The Rise of the New Class & Four Women of Color

“Only in the Communist Party is a “ideological unity” or an identical concept of the world and of the development of society obligatory for its member.” *

“Founded by force and violence, in constant conflict with its people, the Communist state, even if there is no external reasons, must be militaristic. The cult of force, especially military force, is nowhere so prevalent as in Communist countries.”** Thus the rise of ANTIFA,

Muslims invaded Europe and murdered millions. Muslims took white women for sex slaves. Muslims beheaded millions of people who would not convert to Islam. The worshipers of the Roman Catholic Church murder millions of natives in Africa, South America, North America as well as millions of Christian Europeans. Yet, you never hear these people talking about the Muslim slave trade. You don’t hear them talking of all the natives the Spanish murdered. You never  hear of all  the people Muslims have murdered and continue to murder christians. But according to the New Class its only white people and Christians that are the evil people of the world, this is the hive minds of the “New Class”, of socialist, communist people. The New Class is everyone who is anti-Christ.

Did you ever notice that people who call others racist are generally hiding behind their own deceit? Take AOC, and Ilhan Omar both have told multiple lies, they are the racist because they continue to shout racism at everyone who does not agree with them. No Muslim should ever be in Congress because they are sworn enemies of Christians and America. Democrat lies never end, such as BO saying America was founded on white supremacy. Beta O’rourke, who is a liar when he tells people America was founded on white supremacy. This person is running for president, and he declares America was founded on white supremacy, wrong. Freedom was the reason. Religious and social freedom. But these people of the Democratic party hate America, hate God, hate Jesus, hate Freedom, they demand the right to murder their children, they hate white people in general. As they shout that white people are racist period. Their goal is simple, just like communism, power is the goal.

White people came here to escape the Church of England and The Roman Catholic Church oppression. So when you hear people like AOC and O’mar and Beta and Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and on and on and on these people are self-righteous who spread lies about how America was founded.

America, the nation of freedom, founded in the blood of liberty, filled with the blood of mistakes of social injustice. Boiling over with the blood of millions of innocent children murdered as they lay helpless in their mother’s womb. Even your opinion is wrong if you don’t agree with them. They are communist, they don’t say it, but all their actions show that they are. These people are out to create a “New Class” of people that will be the proletariat. Meaning they will be in control of everything in the country from the money you make, to the money you earn, to your health care, to your rights to free speech, to your right to bear arms, to your right to worship as you see fit. These people are haters of God. O’mar hates Christians and Jews, why is she allowed to serve when she has sold her soul to Shira Law, she is committed to an “Islamic State” and Shira Law, both are enemies of America. AOC is a communist, who calls herself a Democratic Socialist, which is just another branch of Communism. But make no mistake when they call people racist, they are the racist, they are the ones who hate Jesus, hate Christians, hate Jews, hate WHITE PEOPLE, hate Freedom, hate Free Speech, hate your Right to Bear Arms. They hate you, you are garbage if you don’t agree with this communist. There are in lockstep just like the NAZI’s of WWII, who allowed no dissenting voices. This is the new liberalism, the new Democratic party. You are a racist, bigot, homophobic, white supremacist if you dare not to agree and bow down to their communist dogma. They are Self-righteous supremacist, who demand you bow to their authority hide behind their insult and slurs to hide their own hatred and racism.

Our answer is simple you are breaking a commandment of God, you hate, you are a murderer, you wish to steal our wealth under your “socialist” policies, you are a thief. They wish to deny you free speech. All speech that does not agree with them is “hate speech” to them. Yet all of their speech is “Hate,” vitriolic hatred of all things American and all things white. Their hatred of white people is so obvious to the world, but they cannot see themselves as racist bigots, Christian phobia, whitepobic, freedomphobic, free speech phobic, armed citizenry phobic. Capitalismphobic, Americaphobic. Which is how they appear to the moderate liberal and deplorable conservative garbage of America.

These people are enemies of America, Communist enemies, and religious enemies of America.

These people are the very bigots and racist they accuse everyone else of. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” They are Anti-Christ, bearing false witness against humanity.

