The Living God


God loves humanity, he wishes nothing more than to walk on a summer evening with humanity. Now people are living in fear. Yet if you love God, believe Jesus and have the strength to believe God. All things God does is for the will of his being. he has taken a person like me who is unworthy of God Love, unworthy of forgives by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am unworthy and I know it. Yet the Lord says come to me, and I will be there for you. He is not hiding, he is not absent, he is not dead. God is everything we need. Belief in the Lamb of God who paid the price for us all.

In this time of hysteria, God is calm. In the time of worry, worry not. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one who would protect you. And God is the very reality of existence. Do you think he can protect you? Do you doubt he can protect you? Doubt is your unbelief. God has the power to do the things you cannot do. Those miracles you doubt are as real as the air you breathe. The breath of God breathed into you.

Be calm, have belief in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to protect you from all things. For he is the Living God, I AM, with power that humanity cannot understand. Don’t fear the hysteria of men but the power of Almighty God, that is something to fear.



From the Beginning to the End

From beginning to end God loves his creations. He called the herbs of the fields good. He called the creations good. So God is good! Yet many condemn and rail against God like he was a neighbor they do not get along with. Why does God allow this? Why does God all that? Hunger, disease, pain, suffering, and death.

Did you ever ask yourself why does man allow hunger, pain, and suffering when he could help some people but does not do anything? Why does man allow this or that? People see evil in life, from corruption to perversion. Why does man allow the things he could stop like human trafficking, child sex trafficking, a fake monetary system that enriches the bankers and their investors and drives everyone else into poverty. Yet the governments around the world side with the bankers of the corrupt monetary system and continue to drive the national debt so high it can never be repaid. Thus America is a broken nation run by corrupt politicians and corrupt bankers.

So from beginning to end the evil lies in the hearts of men. Why do men not stop their evil?

False Preachers reaping the Whirlwind!

When I choose not to really care about God and the Lord Jesus Christ I never looked at things for what they were. I saw them like most people how they are presented to the public. Meaning mixed with mystery and relative truths of meaninglessness. It holds confusion as the highest order of reality. Relative truth like political correctness only exists for those without the eyes to see and ears to hear the world we all live in. There is very little coming out of the pop culture that does not illuminate the false messiahs. Giving all the signs of hatred for God and love for the illuminated ones. You know the ones practicing Kabbalah Magic, Witchcraft, Astrology, the New Age and so forth. They will condemn the Bible before having never read it and declare the Word of God false. Yet they will align themselves with the enlightened ones. These false messiahs of iniquity, pushing their perversions as new morality.

False preachers talk about society, prosperity, holy ghost healing, hands on healing. They never talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. They never speak of the Gospel. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. They never speak of the church repenting, the people repenting, themselves repenting. No you hear about Social Justice for unjust issues. People are sitting on the fence watching to see which way to go. Should they follow the preachers who talk about accepting homosexual preachers. That seems quite a contrast to what God has said about homosexuals. So why would I listen to someone who is in open rebellion against God. They proclaim their homosexual rebellion as a badge of honor instead of the badge of abomination that it is in the eyes of God. Um, Why do you accept them?

Many preachers talk about wealth and acquiring wealth as if they is the message God has given to everyone. It is my understanding that message from God is, I sent my son to save you and you cannot get to me without going through the Lord Jesus Christ. So is the message to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or preachers telling people how the God wants them to be rich. If God puts rulers in place, does he not also make people rich he wants to be rich? Jesus never preached a sermon about how he would teach you how to become rich.

The people, which is the real “Church” are sitting on the fence not really sure which way they should go. Accept all the messages of the world and humanity or accept the Word of God. They do not see God when they look at the world, they only see dirt, rocks, plants and animals. They see themselves in the mirror and do not see the code of DNA that creates the biological you. But the code exist just like the rocks and plants. Man cannot see the forest for the trees because he thinks there is some many things to believe. Yet most of what man believes is a lie or half truth, or out right deception.

Just as you should shut of the news of main stream media who are chicken little’s all the time. Shut off these false preachers. How do you know they are false. They are preaching everything but belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and Gospel message of repent and believe what God has said. Believe what God has shown the world. Believe God instead of human beings, male or female who do not preach The Word of God, Jesus Christ, I AM.


Are you living? Or are you dead?

