Banana Republic Joe

America will officially become a Banana Republic if the mail in ballot fraud is not uncovered. Harris says the real work has just begun as they will destroy America with her liberal hive mind. Obey or else. The fake news declares Banana Republic Joe president of the New America Banana Republic. Corrupt DNC operatives are trying to cheat America out of their freedom and enslave us via the CCP wave of acceptance. Every democrat is truly a fool, thinking themselves wise. Voting with 80 million plus mail in ballots they cheat at every opportunity to turn the election Biden’s way. Liar, cheats, traitors and tyrants. New Zealand and Australia congratulate Biden / Harris what else would we expect from nations that are run by tyrants and fools. The CFR, Council On Foreign Relations are globalist traitors to freedom and now we have a globalist liar and fraud who may become a US President with a communist hive mind vice president. You can expect the UN and the globalist to try and destroy the constitution and the bill of rights. Time for the PMP, Patriot Militia Party to form is now. The right to free speech may well be threatened, the right to practice your faith may be threatened. Your guns rights will be threatened and this is the revolution they wanted. Destroy your freedom and enslave America one new law at a time. Organize now PMP.

The communist / marxist are in charge of the government and they hate anyone who is conservative and they will do all in their power to destroy your freedom under the disguise of lawfully elected officials but that is a lie. They have cheated their way into power and it is the right of the people to deny them the rights of power to use tyranny to rule the population.

Article 1. Basic Freedoms

Congress Shall make no law respecting an established religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: Or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition government for redress of grievance.

So when Hillary says there is a limit to free speech. She is a liar.

Article 2. Keeping and Bearing Arms

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

So when Hillary says there is a limit to the right to bear arms. She is a liar.

If Banana Republic Joe is allowed to steal the election with their voter mail in fraud and Commie Kamala and Banana Republic along with a Democrat Congress move to suppress religious freedom, free speech it will mark the beginning of the end of America.

If they dare to move against gun owners it will be time to create militia’s in every county of every state in the union to resist the communist take over of America by fools backing Banana Republic Joe and Commie Kamala. Two traitors to America in a long list of American Benedict Arnold’s stabbing the citizens in the back while they smile and lie to their face. In RI they voted to remove part of the name because it might hurt someone feelings. Well you hurt my feelings with your politically correct hive mind of communism. Congrats RI, you should change the name to Rhode Island Thought Plantation, since you all live on it who voted for the name change. Little cowards of communism following along the blind leading the blind like the Guv Nut Gina Zeig Heil Ramindo and that goes for all the voters on the Thought Plantation of Rhode Island and if allowed to stand the Democrat and billion globalist communist liars pretending they are going to make life better for every citizen when they should say for all the citizens who are with us and those who are not we are coming for you. You ugly deplorable s. How dare you not agree to be our slaves.

Donald J. Trump was elected to a 2nd term in office and no matter how many “officials” declare Banana Republic Joe and Commie Kamala won , they are liars. They may have stolen the election but they did not win it. Now the thought police will come out. Disagree with the BLM and you are marked, disagree with AOC and you are marked.

Anyone who wears a BLM logo is a coward and simply a part of the marxist hive mind of communism.

The sports leagues spewing the political correctness will hopefully disappear off the face of the earth and that includes college and high schools if they spew the communist, marxist propaganda of the Democrat party, BLM and ANTIFA. These three groups are the new “AXIS of EVIL.” And are the gravest threat to our freedom and rights as human beings to defend ourselves from their grab for power and tyranny. This is just another communist take over of a country. The “Axis of Evil” is alive and well right here in America, the enemy within. Fake News, FOX, CNN, CNBC, NYT, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and hundreds of others these are the Benedict Arnold’s who have turned from freedom to join the enemy. Traitors each and everyone.

I say this now in public before it is to late and they silence voices like mine and others. Pray for your enemies and arm yourself against their intrusion into your lives. Government is not for the people they wish to control you at all levels of state and federal and city and town governments in America Government are the nosy neighbor who just can’t mind their own business, no they have got to stick their nose in your business at any opportunity. And what do they do? Exactly what the word intrusion means. Wrongfully entering , seizing and taking possession of the property of another. Every democrat says they are going to steal the wealth of the rich. By what right? Political power? No, TYRANNY!

Intrusion definition is – the act of intruding or the state of being intruded; especially : the act of wrongfully entering upon, seizing, or taking possession of the property of another.**

Militias form.


Patriot Militia Party.


Stealing Truth with a Lie.

