So Many Good People of All Races Are Being Lied To

A blindness that covers the eyes of the people in America who support BLM and ANTIFA who are lying to the population as a whole. These people are just brown shirt thugs ala NAZI German. Creating violence where ever they go. There is no love, no peace, no sense of order. Rebellion is their answer to anyone or anything that has authority. Rebel, hate, destroy, and the doctrine of reprobate minds, fools, and so many good people are being lied to by the communist and have been fooled into believing that they are brothers in arms.

So many wonderful black Americans are simply not in agreement with BLM and they are starting to see that it was the Democratic Party that wanted slavery. Northern Democrats supported Southern Democrats to keep slavery enforce. Check it for yourself. Democrats keep the black population down by forcing fathers out of homes, by not educating students in the standards of human literacy, you know reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Inner-city schools are fodder for new gang members in every black neighborhood in cities across America. So many God-fearing wonderful Black Americans are be called Uncle Toms because they dare to think for themselves and it just happens to agree with many conservative values. Law & Order, America, Capitalism, God. Yet these rebellious rioters, looters, violent reaping violence on innocent people burning the livelihood of many in the very community who they pretend to love and respect and are protesting for.

We heard these same arguments in the sixties. Yippies called the police Pigs, threatened many, and did not expect the police to respond with violence for violence. The Chicago Seven were the anarchist of their day, preaching the same lies they are telling the youth today. America is horrible and needs to come down. Foolish people yelling to tear down their own nation, their own freedom, their own well being. Same thing today, defund the police, so violent people can roam the streets and commit crimes with impunity. No thanks.

Haters of Righteousness BLM =Black Liars Movement.

Joe Biden is a foolish old man. He is a puppet for the haters of righteousness, haters of truth, haters of facts, haters of everything that disagrees with them. BLM, ANTIFA but more importantly the rise of communist thought in the Democrat Party. Joe Biden quotes the communist mass murder Chairman Mao and thinks it’s all good or has no idea where that quote comes from. Now a candidate for the highest office in the land is quoting a mass-murdering communist, who wrote this speech? Seems communism is the new love of the ill-informed new generation of liberals, people who think morality is a personal choice not a standard set by God.

Every Democrat elected official that allows BLM to paint their streets allows violent protests are enemies of the people. These elected officials are the traitors to the people. Who would allow their citizens to be put in danger by mobs, oh democrats? Who would tell the police to stand down and not to prevent violent assaults, looting, and rioting, oh democrats? Across our country democrat elected officials are siding with communist and anarchist groups who threaten the very foundation of the republic.

The mainstream news outlets are mere shadows of their former glory as outlets for the truth to the American people. These news outlets have also joined with the communist to spread lies, false news, half-truths, all from anonymous sources never one quote unless it points to their narrative. Anonymous sources are just anonymous liars, you know like James Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer. These liars hate righteousness. They love power and glory and money they are of the George Soros mindset that if it benefits them to hell with the rest of the world.

We see that mindset all around us now. People are being murdered for saying “all lives matter”, the communist god haters kill with impunity without a moral compass, power at all cost.  The mainstream news tells us all the horrible things that are wrong with America, free speech, the right to bear arms, the freedom to worship as we choose. How working for someone and making a living is wrong and capitalism is the problem. Or to preach or say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior for all those who know and honor and love him for what he did for you and me and anyone who dares believe in the truth of the “Word of God.”

Democrat officials like Nancy Pelosi say nothing when American history is destroyed. She sits home in her fenced-in mansion eating her gourmet ice cream. She says “we are all God’s children.” But she forgot until God gave some of his children over to reprobate minds as they become God-haters and worshippers of evil. And you Nancy with your slanderous remarks, with your indifference to the city of San Francisco and its citizens, your indifference to righteousness and the rule of law has shown the world you to hate the Lord Jesus Christ, just like your pope.

The list of Democrats who could be added to the list is very long.  AOC, Ilhan O’ mar, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler. Nearly every democrat governor and the mayor and the city councils in those cities. Every one of these people seems to hate the truth and freedom and are embracing the communist or Muslim Brotherhood mentality of our way or else you will pay the price. Hive Mind communist thought community. Mob rule is just mob violence. BLM =Black Liars Movement, BLM is just a communist group of liars. They hate America, they hate white people and they hate God. They and the ANTIFA = Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America members are the haters of righteousness. They hate God, they hate Jesus, they hate you and they hate me. They hate straight people, they hate white people, in fact, they have nothing but hatred to offer to the world for the are nothing but liars who wish to destroy the moral fabric of a Judeo / Christain culture and bring in the worship of transgenderism, the Baphomet.


