Evil of the Mind

The Evil of the Mind

The human mind, a mystery of science, a mystery of reality, a mystery of conscious thought, a mystery of unconscious thought. The mystery of the evil of the human mind which lies dormant in each of us. Until some power or cause or person sparks the evil of the mind, and it blooms fully into existence as human thought, then into human actions.

What causes these thoughts of evil to spring forth like fountains of unquenching thirst to do evil?  You see it all around you. Women are whoring with any man or women who wish to whore with them. You see men whoring with any women or man who whishes to whore with them. We see TV shows glorifying homosexual desires and actions. We see women dressing to reveal as much of themselves as possible to as many people as possible. We have people today who are changing who and what they are into something they perceive themselves to be. Men becoming women, Women bcoming men. Somehow in the mind of the masses, new gender’s have been identified as not male or female. The Baphomet is what they are speaking of. Part Man, part woman, part beast. This is the evolution of man. Changing people from human beings into an entirely new creature of man’s design, or, so he believes. Read Your Bible.