People with out God love to think that they can steal the truth with a lie. The truth is Donald J. Trump won a second term in office. The lie is you are being told Joe Biden won. Voter fraud was rampant all across America during this election. Mail in votes found that are 100% for Joe Biden! How is that even logically possible. Voter turn out is more than 100% that is not even possible, such lies are the attempt to steal this election. The enemies of AMERICA? Any company that would censor the citizens of America and the president of the US is betraying freedom of speech. And thus marks them as 5th columnist, domestic enemies. They live with us and they hate everything about America.

They are democrats who mail out 80 million ballots, democrats that harvest ballots. They are democrats who call elections in the media influencing voters. It is fake news by the likes of Fox News, and the rest of the hive mind media, CNN, NY Times, etc news outlets. They should not be allowed to call an election and only state poll committees once every ballot counted and is confirmed legal.

Truth is God, these people hate God, no matter how many times out of their mouths they say they believe if it were true they would not allow the murder of children in the womb, abortion an abomination. The democrat party is the communist revolution come to America. Twitter censors the President this proves that. Here is the quote from twitter on the Presidents tweets. “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process” Well censorship of the President of the United States of America is misleading in the election and the civic process, twits. So as usual the hive mind is guilty of the very thing they accuse others of. You know Russian collusion, Ukraine phone call and the litany of other fabricated wrongs they have accused him of. Evidence in plain sight that only one person can see in the room. Liars each and everyone of them. Now the battle begins. God says fear not, speak out.

Guess what, censorship of the President of the United States of America, is a communist thinking hive mind. Who would do such a thing. Only cowards who are afraid of free speech, or communist, dictatorial ideologies like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the new Green Communist Democrat Party who will continue to lie and allow the lie to grow into a infestation of deception on the American people.

The enemy is within the gates and now is the time to rally to the truth and not the lies. The FBI head says ANTIFA is just an idea. Yea he’s right the idea is AGAINST NATIONS TRUTH INDIVIDUALS FREEDOM AMERICA. They want everyone to join their hive mind. Their are living in a delusion of a faithless life. Where they choose to hate God so they can do anything they want. The are the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah and are happy walling in their own filth. Throwing their pearls before swine.

Systemic Racism the Propaganda Lie You Are Told to Fool You

I was recently watching a college football game and the announcers started preaching social justice, parroting the propaganda of main stream media. They brought in a young white announcer and she started talking about social justice and used the phrase systemic racism. That is propaganda. Straight out of Black Lives Matter the communist group pretending to be about rights when they are about destroying and taking over control. This young lady and the announcers are surely doing what they think is right but did they ever look around and see any of this systemic racism? They sound like Adam Schiff, there is evidence is plain sight that he never points to. Systemic racism is propaganda pure and simple and the network is preaching it. They have the right. But as fans we have the right to stop watching just as I no longer watch the pro sports teams as they are all preachers of the “BLM” propaganda.

In the age of bitter divided is it better for the people to tell the truth or follow the propaganda line of their masters? Is it not ironic that George Floyd by his own actions brought about his death by using drugs and overdosing, thus over reacting to the police. Just as once officer over reacted to George Floyd’s actions, two wrongs do not make a right. Rioting, Looting, Violence, and Murder do not make the propaganda a reality. It makes the truth harder to see but still never changes the facts. Fenytal a killer drug contributed to the demise of George Floyd. The officer’s actions contributed to his death. Two people, 2 bad decisions, a bad policy and that is not systemic racism.

Thus this systemic racism is not real but a myth, a propaganda lie, straight out of the communist playbook. Tell a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it to be the truth. Now you have sports announcer using propaganda and they too will soon be turned off and people will start rejecting college sports if these announcer’s continue their social justice preaching. I tune in to watch a football game, not listen to propaganda.

One of the few things I still watch is college sports but as the tide of propaganda rises I find myself thinking these people are creating divide. People who going around preaching the myth of systemic racism are usually the biggest racists and bigots of all. They are the type of people who smile and are welcoming and the moment you leave they talk about you. Hypocrites of the highest order thinking from their pulpit they will preach to the world about their favorite subject, racism.

Funny how you never hear about how a nation so filled with this plague of racism is always because white people are the problem. Really, is in not more about individual effort? Desire, choices in life that individuals make. Their are drug lords and criminals in society that are just as smart as any politician, as any billionaire, as anyone in society, but they have made a choice. That is not racism on the part of a white society, that is a individual choice made by individuals.

Law and Order or a life of crime. What is so hard to understand?

As a young man growing up my grandfather had two lines of wisdom he repeated over and over.

“A honest man never looks over his shoulder.”

