Is Your Jesus, My Jesus?

What did your Jesus say? To walk in my way? To not be a part of the world. What did Jesus tell you? If you say you do not hear from Jesus, then your Jesus is not my Jesus. Why is that? Jesus offers all a personal relationship with him. God, “I AM,” offers a personal relationship with all humans who are willing, who choose with their free will to trust and believe him. Is this your Jesus? Does your Jesus throw himself on your sin and take the pain and death upon himself? If you said no, then your Jesus is not my Jesus. How can that be? What names will you call me because I say this?

Does your Jesus say that it is ok to steal? Does he say it’s ok to commit adultery? Does God say it is ok to commit murder? Does he say it is ok to engage in homosexual acts? If your Jesus accepts these actions, these sins,  then your Jesus is not my Jesus. We all know Jesus told us not sin, not to steal, not commit adultery, not to commit murder and not to engage in homosexual acts and not to do judge people but to speak out against these acts, the sins.

If your Jesus does not hold you accountable for your actions but forgives you for them even when you know you are committing sin and refuse to stop. That is not my Jesus.

Do you shout hypocrite, liar you say, self-righteous bigot, you proclaim me to be? So Jesus is a hypocrite, a liar, and a bigot? That is your Jesus? Your Jesus is not my Jesus.

My Jesus is a giver of peace, salvation, a giver of wisdom. A giver of knowledge to see the difference between the lies of society, of men, of women. We wallow in our own sin to fight not against the other sinners but to bring them to know that they are in sin just as we are and we must fight against these impulses of sin, not give in to them. This is my Jesus, Fight he says against my enemies that rail against your mind, and your body. That rail against your freedoms, beliefs, and your own right to choose.

Is Your Jesus, my Jesus? I ask because there are two, one is real, and one is fake. One speaks the truth the other speaks lies. How can you say this you hear people shouting? Think, Evil says do what you want to if it makes you feel good. God commands you to behave yourself and fight the evil that stalks your mind.

Ask yourself this simple question. What is your Jesus telling you to do? Your Jesus says you will go to heaven no matter what you do. My Jesus says liars, thieves, murderers, those who commit adultery, homosexuals will not get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless they repent of their sins. Why the difference? Are they both right?

Repent, what does it mean? Many who do not “repent” will follow the fake Jesus. They will refuse to repent. Those who do not repent of their thievery, lies, adultery, murder, homosexual acts will die in sin. Rejecting God’s mercy. And what does it mean to repent? It means to change your ways, stop committing the sins you are engaging and repent. It’s really not hard, but many find it hard because their pride stands in their way. Just as it does all of us. We are all the same except for one extraordinary thing. We accept and believe that there is order to reality, thus a government of God, that humans will stand before the “judgment”, as in a courtroom and be held accountable for all our deeds. No good deed can ever outweigh an evil deed. As a court of law, you can lay yourself at the mercy of the court, but you must do so before the trail to show genuine remorse. As long as you are alive, you know you can confess your crimes or stand behind the lies of your innocence.

The fake Jesus will not hold you accountable for any of your actions, perversions, he will encourage you to go further and further with your own self-destruction through your own sin and corruptions. The fake Jesus gives you a pass to heaven for all your sins. Your Jesus is not my Jesus.

This Jesus so many fear is the defense attorney in the court of God. Trust him to defend you when you repent. Do not be afraid of the defense attorney be fearful of the who judges you.