Proverbs 14:5 “A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies.” So ask yourself do you wish to a society controlled by people who bear false witness and lie? A community where you are not allowed to have a different opinion, and if you do, you mark yourself as the enemy. Or do you prefer a society where you may not agree, but you will fight to defend those persons right to disagree? They pretend to offer freedom in the dsiguise of slavery, this is the choice being offered by Socialist, Social Democrats, as they like to hide their Communist beliefs behind words that give false meaning to the truth of their ideas.

* Page 75 The New Class, by Milovan Djilas 1957

** Page 95 The New Class, by Milovan Djilas 1957

Worry About Now, Not Later

Worry About Now, Not Later

For Reaping Will be Sown

My soul aches for the pain of humankind. My mind feels the pain and misery inflicted by humankind. Men and women, reap havoc on the lives of the people all the while pretending to be helping the people You hear it from politicians and religious leaders we must follow what they demand. This is a burden put upon humans and by humans who believe they have more power than God. Leaders who do not love God, they do not love Jesus they do not love humanity. They hate with all their soul anything to do with Jesus. They believe in their own Jesus, their own messiah that they designate as the true Messiah. They believe in their own god. But who is their god? Baal? Moloch? Baphomet, Satan? A god that allows humans to behave any way they choose. A god that demands that you seek him out through a priest, a preacher, a rabbi, but that you cannot talk to him yourself, directly. Who are these people who demand we talk to God through them? They are the false prophets. Do you think that God will forgive you if you turn your back on God?

People have turned to everything but Jesus and God. They have turned to astrology, tarot card, ouija boards, palm reading. They seek to see the future. Why worry about the future and not right now?

Look at what you are actually doing. Trying to be like a god, to see the future. Why do you think you or anyone has the power to see the future? Why do you give over to superstition? Why do you turn from the Word of God? Because you have turned to witchcraft, sorcery. In Galatians, we read about these things.

Galatians 5:20 v17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. 18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. 19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

This is America today. Ask yourself, am I right or wrong? In nearly every newspaper in America is an astrology chart telling people what their daily life will encounter. What nonsense, this reminds me of Nostradamus, who can even truly understand a single thing he said. Yet their lives in America a new belief system. A system that says there is more truth in the things that are not of God and Jesus and the Bible. Most of the people saying these things have never even read a Bible. Let alone the King James Bible. Not the new King James Bible, the Authorized copy of the KJV.

Bibles that are not informing you of repentance are deceivers of men, false works. Bibles that omit entire verses, or change the meanings, or change the names these bibles are deceiving. The closest translation to the Hebrew and Greek is the KJV. God is calling. He is shouting to the world that repentance is the way to the path that Jesus walked. No man can force you to believe in Jesus, but the actions of your fellow human beings should show you that he was a real as you are and what he spoke of was the truth. Think about life for one moment. Why are things like fornication wrong, having sex with anyone and every one leads to sickness and disease as well as lack of respect for yourself and others? Drunkenness many people seem to think that this means anything that alters your mind. That seems a bit far fetched. Wine alters the mind, yet Jesus did not say, don’t drink wine. He said, be not a drunkard. God is calling out for anyone who can turn to the world and open their eyes and see themselves as helpless babies, without any power, just getting along. Knowledge is power, not the power to hurt people but to understand the truth when it is spoken to you. There are two kinds of knowledge in the world. Secret Knowledge of Babylon and there is the knowledge that you can see all around you with the use of common sense. What man can make a tree? What woman can make a child without the sperm of a human male? What church is holy? What political leaders are true and trustworthy? What hidden knowledge do you need to know? Is not the knowledge in plain sight enough? Truth is in front of you, but you look anywhere but in front of you. You look in the hidden places, in the dark places, you look into billions of years of the past, you look into the infinite blackness of space, you look into the depths of quantum reality and what do you find out? What God told you all along. You cannot know the ways of God. Not now, not ever. But you still try over and over and over and over. Seems the definition of madness defines itself this way. But God is shaking his head at the ignorance of humans. Over and over, they repeat the same mistakes.
Denying the truth before their eyes and creating a false reality for their own comfort and well being. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Yet it is evil and wicked not to call out evil when you see it when you hear it, and you should speak against evil. Staying silent in the face of evil is evil itself. Of course, when you speak out, there is a price you must pay. Many will come against your words and against you, the individual and curse you, threaten you, abuse you, harm you, and murder you. All because you will worry about thing things later but not now.

