Man, Thinks To Become God

Man, Thinks to Become a God

Have you noticed in society today how men and women are trying their best to become a god? Bring out the god in you, they proclaim. You can transform yourself, you can become one with the universe if you will only invite the spirits into you.

What you are kidding right? People are saying invite spirits into your being. Believing that these spirits will lift you up and help you transform into a new creature.

Yet they fail to understand that the familiar spirits are demons. They are not of God, they are from witchcraft and sorcery and necromancy. Calling up of the dead is truly evil in the eyes of God. So when someone like Hilary Clinton says she talks to the spirit of Elanor Roosevelt, she goes against the very word of God. Thus revealing who she really worships, evil. Indeed it appears from her actions she worships evil. She talks to this evil spirit and fools herself into accepting it as good or righteous. Yet it is covered in filth and death, and she cannot see. Her mind is reprobate, plain and simple. She wants to be God, she and the Pope would get along just fine since they both feel they are god already. Opry Winfrey would fit right in as well, all pray to Winfrey. People are following people like this as if they were God. They are not God, nor does it appear they are of God. Godless would be a better description of these people, and probably the majority of the Hollywood Stars, Rock Stars, Rap Stars, Professors in college, many members of the United Nations all think they can become God. In fact with the way the world is now, everyone will become a god. If you will only bring out the God in you. You can become a God, they proclaim.

They fashion themselves in the ideology of their own self-creation. Reprobate minds are deceived by the very idea of their own godhead.

We can live forever, immortal, gods by human design? Seems rather silly to believe we can make ourselves into gods if we will only bring out the god in ourselves. But unless I am mistaken, Jesus is the Word of God. But society today does not want to hear the Word of God. No, they prefer to believe they are gods. This self-deception that grips our nation is a well-conceived plan that is working to perfection. If “stupid is as stupid does,” then evil is as evil does and righteousness is as righteousness does. Yet, it seems people today cannot determine what is right and what is evil anymore. It is right, and it is wrong, there is knowledge of good and knowledge of evil. Many live in the grey world of in between, where sin against God is called acceptable behavior in society. Thus the world is turned upside down and man believes he can turn himself into a god.

There are only two genders from the hand of God. There is only one human being. When the machine and man merge this will not be a new being, it is not evolution. Simply put,  it is human use of mechanical means. A new individual Tower of Babel society wants each of us to build ourselves into gods. Defying God is what it seems most of society wishes to do. Thus believing they can become gods themselves. Read Your Bible.