Living In the Illusion of Reality

Mankind seems to live in the illusion of reality, instead of reality. So many people cannot see the underlining meaning of the illusion of reality. This thin veil of deceit that covers the eyes of humanity. This invisible shield that blinds human minds to the truth of reality and wraps it in a web of self deceit, so that one may indulge in their sin without repercussions from reality. So many of us hide behind our own pride to defend ourselves from our own short comings. No one is immune, we all suffer from the same maladies, though we may not be committing the same sins. Yet we still suffer from the same illusion of reality.

We live ina world where you are expected to be responsible for yourself, responsible for your actions. However, humanity has now made the sins they love legal, so there is no responsibility for your moral actions. Commit adultery, engage in homosexuality, these moral crimes are now accepted as part of human behavior and not crimes, not sins, not immoral, and against God. Thus man lives in the Illusion of Reality of his own making.

Many people today think it is bigotry and hatred that drives people who condemn homosexuality, transgenderism. It is not hatred of people, it is hatred of actions. Just as Jesus condemned the Nicolation for their mixing of beliefs, occult pagan worship with the doctrine of Jesus. Pagans loved their gods, their fortune-telling, their sexual sin, their lack of accountability for their actions by their gods. We see the same mental state, the same Illusion of Reality today.

Many people measure time in the method of men, so you always hear people say things like “God is Dead.” or “Where is this Jesus?” “When is Jesus returning?” “Jesus was just a man!” “There is no God.” all of these statements are the lies of the Illusion of Reality.

Mankind today is willing to sacrifice his money, his friends, his children, his morality for the lust of his mind. He refuses to admit that his actions are sinful and disrespectful to God. Mankind wishes to wrap himself in the illusion of belief and faith and worship. Yet denies the very existence of sin. Refuse to repent of his sins. Creates his own gods, his own methods of debauchery of the meaning of the Word of God. Through the vibration of creation, the spoken word manifest reality into existence. The universe exists because God spoke with resonance, vibration, and frequency and created our reality. Our reality that God created, showing he is a mighty power yet we humans in our self worship believe we are the creators of God. Humans living in the illusion of their self styled an amoral reality. Creating gods of the mind and gods of the air and gods of machines.

In ten years, will man bow down to machines? Will humans turn their free will into a hive mind of the AI? We the reality of truth be hidden from all humanity just to trick us into committing the very sins we were warned against in the Word of God. We human beings be forced in the next ten years to uses only digital currency, and thus no man can buy or sell without using the digital currency? Is the Democratic party in America wrapping itself in the blanket of anti-God, anti-religious, anti-christian beliefs so that now they are a COMMUNIST, God-hating political party? Hating anyone who does not bow to their dogma and their demands for the right to destroy all that God loves?

What does God love? Men, women, and children who accept reality and do not hide themselves in the Illusion of Reality that tells them no matter what they do, God loves them and will give them forgiveness and eternal life. They refuse to accept God’s reality and insist that the way they think of God is correct, and he is not a God who demands people live up to a moral standard they do not accept. So engaging in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, transgenderism are acceptable in your world, and you refuse to believe that is wicked in the sight of God and the Lamb. Thus you are Living in the Illusion of Reality and refuse to see the truth of the Word of God.

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

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