The souls of humanity fight against themselves in their desires and want. The mind against the heart, The heart against the soul. These self-satisfying desires are filled with paths of wickedness without you knowing because you are filled with “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole of the Law” Wickedness hidden in pretty words of self-worship. This sin has grown into a generation of self-worshipers. Many will feel unsure without their self-worship. With selfies posted for the world to see and leave happy comments and praise of you. Self-worship is growing all around you. You can live forever, the world is beginning to believe. Today people look forward to having themselves uploaded into a quantum computer so they can live forever. Or transhumans who wish to enhance the human attributes and change their DNA so they can live forever. Or people who wish to be part machine part human, so they can live forever. In Revelation Chapter 9, Verse 6 we read. “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” Do you find it strange that today people are talking about living forever, not ever dying? And Jesus said to people there would be a time when men desire to die but will not be able to. Can you see this reality made by men who will entrap themselves in their own self-worship and not be able to die no matter what? That seemed an outlandish statement throughout history. Yet today, people all over the world people are working as hard and fast as they can to create their own immortality. Self-worship will be the reason people cannot die. They wish to live forever, but there will come a day when they wish to die, to free themselves from the torment of life and what it will bring forth to them in the future. They don’t worry about now, they worry about later. Their soul hangs in limbo hoping for eternal life, while their human life fades as quickly as all others. They wish for eternal life through science, technology and drugs and gene manipulation. Never once considering the words, “the flesh fights against the spirit.” The breath of life that was breathed into you is real.  From the moment, the breath of life leaves you, you are no more. Faded into the dust of time like all humans have done.

ANTIFA: The Communist Terror Group







Antifa says it is fighting Fascism in America, yet they fail to tell you they are communist. Antifa, the enemy of America,  who believe in hiding behind a mask and ganging up on people. These are nothing but communist thugs who hate everything and everyone who disagrees with them. They are the children of failed 60’s counterculture who had to become a part of the system they hated and still to this day hate.  This is ANTIFA








The Great America That Was, That is, That will be.

The Great America That Was That Is, That Will Be

Here were are 2019 America that is finally in my lifetime (65) that is the real America. A nation where most of the people want to be free from democratic government oversight at a micro level.

It was not that way when I was growing up. I’m tired of the lies of the liberal, progressive left who told my generation that we should experiment with drugs, we should experiment with out of wedlock sex, we should experiment with anything that makes you feel good. That knew what they were doing and how do I know that? Look at society today, most couples do not get married and stay married, and their home is destroyed at some point in time as society prods and criticizes people who do not accept their lifestyles, especially people with higher moral standards.

Just to set the record straight, I grew up in the height of the social and political upheaval of the lies of the communist who pretended they were our friends. How many of your friends have destroyed their lives by following the advice of the liberal, democratic party thinking of the sixties? They had a few things right. The Vietnam war was a mistake. The corrupt political officials working with corrupt businessmen to make cheap money was a mistake, and the youth saw the truth of that. The quest for capitalist profit lead to corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen creating misery thru out Vietnam and across many homes in America members of those families never came home, came home handicapped, or with PSTS or drug addiction. It was useless carnage, so anti-war demonstrations were good.  But the political ideology of the protesters was anti-American which I now see was indeed a mistake. We should have been more anti-Johnson and democratic party policies of the entry into the Vietnam war. These are the type of mistakes corrupt political leaders and corrupt businessmen make that hurt both nations and degrade the standards of the American perception in the world looking at our nation. In the sixties, we held “America” to blame, when in fact it was Lyndon B Johnson and the Warhawks in Washington, DC on the Democratic side and the Warhawks on the Republican side.