You breathe the breath of life billions of times throughout your life. Hardly noticeable in your daily life, your very existence is the breath of life. Human life is so fragile that it can be gone in the wink of an eye. Human life fragile, delicate, a gift of existence.

But do you see your existence as a gift? A treasure to behold? Creation and existence and consciousness, human beings who love each other is a gift. Many do not have these gifts. Some men never find a good women, some women never find a good man. Yet it takes a man and a woman to make a whole human connection to reality.

This love of man for women and women for man is a gift of unity. A forging of two into one. Stronger together. Men today expect sex from women as as matter of course, much as was preached in the sixties is not common place today. No commitment, no unity, just sex. No response ability to if a child is created. The fathers leave the child and sadly many women abort the child.

This is why unity of men and women is so important. The response ability lies on both the man and the women. If one fails the other suffers. Fathers who leave women in many cases are cowards. They act like little boys and do not stick to raise the children. Cowards each and everyone of them who abandon their children. Living in our perverted society women demand to murder what grows in their body.  To abort the child is the absolute worst case. A child is dead, a mother if she has any feeling for life will come to regret that choice and live with the horror of that action. If a man agrees, he is agreeing to murder a helpless being. Having no more compassion for the baby than they do for road kill.

What a world we live in with more and more perverted demands by the perverted minds of humanity. Are you living? Or are you dead? Ask yourself because you are one or the other.

Transgender and the Great Delusion

LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.  Sexual deviant behavior demanding it is recognized as normal behavior! Private sexual behavior is being brought out into the light of day for all to see. Even as only a small amount of people are actually behaving in this rebellious behavior this small group of people are demanding we bend to their demands.

We will not bend to your perversion and allow you to make everyone in the world you can transgender. You wish to worship yourselves as the biggest narcissist ever born. It’s all about you and your choice of perversion.

Perversion is raising its ugly head and demanding the equal right to be anywhere, any time, any place. WRONG. There is a time and a place for everything. Sexuality belongs in the bedroom, not in the public domain. Drag queens belong in adult venues, not public library story times.

This behavior of a small, loud, often rude members of LGBTQ are exposing themselves in the public forum to make the public acclimated to the continuous perversion of their narcissist personalities. They are the Me Me Me Me Me personalities, look at me, see me, don’t you want to be like me. It is all about them and to hell with everyone else. Simply put they want to be able to go where they want and they don’t expect people to gawk, laugh, insult, or point at them. Get over yourselves. You are not little boys anymore playing with mommies makeup and mirrors and jewelry. Or has you mind stopped growing past for or five years old and you still think you are being like mommy?

It seems to be you demand more than I personally am willing to give you. No one has the right to harm you. People may call you names and I know many may feel the sting of words and that is not right either. But when you try and pervert the children and you wish to pretend that is not your agenda. You must be called into account.

Transgender is an insult to humanity, to heterosexual humanity. Man and Woman. As the transgender wants to be both sexes so they can be either or when they feel like it. Is the transgender going to say they are not having sex? They want the ability to slide from one sex to another as the sexual lust pulls them to the gender or transgender lust. The vast majority of humanity does not want to be like you, does not want to act like you, does not want to look at you. They wish to see their children not drag queens in libraries. So we will not bend to your demands of respect, because you have no respect for our children bringing your perversions into the public forum.

So stop insisting we bend to your will to accept rebellion against God. We will not.


Is the Devil in Your Mind?

Many people scoff at the idea of demons possessing people and as far fetched as it seems, that very thing seems to be happening all around us in the world today.  Is it not odd that people today are claiming to be no gender! These same people scream at anyone who says there are only two genders simply ignoring biological facts.  FACTS, not theory, such as evolution, the big bang, climate change. To deny the biological facts of two genders are people simply wish to scream their way to acceptance of their delusion. Social acceptance of people you cannot relate to being a male or a female or perhaps it would be better to say “They” wish to be what they want whenever they want.

Yet no one with a logical, commonsense mind is going to accept them as a different sex. It seems more like a mental delusion that they believe if they act feminine they can be female.  But is there more to the issue of “transgenderism.” Is this the great delusion God spoke of? Giving people the ability to do things that are perverted, twisted, without the ability to see the harm they are doing to themselves and the ones they love. or simply say live and let live. Yet this seems much deeper than a personal choice. This is human minds going off the rails of normality into a world of delusion and illusion. The delusion God gave to them to do unseemly things and the illusion to see themselves as different than their reality.