Places of Refuge

The Lord is alive, when he returns it will be to make war. There will be places of refuge in America. Places will be protected by the Lord against all the enemies in North America. Those domestic and foreign invaders will not break the shield of God’s protection of his children by the Lord Jesus Christ. His son will come as the warrior king, he will hold his army for all the world of humans, demons, and transhumans to see. Those believers of the Lord Jesus Christ will bow before the true and living God and all the others will wail and nash their teeth, writhing in madness and pain in their unbelief.

The Lord Jesus Christ will not stand for the murder of children by the governments and organizations that murder for profit by butchering babies in the womb. This single thing brings tears to the eyes of the Lord and all the guilty will be held accountable. A mother’s womb is a place of refugee that the haters of the Lord Jesus Christ have chosen to invade. The mother’s womb warm and safe invaded by cold metallic metal that rips the limbs from the body, that crushes the head of the baby in the womb, MURDERED by us. We are accountable. We allowed the haters to gain power, we allowed the haters to scream us into submission. “It’s My Body”, the women said. So they could murder their baby. Yet the baby is not your body, it is a separate being. living safely in the womb you destroyed. We destroyed. We are accountable.

There will be places the Lord will have for refuge as all the other places of refuge will be invaded and destroyed. The God of Abraham, Isaacs, and Jacob, the Lord Jesus Christ will raise his mighty banner and his army will rise. That army is not you and I but the Light of truth. Not relative truth, which is nothing more than a confusion of words.

The war has begun, the wolves are at the door. The foul and the wretched are in power and seeking more power over your life, even the power to steal your soul. Do what we say, or else. This is the mantra of our new society.  But God does not say that he says choose your path. Choose between the words and world of society or choose the word and the world of creation. People really do fail to understand the “Word of God” is Jesus Christ and those who chose to believe have the “Word of God” its power manifest in each of those people who have made this one step. Believe Jesus Christ. Thus you believe God and the power of belief is to live with the power of God, the Lord Jesus Christ growing within you. Not like a blind cult. A clear awakening to the reality of your existence. People say truth is relative, but that is nothing more than an excuse for people not to be accountable for their behavior.

“Give us what we want or we will burn this system down.” BLM leader is quoted as saying on FoxNews interview.  Beautiful young women are walking around in t-shirts one that read “Satan said,  swallow.”  A direct reference to oral sex and satanism. A young man is walking around with a t-shirt that reads something like “Come again Jesus and we will kill you again.”  Their hatred of Jesus Christ is visceral, their hatred of you is the same.

So the war has begun. It is not a race war between black and white, it is not a class war between the rich and poor. No, it is nonbelievers against believers. Those who hate Jesus Christ and those who love the Lord. Those who believe “I AM” and those who scuff and mock and laugh at the very idea that Jesus Christ can save people. Those who would commit violence for violence’s sake stand against Jesus Christ. And those who stand with their feet firmly planted in peace until their enemies attack them stand with the “Word of God.”

Many people think the end of the world is near or at least our civilization as we know it and that does appear correct. As you see the world worshiping anything but Jesus Christ. In fact to give honor and glory to the “Word of God.” is an insult to a world of reprobate minds.

The world worships itself and fails to see the confusion of its on self-worship.  Few churches preach the “Word of God.” Most preach a New Age doctrine of we all must get along.  Yet they refuse to allow the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. They allow homosexuals to preach from the pulpit profaning what is holy. Profane what is holy this is their goal for Jesus Christ and for you. Pray for your enemies for they will not repent.


To Get a Democrat President Elected!