We blamed America, not the Warhawks, not the corrupt Johnson administration, not the corrupt businessmen profiting off the war. No, we held America and the individual soldier to blame. That was a mistake many of us made due to our mindset, but it was totally communist within the movement spreading this disinformation.

Beyond Vietnam, is the reality of the lies of the societal influences of people and their lies and deceptions to the youth of America. Many of the liberal college professors today are nothing more than failed ideologies of the sixties. I read many of the political left, yippies, and radicals of the sixties when I was very young. Including the Litle Red Book, The Communist Manifesto, Malcolm X. Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman.

I grew up when there were still whites only and “colored” only drinking fountains. I was 16 in 1970, the unwinding of the societal normals had created havoc for a generation that was, that is, and that would be. Drug use was rampant from many of us. Going to concerts was a big deal. Most of my friends we read things like the Hobbit, but very few if any would read Malcolm X. Many of us believed that America was bad. We believed that it was tyrannical. We believed the lies of the left. They did not differentiate between a corrupt political system, corrupt financial system, corrupt business people. These were the lies of omission.

America was great when it broke from England, America was great when it abolished slavery,

America was Great when it defended freedom in the First and Second World Wars, even though both wars were manipulated into existence by corrupt political, business, and economic systems across the systems. America was great when freedom is upheld. America was great when it did not allow the abortion of children in the womb, America was great when it elected minds like John F Kennedy. He understood the “Deep State” was watching his every move. His desire to destroy the system of slavery we as Americans have been forced to live under since the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

Little did we know what the liberal democrat ideal was a system of slavery. We thought the rich were enslaving us, but we too did not differentiate between those who were and were not lying to us.

We also thought that nihilism was perhaps a better way of life and did not realize the ignorance of such an ideal. No moral’s is a great lie. Many people have fallen because of this demand to have the right to have no morals, which has to lead to the destruction of the standard of the reality of America.

America is a nation of moral standards and what we the Baby Boomers fell hook line and sinker for the lies of communist, hippies, yippies, black panthers, weather underground.  People like Bob Dylan and Neil Young lied to the youth. These people raised the new generation of ANTIFA, BLM, LBGTQ, Transgenderism, these are the new lies of the Communist Democratic, Progressive, liberal minds. Think about the destruction of moral standards from the sixties to now. Then the youth were encouraged to experiment and have sex, encouraged to use drugs, encouraged to hate American values. I did drugs, I had sex out of wedlock, I learned to hate the ideals the liars who spewed forth the lies of the communist, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Many people have fallen prey to this reality. Many lives have been destroyed to buy this moral freedom. Let us think of today, and now the children of these liars are saying do drugs, have sex, be gay, be trans. Do you ever hear them say our moral standard is to low? No, you do not because as communist they don’t give a damn about anything but power. The very thing they rail against that allows people freedom, they will take and destroy the freedom of everyone they can. They hate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They hate freedom, free speech, truth, and mostly, they hate God.

They did not say they hate God back then, they said try Buddism, try meditation, try biofeedback, try astral projection, try drugs, try orgies, try primal scream, try spirituality, in fact, “do what thou wilt, will be the whole of the law.” This is the real goal. These democratic, liberal, progressive, socialist want a Godless, moralless society where any perversion, mental illness, in fact, anything goes as long as it DOES NOT LESSEN THEIR POWER to control every single person’s life.

The Youth on college campuses have been lied to just as we were in the sixties. By the very people, you think, have no reason to lie. Well, they do. These lies are one step further than they were the last time this communist rose there ugly, lying, god hating heads.

The communist goal was to change American society, they have, their goal is to have a society of morally depraved individuals, godless who care about nothing but their own pleasure or power. Image a society where every individual will only be looking out for themselves. Noone will matter to them but their own comfort and power. The abuse of power will flood down the ladder of bureaucratic power and hammer away at normal human behavior. Destroying your peace of mind, family, homes, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities and states, and finally America. From sea to shining sea freedom will be destroyed and the ideals of freedom will be destroyed, and the very idea of being free will fade into the memories of the past and finally a return to totally slavery for all Americans. Slavery to the power of an elite few “Party Leaders” who will have control over the lives of every single living American. Many people will disappear into the night never to be seen again. Many will be arrested and executed.

