding American taxpayers. Anyone who is against their agenda will be made into a criminal as they pass laws that defy logic, reason, or justice.

Jesus is the warrior to follow. Put on the full armor of God now is the time to engage with votes before it becomes too late for words and only violence will be the means by which we gain our freedom from the monolithic bureaucratic deep state government.

Vote every democrat in America out of Office and the World will be a better place. What does the party offer as leaders? A homosexual that has a husband. A man who thinks he is a woman. No thank you. A communist, who is a millionaire, thinks he knows better than anyone how to implement the new “communist manifesto” in America. Making everyone equally poor except him and his followers. Of course, the “white woman” who hates white people and pretends she is a native American. And an old man who is obviously not up to the job of President and has failed as a political leader for over forty years. Taking taxpayer money and accomplishing nothing worth noting.

So vote the democrats and their party into the waste bin of history as a failed communist coup attempt to overthrow America. It took a long time for the radical left, Bernie and AOC and their ilk, the progressives, Nancy and Schiff, Waters, Nadler, and Schumer. it took years for these people to get into a position whereby they believed they could continue to lie and steal from the people with impunity.

We must also purge globalist republicans who believe in profit over all things.  Vote out anyone who does not believe in the Sovereignty of our United States of America.