I refer to Google as GO OGLE, when you break it down Go Watch, for Ogle means to watch with great interest. Like when boys ogle girls. Their watching. Big Brother GO OGLE. Their minds are wrapped in fear of reality so they must change all reality to force their despotism on the world. Google will work with the Chinese communist military! Yet they will not work with the US Military. DESPOTISM that is their game. They want to be the new proletariat of the police state they wish to create straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984. They watch you on the public streets, they watch you at home on your computer, your phone, your tv. You allow them to watch you by your passive attitude of “if you are not doing anything wrong,” sheep mentality. Like slaves to their master, you say, “I will do what you say, master.” Despotism is the reality we are moving towards. The Democratic party has turned ideology fully to communism. Oh, they try to hide it under Socialism. But make no mistake they are as Despotic as GO OGLE is. These people want to be the “New Class” of rulers. Not elected officials but despotic communist who have the power of life and death in their hands of every person in America.

GO OGLE, and most of the Democratic Party members will be full-blown DESPOTS if they gain control over your life. It will be turned into a ruin. You will live in abject poverty, you will go hungry, you will struggle to pay your bills or get medical treatment. This is the future these Traitors to America want. They want to be a “NEW CLASS,” which knows better than anyone else on earth what is best for you and your family and your friends and your money and your health and your faith and your very thoughts. GO OGLE will help them become the “NEW CLASS” of communists in control of every aspect of every human beings living on earth, every minute of the very seconds of the day. If you do not comply, you will face prison, death. There is no room for dissent in this DESPOTISM IN A ALGORITHM world.  Or is there?