God Says He Is Calling, But the People Cannot Hear

God Says He Is Calling, But the People Cannot Hear:

The people cannot hear. God says, I am showing you the truth of my prophets, and you cannot discern the signs of the times. God says he wants all children living in sin to repent and join him. Repent and believe that God will forgive you no matter what your sins. God is love in the purest form, for he can forgive the most horrible sins, abominations if you will only ask him to forgive. This leap of faith is not easy, but it is a question of faith!

You cannot see, but God can see. You cannot hear, but God can hear! The Creator knows the truth that you and I can never know. He knows the truth and lies that come from the lips of human beings. They have made merchandise out of the souls of men. You cannot see, but God can see.

You cannot hear, but God can hear!

The religious leaders around the world have used the souls of human beings to gain their vast wealth and control over the minds of God’s children. Through lies about the Living God, the worlds religious leaders have burdened mankind with a beast system of religious law. We, the human population are nothing more than merchandise to our world leaders who deny the Word of the Son of God, This Jesus Christ you hate with all your heart because he told you the truth. Just as you hate yourself now, and you hate me, as you hate Jesus Christ.

Because of your hatred, you can’t see, you can’t hear, you cannot believe. But God can see, God can hear, and he will forgive if you will call out to him.

We are told that only a man named Jesus Christ preached for three and one-half years, roughly 2000 years ago. A man religious leaders say is dead, but it is obvious he not dead because why would they even speak out against him if he had not power then or now. They are still trying to kill him, the Catholics, the Lutherans, Presbyterians, and others, as well as the Aethiest, the Satanist, in fact nearly the whole world wants to be done with this Jesus Christ. They demand he stay dead.

They have demanded it for 2,000 years, but he is not dead, he is the Living God of eternity. Praise the Creator, The Alpha, and the Omega. Though love is lost to many who’s imaginations are pulled to man’s fancy ideas. Like immortality. You do not go to heaven when you die, you rest a little while in your grave, sleeping knowing nothing under the sun, until the day of resurrection. What would be the point of death if you go straight to heaven when you die? You do not fly off to heaven when you die. God may recall the “living soul” within you, but you know nothing.

Hatred and deception are at the very heart of our reality, or society is rotten through and through. Who’s is at fault? Of course, it is the fault of all the people who no longer wish to read the Bible. The priest and preachers with their rituals and mystery. They continue to criticize Jesus Christ and do not reveal the truth of the love of our father. The Creator wants the message of his forgiveness, and his love spread throughout the world. But society is against the Creators Love. Gods’ love is the greatest love. If you love someone, would you not feel the need to fulfill the Word of God by trying to talk to the ones you love.  Preach the “Good News” Jesus Said. Love, brotherhood, devotion, faith, honor, helping one another, truth and belief in I AM, the living God.

As human beings, we all suffer under the hatred of our own modern society.

Yet, God is calling, saying I am showing you the signs of the times. Can you not see? Can you not hear? You are lost for lack of knowledge.

Read your Bible and believe it.