Oh, I can hear the LGBTQ society shouting their bigoted, heterosexual phobic slurs. Thank you very much. I must have touched a nerve. Something bothering you? Do you really believe it is normally to turn yourself into something that appears to be a different you, but it is not? Your DNA cannot be changed, only your outward appearance can be changed. You are living a life of delusion, pretending to be something you are not and can never be.

You hear people saying they wish to be referred to as they, instead of him or her, he or she. What exactly is in your mind? In what reality are you nonbinary. You have sex organs, you are male or female. You are not nonbinary. What is in your mind when you see reality. Is there an opaque film clouding your reality? Clouding your common sense? There are no nonbinary realities. You are either male or female, heterosexual or bisexual or homosexual. The demons are in your mind. You are living a great delusion to do the wicked things you are doing and believing it is perfectly o.k. Yet you are wrong.

Your mind is now twisted into a cornucopia of delusion and self-worship. A great delusion. “They” is the Devil is in your mind?


Corona virus the Biggest Scam in History along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank scam.

Coronavirus the Biggest Scam in History along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank scam.

The government and state officials are lying about Coronavirus. Politicians and news media yell about millions dying. Acting like it is a Pandemic and only as of today less than 20,000 people worldwide have passed away and politicians are closing down the country. What a scam. Stealing the wealth of a nation. The rich keeping stealing the wealth of America. Why is the Federal Reserve allowed to steal our wealth? Why are the politicians allowed to steal our wealth? Zeig Heil Governors. Little Hitlers each and every one of them who demand the people do as they demand or they will throw them in jail and fine the people.  Coronavirus is a scam by the news outlets, and the government.  Destroying the economy and blaming the virus but never once mentioning that debt, government,

Why is a private bank allowed to print (Federal Reserve Notes) and then charge us interest on the money? What a scam. Central Banks are the problem. They have no idea what they are doing any more than politicians do with a coronavirus. The WHO and CDC and the government declares it is a worldwide pandemic that could kill millions. Yet less than 20,000 worldwide have died.

Yet food poisoning has

351,000: The number of associated deaths

52,000: The number of deaths caused by the bacteria Salmonella

37,000: The number of deaths caused by the bacteria E. coli

35,000: The number of deaths caused by norovirus (a virus that’s the leading cause of disease outbreaks from contaminated food in the United States)

DEATHS. People died, and you believe the Wuhan virus is so dangerous? Why. You are more like to die from food poisoning each year. Are they going to ban food?

These little Hitlers are stealing your wealth, locking down business, destroying people’s lives. Telling people they cannot leave their home because of the Wuhan China coronavirus. Please this is a scam and a giant deception and the political leaders think we the people should listen to them. What a scam. It is time to stop listening to the US STATE and Federal government officials who have no idea what the hell they are doing. As well as the Federal Reserve. These are the two biggest scams in the history of mankind.  And they are backed up by the biggest liars in history the US Media, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX. The truth hides from the organizations.

It is time to stop the political hacks from serving 30 years in government. It is time to stop political hacks from getting away with stealing every American freedom. Do what we say or else. Yea that is real freedom, isn’t it? Political hacks need to be voted out of office now before it comes to civil war. Robbing our constitutional rights and denying our freedoms and liberties.  Why have they told the people they must obey? Who the hell do these little Hitlers think they are. Oh, it is for our good. I WILL BE THE ONE WHO DECIDES WHAT IS BEST FOR ME. Not a public servant! Not some person from Europe demanding we create a world government to fight the pandemic that never was. People are being terrorized by your own government officials and the news media. You are a free human being these little Hitlers have no legal right to demand what they are demanding. Standing up to these “Chicken Littles”, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. You elected officials are really not that important. So get over yourselves. It is time for the people to stand up to the elected officials who are stealing your constitution and bill of rights, basically stealing your freedom and your wealth. Soon we will be like communist china, stay in line or be destroyed. This is what they want, complete control over your life. The Federal Reserve is creating money out of thin air and charging us interest on the money they create. Putting our children, children, children, children into debt. Debt, political leaders are destroying the national economy and looking to create their beloved NEW WORLD ORDER. If you want to see what it looks like, then take a like at Communist China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, this is the future under these political and news hacks who are lying and scamming you the people.