American’s you tax money is supporting lies, deception, fear, and inept political leaders and a media that does nothing but lie to the populace. Your government supports corporations that steal your voice in what is supposed to be neutral platforms, Twitter, Go-Oogle, Facebook, youtube, which are all political voices of communist lovers. I would not be surprised if they are backed by the CCP since they seem to censor anyone who speaks against the Wuhan Virus, Using this phrase is considered racist, by communists. Don’t blame the communist for anything because everything they do is for the people. BS. Just like our political leaders who tell people that if you go out and eat, wear a mask to the restaurant, wear it till you sit down, and then you can take it off and eat and walk out a different door than you came in? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, Gina Raimondo. Where Forest stumbled into things, this is Gina’s Plan, as she says. But this is the real play they take your tax dollars and live off your tax dollars and tell you how to live your life without a job, no income, going broke. Tell you to wear your mask it’s required. REALLY, Freedom does not exist anymore? Who are these people who live off our tax dollars and do everything in their power to destroy our lives, our business, our freedom, and our civil liberties? All the while pretending it is for our good. BS. It is to get a Democrat elected into the presidency of the US. Gina is a Democrat so she is playing along with the party line, keep the business closed to down is a ploy to keep Donald Trump from a second term. See how little they really care about you. If you think Gina is doing this for you then you have been fooled. And the CDC is playing right along. Look it up for yourself. Try to think instead of always listening to what you are told. The CDC is not doing America any favors by telling doctors to claim the virus killed everyone they can. Gina is lying to your face.****

Is it time to stop paying your taxes? Defund the Government if you wish to defund the police. Is it time for the PMP, Patriot Militia Party, to defend America’s freedom from the political communist traitors? YES. Now is the time. Time to stop paying city taxes if they want to defund your police, stop paying state taxes if they want to force you to wear a mask all the time because they live in a world of hate and fear. Stealing your freedoms because of the fear of the mob. You are paying to have these people destroy your lives. Gina marches with communist groups like “black lives matter” without her mask and dares tell us we need to wear a mask, what a hypocrite. Are we are still paying her salary? Yes, even as she betrays us and demands we behave like good like slaves to her demands. Is she the “Queen of Hearts?”

DEFUND The Government, Then we can see who will be in control. Communist liberals like Nancy Pelosi and BLM leaders and ANTIFA and AOC or American Liberty loving Patriots. Like General Flynn, like Sidney Powell, like William Barr, and Donald J. Trump and you and me and millions of others of all races, creeds, and beliefs. We may not believe all the same things be we all agree on two things. Protecting our families and our freedom at any cost. That means at any cost literally, having to die or having to kill literally at any cost we will defend our freedom as a nation. Organize now to defend America. PMP, Patriot Militia Party.

Sure, sure, I know there is corruption everywhere and I agree 100%, but freedom lives in the hearts and minds of true patriots and corruption plays no part in their lives. PMP, Patriot Militia Party it is time to create a national militia connected with every state. Well-armed, registered to vote, and willing to defend the Constitution of the US and the Bill of rights. First and foremost we are a well-organized militia. Secondly but possibly more important is we are a voting block, unified to vote for candidates who support our views. Which is basically the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Law and Order, and the Republic as it has stood for the last two hundred years, good and bad.

These people who want to tear down monuments are children being lead around by the nose doing just want the communist idealogy and leaders want them to do. Why is George Soros receiving US Taxpayer dollars? Why is a virus being treated like its the end of the world when it is attacking a very specific group of people, sickly and elderly in almost all cases. Um, sick people are dying, um, elderly people are dying. That seems like it happens all the time year after year from the flu, doesn’t it? So why are businesses shut down? Why was there a coronavirus outbreak “training” scenario run in the fall of 2019 and suddenly in early 2020 there is a coronavirus outbreak? Just as in 9/11 there were “Norad” training exercises going on on the day of 9/11 of planes attacking sites in America. True or Not? Look for yourself and find out.

Training scenarios seem to equal future events.  Their plans are in place now they are saying masks should be required everywhere, childlike behavior for little puppets dancing to their masters’ strings. Seig Heil Gina, Seig Heil Nancy, Seig Heil, Adam Schiff, Seig Heil Jim Langevin, Seig Heil Sheldon Whitehouse. All hail the dancing puppets who believe they are real. Just like the members of the Chinese Communist Party who all dance to their master’s strings.

Why are the political people always in on the new business deals they pass laws to legalize. Gina’s husband is one of the first in the cannabis business here in RI. Ripping off the people with prices 3 times street values and they always use the same argument it’s safer. BS. You just want to force people to buy it from the monopoly that will make you wealthy, what a scam. Defund the Government. IS IT TIME TO STOP PAYING FEDERAL & STATE TAXES? To the government puppets of wall street who hardly ever do anything good for the “people”, other than their friends and relatives who benefit the most just as we see in the vast majority of political puppets.