This is the freedom we have to look forward to under the socialist, communist ideals of power and government. Slavery for all but the few elite and everyone else does what they are told. Or else.

Patriot Militia Party, well armed. Well organized, registered to vote, feet planted in peace but ready to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Domestic, political leaders, national police, domestic military if and when they ever try to destroy the 2nd Amendment or any other Amendments in the Bill of Rights. War will be declared against members of the ruling class that try and take away Free Speech and the Right to Bear Arms. With these two rights come all other rights we enjoy as citizens of America. No political party should mistake that American’s will not stand by and let you vote our rights away. Once you do that, you will have declared war on the American people and we the American people will respond. This is why we need a well-armed militia throughout America. Once that serves only to fight against enemies foreign and mostly definitely domestic. Which are people who own the Federal Reserve and the people who work there are domestic enemies? This banking system we live under is Debt Slavery, but you cannot see the threat. We have a political class that is against freedom and wish to further enslave all American’s is their Godless society.  And we have technology companies infringe or free speech, and they too are enemies of the people. A news organization that does not report both sides of the story. A society of “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole of The Law.” PMP be prepared to defend God.

The Conversion of a Human Mind

Do you ever notice how non-Christians always think of people who say they are “born again” and are new people as weird? What do people mean when they say they are “new” people. Let me share my personal story.

I grew up reading. Yes, I know many people do not read. That is of every generation. Many people who do read never challenge themselves, they stay in the comfort zone of pleasure. Like watching T.V., Sports, Movies, listening to music, and so forth. They made read only fiction. But I liked to explore the world and the history of the past and the reality of the present.

With reading I could visit any kind of world, any kind of place, I could go back in time, Or relive the battle’s of history as if they were today. I could read about the religions of the world, philosophy, ethics, science fiction. As time passed in my life, I went to reading just science fiction, then just hard science, especially physics, and quantum physics, quantum mechanics. Though these subject were over my head in terms of mathematics, in laymen’s terms, I could follow the line of reasoning. Evolution has never made one bit of sense. It is preached like a religion for the masses who did not want God in their lives.

As life continued on, I continued to read hard science subjects. One day a book caught my eye. Physics and the Quantum Resurrection, what an interesting title I thought to myself. So, of course, I checked it out of the library and read it over the next few weeks. It was interesting and quite direct in its implications of quantum computing. Near the end of the book, as I was reading along, I came across a line in it that made me stop and think. I cannot quote the line exactly but paraphrasing it something like this. With enough quantum computing power, we will be able to “Resurrect all of Humanity.” That is not a direct quote, but it gives the gist of the comment. That one comment made me stop and say to myself, “I have heard this story before.”

Of course, knowing full well it was in the Christian Bible, I went and read the story in the Bible. In fact, I had not realized before how many people had been resurrected in the Bible itself. That is when I realized everything I had been told was a lie. On that premise that everything I had been told by society, science, education, philosophy, religions, it was all a lie. I challenged God to prove he existed.

What did I do you are probably asking? I challenged God to prove he existed by removing sexual lust from my mind and heart. I told him you do this and I will believe. The response was very simple, I will remove these thoughts from your mind, but you must fight daily against these thoughts and as you do they will slowly become wiped from your mind as you learn how to fight them.

So the challenge was on. The next few days, I noticed that my outlook own women had changed. Instead of lust, I saw beauty, women in full bloom of their existence and lust bowed its head before God and slinked out of my mind. This process was fast, within a few months, I had very few thoughts at all like that. So then I knew God was real, Jesus did die on the cross to pay the debt to God for the sins humanity for all who will believe.

This is when as I continued to read the Bible, I realized that many people are confused about sin, they are confused about suffering. They are confused about the Bible. The words ring hollow in the hearts of almost all of humanity. Sin is the enemy of humanity if one learns to control their thoughts and move away from lust, they will move closer to God. So this “Born Again” comment really just means that your mind is more righteous, your mind can clearly see your reality, so you can see the wrong, the sinful and the evil of the world with a clearer vision and this allows you to steer clear of sinful thoughts and your sinful nature.

