In The Beginning

In The Beginning

You knew me when I created the Garden. You knew me when I offered you peace, but you choose defiance. You knew me when Cain chose the path of the serpent and struck his innocent brother down. You knew me when your fathers fought the Nephilim. You knew me in the beginning. Why do you, deny me now?

Your science has shown you the order that I AM. Yet your science has created a new gospel of technology. Your learned teachers proclaim to be wise however lie to your face and tell you they have the facts. Their truth. Not the reality that I told you about, not the truth of the Word. Not the truth of my gospel.

In the beginning, you knew me, now you are falling away. You deny I exist when you can see my miracles all around you. The wonder of man and woman unified. The miracle human of birth. The miracle of your very lives and the technology that man has created and is creating will destroy your life and all of humanity.

You knew me when you knew many other gods, you knew me when you even pretended I did not exist. Yet in the beginning, my enemy tricked you into believing his lies. So I could not allow once righteous beings to live in my righteous garden. To dwell within the righteousness that I Am.

Many people today look back and think what an angry, hateful God. They cannot see that their path was changed not by God, but by the Serpent. You blame God, but you never blame the serpent. You say I am evil, but did I lie to you? You think Lucifer did you a favor and opened your minds to the actual world of good and evil. In the beginning, you disobeyed out of defiance. Are you better off? Tell me to have all the ideas of man lead you to another garden?

Make no mistake, Adam and Eve were new creations from the upheaval of the rebellion of 1/3 of all the angels. The garden was a safe haven for a new beginning. Until the serpent entered, ever the trickster, ever the one who wants you to believe all his lies and half-truths. Surely you will not die!

Today mans greatest dream is be a transhuman, living forever in a mechanical body that contains their biological brain. Surely you will not die!

Still, you will not listen! Ask yourselves why? Are you greater than God? Are you superior to God? Have you fooled yourself into believing that you can become a god? Have you been told you can become a god? You can bring out the Christ in you? Do you not know that the breath of life was breathed into you and you became a living soul. How is it that you believe that you can transcend and become a god? By what magic can you become something you are not? Or is it merely that you have been fooled into believing what the serpent has told you once again? No matter how much you meditate, practice yoga, pray to the statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, you cannot reach God. God will not hear you repetitive prayers he told you not to say. God will not listen to children who disobey his words and choose to ignore all of them in pursuit of their own godhood. God will not listen to men and women who have given their minds over to the Baphomet. This delusion of sexuality comes straight from the Baphomet, part male, part female, part beast. Confusion is its game, confusing all those who will not believe the truth of the Word.

In the beginning, you knew God, you loved God. Now you know yourself. Humanity is in love with itself. Humanity has turned from the love of the Creator to the love of themselves and the serpent.

Read Your Bible and Believe It.