What is real is the silent voice of freedom-loving American’s. Black, Asian, Latino, and god forbid I say it even White people. You know us white privileged folks who’s freedom these people hate. Believe me, after they destroy the so-called “white privilege”, they will make up Asian privilege and it will be attacked, and then Latino privilege and then it will be attacked and then Black privilege will be attacked and the snake will have consumed itself as all “class revolutions” do. Unfortunately for the communist political leaders who say things like there is a limit to the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the Bill of Rights. The only limit really is how much will the people take before they stand up to these bullies and show them they will not obey their anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. The PMP will vote against all those who attempt to steal our rights and will defend the nation against their tyranny if they try to enforce gun confiscation in America. They want violence because they will use it as an excuse to confiscate guns in America.

Matthew 11:12 
“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”***

Make no mistake these communists will commit violence as part of the idealogy of control just as their distance relatives did in Fascist Italy and Fascist Spain, and in Nazi Germany where brown shirt thugs roamed the streets and attacked anyone and anything opposed to their point of view. We saw their relatives in U.S.S.R. as the Russian nation succumbed to the hive mind of communist mobs. And in China, the great Chairman Mao murdered millions of freedom-loving Chinese and those who could flee went to Tawain, the last bastion of Chinese freedom in the world.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party stands with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with Law Enforcement, with the Military. However, we are against the corrupt judicial system that holds conviction rates above the truth. Where US District Attorney’s cannot be held liable for their corruption, lying and misleading, introducing fake evidence by not including all the evidence. Our judicial system is out of control that is evident from the Flynn case, where the FBI lied and accused the General of lying, where the Judge decided to prosecute General Flynn without the backing of the US prosecutors this is an assault on your liberty, as the judge tries to prosecute and judge. That is not his job. He has betrayed his oath and has failed America. So to the appeals judge who voted yes to this, that judge too failed America. 2-1 against, so 1 voted yes to allow this outrage against the rule of law. Both of these judges should step down immediately. Emmitt Sullivan is a threat to all people who will now go before his biased court who has an opinion he does not like. He is no longer fit to serve in the US Judicial System.

Defund the police is the chant but nothing about a rigged judiciary system that convicts at a highly improbable rate due to forced plea bargains. The police are not the problem it is the DA and the judiciary system of lying to people and scaring them into thinking they face 30 years in prison when the DA knows you are not guilty. So people plead guilty and are unjustly convicted without due process.

Yet the true problem is the Owners of the Central Banks of the World, our Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, the ECB, the Bank of England all of these Central banks are the real enemy of society. They are creating the greatest wealth separation in human history. The Rockafellas and the Vanderbilts those families of great wealth and unknown Royal Houses of Europe own the world via the central banks and the central banks are the world’s enemy for they are a lie and offer worthless paper and worthless coins as value when they have no value at all. And now the time is coming when they are going to say that our new digital currency has value. Really 0’s & 1’s on a computer screen have value! Digital images that are not actually real they will save have value?  Then shouldn’t we all be able to create our own currency? Why are only the “governments”, and central banks allowed to decare that fake money is real? A cashless society is a pure system of slavery. You cannot hold your wealth outside of their “virtual”, fake digital currency because they will not allow you to. If you choose a cashless society you choose slavery for yourself and your family.

So it is all coming down to a time to choose, the fake world or the real world.*******



A Celebration of Jesus Christ, I AM

There is a celebration in life that begins when a child is born to parents. There was a celebration in the universe when God, I Am brought forth his Son, Jesus Christ. The fruitful vein, the shepherd of the flock, the redeeming salvation for all of mankind who would dare believe. Given freely without any strings attached, a gift for you of knowledge, truth, and the gift of the wisdom of life.  A gift of living instead of one of dying. Words spoke manifest reality but humans cannot understand how the universe is created. We think of our own ideas as the correct ones, yet reality does not bend to the theories of humans. All reality is manifested in the Word of God.

So let us celebrate Jesus Christ. Let us drink from the wine of the fruitful vein. Let us praise the name of Jesus Christ and not any other. Let us have A Celebration of Jesus Christ, I AM. The true and living Word of God, Jesus Christ. God told the angels to worship his son. God himself acknowledge Jesus Christ as God. So let us celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ, I AM.