God has no problem proving himself to anyone who asks. But who challenges God? The problem lies with human beings who refuse to believe the proof when it is given to them. God handed me the evidence of his existence, removing the foul lust from my mind. Now I stand before God and thank him for his love and his mercy. However,  many people are lead astray not just by society, but also their religious leaders.  The lies of men are the deception of faith, the stealing of the righteous path to God.

Romans 1:21

“18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:”

Have you ever thought about your reality? You are living in a world that tells you the very things you see, the very things you can touch, the very things you can hear are all part of an evolutionary process that is simply a great and grand scheme to kill God. Ask yourself, if science proves evolution where and when was the scientific process that proved it? Where is the peer reviews of the experiments that replicate the process that proves evolution? This also applies to the Big Bang. Where is the scientific process to prove these statements are true? There are none, like climate change; it just another lie to try and control the people. Al Gore lied to the people and said the year 2000 was the end. AOC says 2030 is the end. She may well be right, but it will not be from climate change, most likely it will be from man and his weapons. Or if the Democrats continue down the road of embracing communism, it will be from the 2nd American Revolution. Where American Patriots will have their blood flowing into the ground to defend their women and children, their country and God. To defend their rights to live as Americans, in a free society, not a nation that denies the of rights for religious freedom, denies of the rights of free speech, and denies the right to bear arms. That is not America, and we as veterans, are sworn to defend our Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Democrats are a Hive Mind, in Lock Step like Hitlers, Nazi’s SS soldiers. Haters of anyone or anything that does not bend to their will. We will not bend. Socialism is communism hidden under the lies of what is best for all but is really what is best for the people in power. Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Progressives, Communist there are all the same as this Globalist, this Democratic Party wishes to give the entire world everything America and Ameican’s have and tell you that you must accept it. We will not bend to the anti-God people. Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler this is the best the Democratic party can offer to America? Where are your people who believe in hard work, who believe in making their own way? With the Socialist Government stealing the people’s wealth through taxes, more regulations, and thus bigger and bigger government and giving it to anyone who agrees with the Democrats. Congress has betrayed America, and nearly every State government that is run by the Democratic Party have betrayed their cities, towns, and states, and created third world cities throughout America. LA, SF, Chicago, Detriot, Baltimore, NYC all prime examples of morality that borders on depravity.  And if the Democrats, Progressives, Social Democrats or the Socialist gain more power, they will turn America into a slum from sea to shining sea.

When you start to see this reality, you will know you are starting to understand the power of God. Turning a mind from not seeing too clearly seeing. Democrats are the enemies of Freedom, enemies of Justice, enemies of God. Don’t believe me. Which party screams let me murder my baby? Which party screams guilty, without any evidence? Without a warrant, without an arrest. Guilty because they said so. The Democratic party is the now the Communist party of America. Trying to destroy us from within.

Women Have Rights!

Women Have Rights!

This raging argument about abortion is very strange to me. I hear people saying it is the woman’s choice, her right. I hear Planned Parenthood say it’s health care. It’s reproductive rights. Talk about people who hate humanity, End Unplanned Pregnancy should be their name. As their only plan is the abortion of as many human beings as possible.  Perhaps them and the SPLC can join forces and murder every noncommunist in the country if they can just deem anyone who disagrees with them a “hate” group. What irony two of the most prominent hate groups in the world Planned Parenthood and the SPLC hide behind the guise that they are the moral arbiter of society. HAHA, they are a part the cause of the moral break down of society. Both of these organizations hate life and liberty and fight against life and freedom while hiding being their disguise as the moral arbiter of our democratic society at large. When in fact they are two of the very reasons our moral fabric is breaking down as these two organizations do all in their power to destroy freedom of anyone who disagrees with their communist antigod, anti-life, anti-liberty agenda. They are both hate groups. Left-wing communist hate groups.