That is a way of life. Don’t commit a crime and never worry about the police because they are not looking for you. Of course people do get caught up by mistake.

His second line is truly a line white liberals could learn something from.

“Every man deserves respect until he proves other wise.”

This is from a white man, born in NC, 1894, died in NC, in 1977. Fought and lived through the First World War, lived though the great depression. Lived in a time of racial divide but gave every man respect upon their first meeting and always, until that man proved he no longer deserved his respect.

The great propaganda lie of systemic racism says this is not the way of the world. I beg to differ from the chicken little minds of systemic racism, climate change, the New Green Deal. If one of these people knew anything at all they would not spew propaganda. But that is there plan make everyone think everyone else is racist when in fact the bureaucrats are the entrenched “systemic racist.” They offer you racist, welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, free medical care, etc, etc. These are systems of racism because they say without words you are not able to take care of yourself. You need white people who pay the most taxes to take care of you because you are a person of color. That is the problem of the socialist, communist, systemic racist preachers we hear every where you go. They remind me of the India guru movement in the 1960’s/70’s, weak minds follow and shout out the chicken little problems of the world. You know the problems that really don’t exist, except in their own minds.

I live by those two lines of wisdom my grandfather imparted to me and his other grandchildren. As in every family some of us took it to heart and some did not. Thus we have just like nearly all families in their past have had bad apples in the bunch. But people are not apples and just because one bad police officer made bad decisions does not mean that all of his fellow officers are bad as well.

2nd Amendment = FREEDOM

Second Amendment – A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, a well regulated militia is now necessary to defend the right to be and remain free in America as we the citizens are threatened not by a foreign enemy but by enemies without our own government officials and CEO’s of corporations and colleges, and high schools and sports teams, social media outlets and newspapers are now nothing but mockingbirds for the Democrat party.

The party that was pro slavery, and all you little social justice, cancel culture warriors are being played for the fools your are. “Thinking themselves wise they became fools.” This pro communist culture you live in is going to suffer a huge set back when you gain power and try to enforce gun confiscation.

This is the very reason I believe we need a political party that is well versed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and believe in them as written. Who supports Law and Order and the Military as long as they to follow the Constitution. Thus the PMP, well armed, feet firmly planted in peace ready to take over political offices across this nation by starting with local sheriff, police chief, town councils, mayoral positions, next state congressional and senate seats and then governors office. Then we will turn the tide of school’s hatred of America.

Teachers who wish to teach will need to be true believers in education and not political and social indoctrination. Lobbyist would be outlawed as subversive and criminal. Social media will either declare itself open to all opinions and not censor anyone’s accounts that are not behaving in a criminal activity just because the outlet does not like the opinions.

Of course the easiest way to not be influenced by social media is simply to not sign up for or engage in such a useless activity that uses the information to track you, learn your habits, see who and what you engage in. In other words social media is spying on your every move.

PMP, Patriot Militia Party, we must unite as that is the communist greatest strength. They are united in a hive mind and to step out of the hive is to be a traitor. Free thought is not allowed by the hive mind. They see racism is every where they look because they are bigots and racist themselves. Every race on earth and over human on earth have there bigotry against certain groups of people. This is not a disease that can be wiped from the minds of people, just because you pretend that ripping down Confederate statues and burning a Confederate flag fights racism show you how misguided your reality is.

Why do you never discuss the black against white racism, or the Latino racism or the Oriental racism against whites? Or why do you never bring up the racism against Oriental’s, or Jews, or Christians? Why? Because you are racist and bigoted against these groups as well. In fact your whole world revolves around your outrage against fairy tale bigotry, made up stories of, systemic racism. One lie after another to brain wash people into believing these lies of misguided fools.

Why do you never mention the blacks who kidnapped white people in Europe and sold them into slavery. The Barbary Pirates sold many white Europeans, specially white women in sex slavery. Why do you never bring up this anti-white Racism?

Oh, only whites can be racist! “Thinking themselves wise they became fools.” If only whites can be racist then why do so many blacks hate and attack black people?

Here is a recent headline on a business media site, see link below.

“National media buries two violent hate crimes against white men in the same day; AP makes incredulous claim”*

These white progressive LGBTQRXYZ communist are lying to the public with every chant of “Black Lives Matter.”

No non-communist thinking, normal human being needs anyone to quantify their race or reality. Young white brainwashed, hive mind children of the 60’s hippies, now live in a world of delusion thinking it is still the “Summer of Love,” which was 1967. Grow up, quit pretending that your hippie communist dream is nirvana.