Bless his holy name, may his will be done. He gives us the strength and the wisdom to stand fast with him and the father, for they are one and the same. For with the trust and belief in Jesus Christ we find that life is worth living to do as he wishes. And with the fire of the holy spirit and with the strength of I AM, we will be able to stand against and when Christ says move against the armies of evil all over the world who hate Jesus Christ. For in this day of hatred of Jesus Christ we celebrate his holy name. We are being called to the wedding feast right now, to the celebration of Jesus Christ, the Alpha, and the Omega. I AM.

Let us have a Celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the Father. Who suffered a horrible death for our souls. Raised from the dead yet so few are willing to believe I AM.  So that our souls may live in love instead of hatred and pain.

Hebrews 1:5 “For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? 6And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him. 7And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. 8But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. 9Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. 10And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands: 11They shall perish; but thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment;”****



Hebrews Chapter 1

“5For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? 6And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him. 7And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. 8But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. 9Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. 10And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands: 11They shall perish; but thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment”****

God says to the son, “O God”  I Am is God. Jesus Christ is I Am, all things are created by the Word of God. The universe is held together by the Word of God. You and I are held together by the Word of God. All reality is held together by the Word of God, I AM.

Why do you think of angels before Jesus? Why do you pray to the Virgin Mary and not Jesus Christ? Why do you follow the rituals of men that are washed in blasphemy and self-righteousness? I Am, Jesus Christ is all you need to understand. Forget rituals that have turned into worship. Rituals are not needed to say a prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. No special garments are needed. No special place is needed to worship I AM. The prayer should be from your heart and not your rituals, which are in your mind. Why is the Lord Jesus Christ not in your mind, but more importantly why is he not in your heart?

You need no rituals, you need no humans, you only need Jesus Christ, God, I AM. Life is not a hologram. Ask you body why it hurts if you think you are living in a hologram. Perhaps it would be better to think that outside of our reality all of what we see is a holography image shielding the human’s eyes from the reality of God.


For All The People Who Hate GOD

There is only one message for you. God loves you and waits for you to understand your mistakes and repent. And speak to Jesus Christ to forgive you for those mistakes you have made. We have all made mistakes and you are no different for all the rest of us. All the people who are atheists, for all those who stand on the fence and cannot make up your mind. To all those who live in doubt of God now is the time to look around you and make up your mind. God loves all human beings, yet God hates the sin we all commit.

All of us no matter our race, our beliefs, our sexuality all of us under the judgment of God. Yet the Lord Jesus Christ came so that love would prevail as he sacrificed himself show us that all of us can dwell in the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has said it is now time to show love to all humanity. Yet wicked people do not want to hear the word of God. They surely do not wish to bow a knee to Jesus Christ and repent. There is only one person to every bow down to and that would be the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone bows to God who believes in love.

Rebellion by nature is a sin against God. So when you tattoo your body it is sin. Yet people think that is stupid today. Adultery is sin, yet people today act like its just a lifestyle choice and do not see the act as a sin against God. Homosexuality is an abomination to God, yet today masses of people celebrate gay pride. Tran sexuality is perhaps the greatest sin of all since you are changing the image of God into your own self-image.

The world is following the path God has laid out and no matter how many fortune tellers, tarot readers, spirits you call or reading your daily astrology chart are all a waste of time. The future is not determined by anything but your own choices. Your own decisions are the ones that matter to God. Not what your family thinks, not what your teachers think, not what your friends think, but what you think. Is God in your life or it is just new age spirituality like yoga? What does the Lord Jesus Christ have to do with yoga? Nothing.

And woe into those who speak to demons, those who have alien creatures visit them and those people in this world who worship Satan himself. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on all the people who have been fooled. Now is the time to understand the world is changing just as the Lord Jesus Christ told John it would. With each new invention, the steps draw closer to the rise of great evil upon the earth. The inventions are not evil but the intended use of them is evil. Are you laughing already? Don’t, the plans of God are falling into place in the world around you.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the word of God, made manifest so that humanity could be saved from his own folly. As man brings the woe upon himself. How many people today would love to destroy people like me who speak out against all that is against God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The hatred of God is everywhere across the planet. Yet the way people act when they hear that the Lord Jesus Christ name used in a holy way they want to throw up.