Um, Yes, a woman has rights. The right to say no to sexual advances, she has the right to keep her legs closed, she has the right to know her cycle and avoid pregnancy, and the right to use birth control, she has the right to control her sexual relationships. She does not have the right to commit murder and demand that I and others must agree.  Oh, it may be legal, but it is still murder. Premeditated murder. And it is a conspiracy to commit genocide on the part of the abortion doctor and staff. One must consider the political officials who vote to allow abortions as part of the plot to commit murder and should be charged as well. Is that too harsh? No, it is not. These traitors in elected office are nothing but liars and hypocrites. Betrayers of all righteous and good. Hiding murder behind reproductive rights, what hypocrites are the elected officials of America who support a women’s right to murder a helpless child in the womb or out and calling it reproductive health. What a lie. Soon they will demand those old people but put out of their misery. Soon they will demand that they are allowed to murder their three-year-old. All the while Demanding we all bow to their lying, murderous laws of our humping dog society.

Why do women always say it’s my body. It is your body and the child’s body you are talking about.

You wish to destroy one to make up for the moral mistakes of the other. Weak minded women, making poor moral choices demanding all of society agree and allow her to abort a helpless baby.

Living in a world where states like R.I. Is trying to pass a law saying no matter what the Supreme Court says the state of RI will make abortion available to RI women. O.K. So is it ok for other states to outright ban abortion. It would seem if states like RI say outright, they will defy the US Supreme Court, what is the problem with Alabama and any other state, outright banning abortion? It’s tit for tat, in the game of kill or be killed. In this mindless, godless, morals of our humping dog society. Where women scream, Let me MURDER MY BABY!. Uh, NO. NO NO NO.

If you don’t have the sense God gave a jackass and can’t stop getting pregnant in the 21st Century, and you are not smart enough to have control of yourself. Don’t demand from me your right to butcher and murder an innocent child in your body because you are dumb as a stump. Birth control is not abortion, Women’s reproductive rights are not abortion. That is simply outright murder. Blind as a bat and dumb as stump are women today who scream about their rights. Yet they give not one twit about anyone else’s rights. What about that human being in your wombs rights? What about the father? Does he not have any rights in the making of a human being? He may want the child, does he not have any rights to demand the child be born and turned over to him since the women do not want it. I propose legislation that requires the consent of both parties in an abortion. Oh, what do you mean that it’s your body? No, it’s not, you are talking about destroying another person’s body, not yours. The baby is it’s own person, with its own mind, with its own choices to make and life to live. Yet you crying, pathetic, cowards, who call themselves women, You are not women, you are mental children. You are right; you should not have a child, you should have it and then give it up to someone who wishes to raise that child as their own child.
Women have rights, trying not whoring, try not being a total slut. Try telling these pathetic little boys who will have sex with you but will not take the responsibility of manhood and raise, defend and protect the women who had their child and the child. What a nation of crying cowards, Let me murder my baby, the women shout, and the little boys say, it’s not mine. LIAR. Be a man. Marry the woman who is willing to make children with you. You are a bigger whore than all the women when you go from women to women pretending this is manhood. It is not.
Being a man is taking care of his own. Taking care of your women you are with and the children you have together. That is being a man. Don’t sleep with these little girls who call themselves women, who in the 21st Century with all the “modern technology” can’t stop from getting pregnant! Just like a little child, not smart enough to avoid pregnancy. In a society of moral humping dogs, the women are humping as much as the men. Where is your dignity? Where is your self-respect? Do you not love yourself enough not to destroy innocent life. You would not abort a litter of puppies or kittens, but you will abort a human being? Is this the right you should demand? God hates the murder of innocent children, maybe more than anything else. His wrath will be hard and swift on those who refuse to repent of this sin.  For those Godless deniers who continue to have abortions or perform abortions. May God have mercy on your soul. I pray that all the people in this industry see the beauty of children and stop this wholesale slaughter of American citizens.