It would not be so bad if you were simply living life and letting others live theirs. But, no you people have to go out your way to inject yourselves into people’s lives who want nothing at all to do with you until you can be reasonable. Yet, since most of you have never grown up, you keep throwing your temper tantrums like you did as a child, like the mental child you still are. Don’t forget to wear a mask.

Now is the time for a 3rd political party in America and I hope it will be something like the PMP, A political party of well armed citizen’s who meet and drill as a well regulated militia. Yet who all have their own minds and may not agree on some things but all agree that they believe a well armed militia is necessary to defend America and the FREEDOM’S we enjoy and their families and property.

PMP, standing with feet firmly planted in peace, with constitution in hand and weapon over their shoulder organized and fighting to take political control away from immoral, corrupt individuals in power both elected and un elected.

Freedom loving Americans of every race and creed is welcome. PMP, Patriot Militia Party.


Bureaucrat Mafia, Obey Or Die!

Bureaucrats, non-elected government employees are destroying American’s freedom. They demand you should obey them at every turn. Wear a mask, social distance, obey, or die. This is the lie of bureaucrats, whose criminal behavior borders on tyranny and they say we have the law on our side. Well you do not, you have a policy on your side and it is simply a matter of the public not obeying your edicts. Bureaucrats are government power-mad oppressors. Since when does a non elected government employee get to pass laws? Since Congress has delegated its authority it is time to reclaim the authority of the people and not policies. It is time to not increase government but to decrease government. Tyranny is an un elected bureaucrat that thinks the entire United States population has to listen to them because they work for some government division like the CDC.

Who believes they have to obey CDC, The Heath Mafia, Bureaucrat Control Mafia, Who the hell do these people think they are. It is time to reduce the size of government by 75%, get rid of all these bureaucrats who serve their own career self interest and not the people. Overpaid, Over benefited, fire them, and let them work a public job where they may lose their income, their home, their health benefits.

Free Speech, the Precious Gift

The flag of free speech is being slowly being taken down from the flag poles of America. College students riot at the mere mention of free speech. Social media cringe at the mere thought of anyone in the world not agreeing with their social justice, political correct, communist truths or their feelings. American’s need to stop using any social media sites that refuse all points of view within the laws of our Republic.

No not the democrat state of mob rule but the nation controlled by the rule of law. Yet the very law makers are the mob. They wish to rule by force under a system of complete control of your life. Your health care, your banking, your ability to move about freely, your ability to say what your want without fear of being locked up. The ability to not live in a society where the elected officials tell you to turn in your neighbors for something they deem is wrong, like wear a mask. This is not freedom, this is enslavement. Democrats show their lust for power by demanding the people obey or pay a price. Now is the time to give them what they do not want a boot out of office. Back to a public job where maybe they will be told to stay at home, lock down because over government is a virus eating away at our freedoms. 23 million plus government employees, about 20 million to many.

The elected officials need to realize that the American people have had a enough of their lies and crimes. Once this election is over then people will understand that we live in a Republic built on laws and yes you can circumvent those laws and you can break those laws and yes you can change the laws. However, when the laws go against the rights of people they are not valid no matter how many laws politicians pass.

Seems people do not realize that we in America live in the most unique place on earth. Written into our Laws is the Right to Free Speech, The Right to Bear Arms, the right to freely and peacefully assembly, the right to Worship and the our right to REVOLT against the tyranny of elected or un elected officials who go against these “rights.” Men do not have the right to enslave others just because they can with deception. Such as our “fiat money”, fake companies they are never allowed to fail, our fake school systems that teaches the theories of evolution and the big bang, yet reject any alternative to their narrative, see how long these liberal communist have been in control of our education system?

I hear people say, oh these people are doing what they think is best. Well that does not matter when they are destroying the minds of our children with communist Orwellian lies. Truth is the greatest enemy of politicians and bureaucrats. Denying them the truth of the Word of God for that is their greatest enemy.

Just as free speech is the most precious right of course we need the right to bear arms to back up or opinion when dictators arise like we have now in Democrat states and cities across this country. Thinking they are above the law they wish to punish you for not going passively in to into a police state, their glorious New World Order. Or Communist American States. This is the end game, and if you are so foolish as to not see the truth you will be voting for your own enslavement.

Our Blood Is Red

No matter if your skin color is different from others, your blood is still red. Your blood is the same color, the same types, the same in all of us. We are a family by blood. Our blood is our common denominator that makes us a family.

However, our beliefs separate us from each other by our own choices. This is the separation of the minds of each of us. Our wishes, our dreams, our desires, our choices are what cause separation in the family. How many stories have been told of brothers betraying brothers. How many stories have been told of family members betraying each other.