But for all the people who hate God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the message is clear we love you and we tell you with honestly and forthrightness. Sin is death.  We die because of sin. What is sin? Anything that is against God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent is not a four-letter word it is a word of hope, it is a word of charity, it is a word of unity in love. Bow your knee to the Lord Jesus Christ and be forgiven for the gravest of sins.

But reprobate minds will not bend a knee and the violent take it by force. You see that today, people are bowing down for a man who was wrongly killed by police but they will not bow down to Jesus Christ. So violence is taking over the world. People are attacking anyone who dares disagree with them. People are taking everything as a personal assault on them when in reality they want to tell people what to think and how to think it. So they scream and shout and swear, create mayhem, burning, and looting and assaulting people and the next step will be murdering those who refuse to bow to the demands of the violent ones. Those who refuse to bow to their anti-God lifestyle and anti-God choices.

Matthew 11:12 “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Read your Bible as the reality of humanity is being revealed in our lives and in these times right now.

Offering Love over Hate

For nearly two years I have been moved to attack the people who are attaching the moral foundation of humanity. Communist lead the way with “studies” courses. You know women’s studies or is it learn how to hate men and become a lesbian studies. Or gender studies you know learn how to transition into something pretending to be something else. Fantasy land is what the courses teach. Social justice warriors educated in ignorance and prejudice and hatred by white liberal communist and you see it on the streets right now in America.

But as much as we see these things happening we much reach out a hand to anyone of these people with peace and respect yet letting them know full well you are in disagreement. But God demand kindness not hatred. As much as I hate the actions of these people, it is very hard to hate a human being just because you see them differently. Or they disagree even when you know they have been influenced by forces that lied to them. Just as we were lied to in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We saw the burning and looting and violence springing up across America because hippie like communist started organizations like SDS, Students For a Democratic Society, and then The Yippies a new political party than ran a pig for president. And finally emerged the Weathermen and the Black Panther Party. Liberal White Colleges Students and Angry Young Black men tired of poverty and racial injustice, decided that violence was the answer. It was not.

Did it change America you bet it did. But most of these people committing violence ended up in prison or dead. The change was a stronger police crackdown on domestic terrorist, which the Weathermen and the Black Panther Party evolved into.

Violence is hatred, all violence is hatred. Vandalism is hatred, looting or robbery is hatred. Abortion is hatred. But so to is lies and deception hatred. When you are told by people that all people or all actions by a certain group are racists and bigoted you are being lied to, people who stereo type others are bigots, racists. You are being lead by liars, deceivers, people playing power games that is ripping America apart. However God is in control of all reality and watches as the progression of mankind’s folly unfolds.

Most people following the hive mind of social justice fail to step back and see truth of any other kind. Look at who your community city leaders are? How has your community changed for the better under their leadership?

If a black community is lead by black leaders are not the black leaders to blame for much of the problems. Not pushing back on crime. Not stopping gangs from intimidating the people, are not these black leaders the very reason so many black communities are burning down. If they loved you they would not lie to you. Corruption is rampant all across the political spectrum, white corruption and black corruption this is the real issue for all of humanity.

Ecclesiastes 9:18  Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.”**

Ecclesiastes 9:2  “All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous, and to the wicked; to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean; to him that sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the sinner; and he that sweareth, as he that feareth an oath.”**






Is America Turning Communist?

You hear the political leaders, you hear the talking head news media, you hear the educated and influential people talking like a communist, walking like a communist, acting like communists, they all must be turning communist.

Could it be true? Mayor and Governors locking down people and arresting people who do not obey their edicts. Or people who think every word they hear in the news is the truth when in fact nearly everything the mockingbird CIA talking heads news media spew is a lie. These talking heads stoke fear, outrage, anger, resentment, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred. In fact, you are hard-pressed to find honest journalism, its all opinion or feelings based, facts don’t matter. Can we stir the people up? And the people are stirred up.

Nancy Pelosi with her impeachment sham trying to steal the power of the presidency. Joe Biden has been a political failure since the age of 28 when he entered Congress and has lined his pockets with inside deals for years. To have Joe Biden as president he is so incompetent he would probably hit the nuclear button thinking it was room service.