American Communist and the Betrayl of Freedom

American Communist and the Betrayal of Freedom

“In the communist revolutions, force and violence are a condition for further development and even progress. In the words of earlier revolutionaries, force and violence are elevated to the lofty position of a cult and an ultimate goal. In the past, the classes and forces which made up a new society already existed before the revolution erupted. The Communist revolution is the first to which have had to create a new society and new social forces.”*

As you read this statement, ask yourself a question. Is not the Democratic party trying to do just as described above? Using ANTIFA force and violence, Maxine Waters using force and violence against her political opponents. Are they not a “CULT,” of blacked masked communist traitors to the very ideas of America and Freedom. Is not the democratic party trying to forge a new society? Legalized abortion, legalized homosexuality, legalized transgender. Soon pedophile and beastality will be decriminalized and then legalized. This is exactly what a communist revolution does. Changes society into a God-hating, deniers of the truth and even reality itself. Haters of all things that are not in agreement with them. Shouting slurs, insults, assaulting with violence anyone or anything that disagrees with them. Just as Mr. Djilas says, “elevating violence to the lofty position of a cult” with the ultimate goal of destroying anyone who disagrees. You see it in social media, you see it in protest, you see it in lack of social engagement. It’s our way or the highway the communist says. No one is allowed to disagree with the agenda of the cult of violence of left-wing radicals such as ANTIFA (Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America) this is the real goal of this Communist thugs. ANTIFA and BLM are the violent cult of the American Communist who are aligning themselves with the Islamic Shira Law lovers, who follow their own communist cult of violence. The Koran is their communist manifesto.

Socialist, Social Democrats, Progressives, are all hiding their communist affiliations from the public. Look how Democrats are changing society, murdering babies outside of the womb. Legalizing mental illness, all the while the UNITED NATIONS declares transgender is not a mental illness. So now the United Nazi’s (UN) will tell the world what is and what is not normal. They show their communist causes right up front. Send the UN packing out of America. Nearly every country in the UN hates us, hates Christians, Loves our money and our freedom that they use to abuse their power trying to seek to steal the sovereignty of the United States of America. Since they have sworn themselves our enemies, kick the UN out of America. America does not need the UN. With Israel, the UK, European Nation, Mexico, and Latin America and Canada. New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, etc., and so forth around the world. The UN does not help Israel, they wail about the poor Palestinians who go out of their way to harm the citizens of the Nation of Israel. You attacked them, and you expect them to give back strategic locations of your country. Sorry, you attacked you pay the price. And the UN should be kicked off American soil. Let them move to North Korea, Iran, China, Turkey, Cuba, Venezuela or anywhere else that would accept your anti-God agenda. Your pro-communist agenda.

Now is the time to organize a well-armed militia to defend the country from domestic enemies such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, Booker, Harris, Sanders, Cortez, Warren, and the list goes on and on. Rhino Republicans, The Federal Reserve System, Large Banks, Large Tech Companies, Cashless Society, AI these too are your enemies. These are the enemies of America. Each and everyone is a communist and do not have the guts to say it to the public. But if you look at what they say under the guise of socialism it all adds up to a “Communist Revolution” right here in America. Make no mistake about the Islamic Community that wishes to enforce Shira law in America are right in lockstep with the communist, progressives agenda. Like Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Sanders, all communist hiding under the guise of socialism. They want to take the wealthy Americans money now and soon with their open borders, they will support everyone but Americans. They will expect the American taxpayers to foot the bill. When you no longer can afford the taxes, they will come for the property of every single American who has anything other than a crappy rundown apartment or shack, or cardboard box. This is the goal. Take all the wealth, while the ruling elite look down on your poverty and smile at their success. Lavishing themselves with expensive foods, expensive trips, expensive cars, expensive, homes, and basically a rich lifestyle that they will live. All the while, telling you to shut up and be happy they don’t just murder you outright. If you disobey in the world of AOC, Pelosi you will be put you in prison or murdered. Make no mistake this is and will be the ultimate goal of the social democrats, the socialist, who really are just light weight communist. However when the communist forces like ANTIFA get in control, wholesale murder will be their agenda against Christians and anyone else who resist their “distartorship.” So now is the time before it will be too late to organize effectively. Standing with the full armor of God, with feet firmly planted in peace. Resisting the destruction of America and Christianity and the deniers of God. Defending against all enemies foreign and dosmestic.

* page 22 The New Class An Analysis of the Communist System by Milovan Djilas