Don’t Protect the Babies, Protect the Illegal Criminal Aliens, Governor Brown


If someone were to listen to and believe the political party of Democrats, one would think that abortion, the butchering of babies for profit is a reproductive right. But let us pose the question. If you abort the reproduction is that not the destruction of reproductive rights? You can hear the people saying, yes it is a right to reproduce or not. Um, then shouldn’t abortion be described as the right to destroy reproduction? Is this not the right of the mother to override the rights of the unborn child. Um, seems the democratic party has reality twisted into a knot. No wonder people like Roy Brown, the Democratic governor of NC vetoed a bill to protect the babies rights and agreed with the rights of society to MURDER CHILDREN. Roy Brown fully understands that by forbidding the “Born Alive” bill, he is agreeing to and endorsing the wholesale Murder of babies out of the mother’s womb.  That is murder, no law should protect anyone, including lawmakers from being charged with the murder of babies outside the womb. You, Roy Brown, should be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. You call a budget bill, indecent and inhumane while you veto a bill to protect babies and agree to allow their murder and you veto a bill to work with ICE to protect US and NC citizens of all races from illegal alien criminals. This is the face of the hypocrite democratic party across America. Democrats are communist at heart but like to hide behind their socialist facade of humanism.

If the American citizens were not armed, the democrats would institute the wholesale slaughter of the deplorable’s. You know that would be anyone who disagrees with them.  If you disagree with them, you are a racist, a bigot, white supremacist, nazi, or any name they can think of to call you they will. All the while, they pass laws that are criminal in behavior, and it is time to hold elected officials to account for such criminal behavior, in fact, they should be arrested and charged with conspiracy, as it seems to fall under the conspiracy to commit murder act. In fact, it is time to indict all of the criminal behaviors of our elected officials throughout this land.  It is time for American’s black, brown, yellow and white to stand up to the deceivers of reality who pretend people are inhumane if they refuse to bow to the demands of this murderous party of elected officials. Officials who have no ideas only slurs and insults. Women who are mere children think they know what is best of the entire American population, and they are hell-bent on seeing that their demands are met. They insult and slander, insult, and slander. Hypocrites of the highest order.

These people don’t rule they subjugate, they condemn, they slander, they threaten and intimidate,  These elected officials are traitors to the values of democracy and freedom. They prefer power over all things. They have run city after city into the ground and point the finger at everyone but themselves to place the blame for their failed policies.  From SF, LA, Detriot, Baltimore, DC, Boston, to NY. If the cities are not overrun with illegal criminals and poor Americans and mentally ill people, then they are overrun by Gang violence, and the biggest issue is political corruption at every level. While states are being run into the ground, IL is a perfect example. CA is another. People are not moving away; they are fleeing the debauchery of the Democratic party incompetents and corruption.

Under the democratic leadership, no one is held accountable. The administration of Barrack Obama proved that. We had Fast & Furious, IRS intimidation scandal, Bengazi, Uranium 1, Paris Accord, The Iran Deal, and the Clinton email scandal. Issue after issue that not one person was ever held accountable for. Crimes were committed but no one was held accountable. George W. Bush with his great con. “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.” His entire cabinet uttered the same lie over and over and over, none of the hypocrites was every hold accountable for leading America into a 20-year war, for made up lies about the enemy having weapons of mass destruction.

The democratic party says they have a kinder and gentler idea of America where there is no racism. Yet on the democratic side of this ideology, we have the ACLU, they hide behind the moniker American Civil Liberties Union, but in reality, they should change their name to the American Communist Liars Union, for they represent the ideals of anti-god, “social justice” you must agree with them, communist society mentality. The Democratic Black Caucus, members of the US Government who are blind by their masters lies, the White Supremacist democratic party. The party of the KKK. Why is the statue of Albert Pike in Washington DC not destroyed? Albert Pike founding member of the KKK honored in Washington, DC with a statue?  Yet, you don’t destroy this know bigot and satanist statue, why? Oh, I forgot he was a Democrat.

The party of White Supremacy, bigotry, anti-god, anti-America, anti-freedom, anti-humanity. The communist democratic party would destroy everyone who disagrees with their dogma. They would tear the nation down and rebuild it in their own image. Their image of self-worship and superiority of all people who disagrees with them. The community of all-inclusive diversity. Let’s us welcome every murderer, pervert, insane person, every evil person right into our homes.

Behind them including the republicans stand the globalist, New World Order. They are both democrat and republican who value wealth more than all things and have sold their loyalty not to the citizen, who elected them but to the ideology of the hive mind of communism. Everyone is equal except they never tell you except for the people in power who gain all the freedom, all the wealth and luxury and at the expense of all other citizens desires or needs. In other words, “shut up and sit down or else.”  We will not sit down and shut up; it will be your job to shut us up. Perhaps your evil doctrine will allow you to do it. Perhaps the power of truth will shut you up.

In Communist China today and in the Communist Soviet Union of years past, they executed dissidents. Reeducation first and if that fails slave labor or outright execution for those who refuse to do as they are told.

All behavior is regulated. Every aspect of your life, from the very doctor you can choose to go do business with. To the amount of money you are allowed to keep from the labor you produce. We are being regulated to serfdom by these criminal elites in power.  Who truly and fully believe in the deception of their own lies.

People like Elizabeth Warren, deceive the people and then people believe her. So a liar lies, and people now believe truth is a lie. This is the communist ideology at work. Just lie, lie, lie till you gain power, then let the hammer fall on all those who refused to believe a lie.

This is the end game citizens of America, the take over of freedom by people who do not care about your freedom they only care about their own power.

These elected officials look more like communist officials every day, with every law they pass, with every freedom they limit, with every lie they tell. With every accusation, they make of racism, homophobia, sexism without a shred of evidence of their claims. They are Joe McCarty’s of the political spectrum of lie and make false accusations, lie some more and more some more false accusations. We have not seen leadership from the democratic party since JFK, and for the Republicans, Donald J. Trump has been the only person to emerge with real leadership ability in my lifetime.  Courage is a fleeting thing in America today, So stand up American’s, black, brown, yellow, and white and call out these leaders for there criminal behavior. Allowing the murder of a child born is the highest level of criminal behavior, and Roy Brown of NC is an enemy of children, an enemy of NC citizens, and an enemy of America. His vetoing of the Born Alive bill proves he is anti-Christ. For only someone, only he hates God would allow such a thing.