But US Colleges are the real problem, teaching women’s studies, gender studies, “studies” about learning how to hate, how to be intolerant, allow to shut down voices they don’t like. In other words, these colleges are teaching Marxist communist ideology instead of democracy and freedom. Why are we allow these schools to teach Anti American theology and why are we not taking the “educators” to task for their communist teachings? Social Justice is taught as an obligation of the thought police. Our way or the highway the little communist traitors say.  No voice that disagrees with us will be tolerated. These students are taught hate and not educated. All the “Studies Programs” should be abolished immediately and all the faculty fired. For they too are little communist traitors to freedom and democracy.

Article IV Section 4 Guaranteed Protection Under the US Constitution.

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion: and on the application of the legislature, or of the executive, when the legislature cannot be convened, against domestic violence.”

Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist, ANTIFA domestic terrorist the two groups are the political communist democrat weapon of choice to overthrow America with domestic violence.

Mitt Romney walks with protestors in support of BLM is Mitt now a communist? Elizabeth Warren is a communist and anyone with the ability to think,  knows it and she proudly walks with them to show her support of communist Black Lives Matter. She’s got a plan I’m sure. To destroy freedom in America. Instill women as the voices of power and put men down. Should we meekly bow to those who say we are white privileged, bullies who demand we obey them now? White privilege is a communist sysop to destroy the reality of God. Soon it will be Asian privilege and then Hispanic privilege and in the end, even black privilege will be attached as the communist head devours the communist tail. Pawns in the game of power BLM chase the reality of lies told them by the Black Communist Thought Leaders  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, like the ACLU, NAACP, Democrat politicians, and republicans are deceitful leaders lying to a race of people calling them victims. Are all blacks victims? Not only the ones who fall for and believe these lies told by BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and on the white communist who promoted the black victimhood mentality for decades and destroyed a race with lies and deceit. How many beautiful black babies have been murdered in the womb? What do ANTIFA and BLM want? Power and Control, Communist vice grip control on the nation’s voice and its thoughts and actions.

They hate God and they hate Jesus Christ and they hate anyone or anything that does not bow to their idealogy of a new fascist transgender society where sexual perversion is celebrated and not criticized.

Pray for these people for God is watching them and as they move forward will the whole nation fall in line with the new Tyrants of thuggery as they destroy the nation we all live in and as the nation crumbles as the sexual deviates take control?  Communism is rearing its ugly head and the fight for freedom has begun.

Political Officials Are an Embrassment to the U.S.A.

Defund the political leaders, recall the mayors, vote out the governors. Cut the salaries of all political and appointed officials and all bureaucrats 75% and you will see them leave government by the millions. Defund the Politicians. Put the rioters and looters in prison where they belong, with the democratic failure of leadership, along with rhino republicans who protest with communist ANTIFA & communist BLM. All are not worthy of the offices they hold.  VOTE THEM OUT.  Show the GAY, TRANS, BI, Communism we don’t want it here in America. Take Don Lemon and all the other mainstream media talking heads and charge them with deception and conspiracy to commit sedition. As they have purposely told lies for years to the American people, these people are working against the Nation, the constitution, the bill of rights and even our right to speak our minds, These cry babies who pull down statues think this is a great political statement, it makes you look, petty tyrants. Typical communist our way or the highway. Well, we the American citizen’s will be waiting at the end of the highway locked and loaded. Freedom will live with the gun owners of America no matter what any political party does.

And never forget communist Antifa and BLM we stand with the law-abiding police and national guard and the military. Let the political leaders side with the communist and they will find themselves where they belong unemployed. Like the mayor’s who are racist bigots and pretend they are not. Communist mayors all across our country need to be voted out if not recalled immediately. Joe Biden is saying the military will escort President Trump out of the White House. The American penal system has a place for your corrupt ass Joe Biden, its call prison where you being for selling out America. You little communist traitor. You are one of the biggest embarrassment’s in American political history along with your Muslim Brotherhood daddy, Barrack Obama another communist traitor. You should have been arrested and thrown in prison years ago. Along with the elected official lining their pockets off the American people.

People claim we have white privilege in America. Is there any white privilege in Africa? So if you hate America feel free to move to black privileged Africa. No one in America will stop you from leaving. But we will not let you turn American into a pussy farm of females who think they and all the gay, bi, trans, pedophile, bestiality friends turn America into a country that celebrates sexual perversion as if it is normal to engage in such activity.  If you are sexually normal they want to break that down so you do not think that homosexuality is abnormal. That changing from a woman into a man is normal behavior. This is how mentally ill these people really are. Mental illness is being celebrated as the new normal for these people.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, backing law and order, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.