So what is the problem? When people shout “Black Lives Matter,” are they implying that no other lives matter? What about the lives of people who are not black? Are you suggesting that black lives are superior to all other lives a of different skin color? This is very “racist” ideology, when people suggest that only Black Lives Matter. Is this the Black KKK? Who hate white people and are turning out to destroy as many white people as possible.

Without question BLM is a racist, bigoted group of people shouting against racism while they engage in racism. Straight out of the NAZI propaganda playbook. Tell a lie long enough people will begin to believe it to be true.
What a bunch of hate filled bigots pretending to be on a righteous campaign against police brutality while they engage in the wholesale slaughter of their own people. This is the hypocrisy of socialism, communism and Nazism the death cults of social equality. They preach equality and practice inequality on a grand scale where no one has a chance to thrive but all are made to suffer. This is the vision of a democrat society, but it is not the vision of the Republic, a nation governed by laws and not by politicians who think they are demi-gods. Who get to rule over us any way they see fit. Hypocrites and traitors is all they are.

We are a nation on the verge of civil war due to this ideology of hate. This ideology of social justice, political correctness and this idea that you must bend to our will or else. So here we go again, a group of people preaching hate and pretending they are demanding justice when they are really demanding that white people bow to black superiority. The new KKK is all members of the BLM and ANTIFA as well as the billionaires backing them. Simply put these people hate God, they have no fear of God or they just deny that God exist.

This is the idea is to divide and conquer, then enslave. Do not fool yourself into believing that the New World Order, the Globalist, the Socialist, the Communist all want your to make a utopian paradise for you. They hate you because they hate God and Jesus, “I AM.”

But our blood is all the same and yet your brother will murder you. Your sister will murder you. Because of your love of “The Word of God”. “I AM” is the focal point of all reality. The focal point is the blood of Jesus, the his spilling of his blood is the instant in time when we became hated as much as God himself is despised, reviled, spit on and mocked by our brothers and sisters of blood.

Yet as our blood flows into the ground from those who would commit violence for the “violent take it by force.” Without fore thought the communist commit violence, the anti fascist are just pretenders for they are truly just violent. Draw your sword, in the truth of the “Word of God, I AM.”

The enemy of blood they hate more than anything is Jesus Christ, this being, “I AM” is their enemy by choice for “I AM” who does not hate you but the actions you take. Yet you can go to far and “I AM” will not acknowledge your existence just as you have denied his. May God have mercy.

Read Your Bible:

Will You Follow Light Or Darkness?

God the creator, the beginning and the end. The God of creation is alive and well living in the hearts of those who have the courage to standup against the wiles of the darkness. The light can be faked but if you question the spirits they will reveal themselves. Wickedness loves to pretend it is righteous. The righteousness of God does not pretend, for he is “I AM.” Who will you bow to?

Justice is lost in America. Political leaders lie to us. Democratic and Republican lie to us. The veil of truth is being pulled back and the view that is being revealed to the world is black and dark. People in powerful places are corrupt to the core. Our nations is being ripped apart by this deception of public corruption. People in elected and appointed positions are throwing the nations pearls before swine.

How is the word of God not followed in a land of believers in the Lord God. You believe in the righteousness of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. “I AM”, creator of all things yet you are fooled into believing the lies of men who hide in the darkness and destroy his children. The Lord will “rebuke” those who will bring trouble to the hearts of the innocent and persecute the followers of Jesus Christ.

Yet even in the enemy has covered himself from mankind, but not from the Living God, “I AM.”

Darkness is all around. Political Correctness, Social Justice, Moral Corruptness, lack of belief in the Lord God, lack of belief in the salvation of Jesus Christ, whose power to forgive the sins of human beings so many have a hard time believing. Yet truth is real when it is spoken by God. Who can see truth and call it a lie, only evil. Who can see a baby in the womb and then rip it out and destroy it? Only evil.

To pretend that the Word of God is not real is to deny God. You live in a world of fear and you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You are denying truth, God is calling to those who will hear his call. He is knocking on your door but you are not hearing him. You have closed you mind to the truth of life and accepted the fake reality of men.

Evil lives in the human thoughts and few people think about their thoughts, they allow their thoughts to travel to moral corruptness, let’s you think you are something you are not. We as children do not realize we must control our thoughts. Limit the wickedness by shutting down the thoughts and move our minds to a more righteous path. Our free will inflicts so much pain and anguish because so many bad choices are made. Yet if one were to stop and think a moment about how God and Jesus would expect us to act. Just because you are a liberal does not mean you must accept corruption and wickedness in the secular word of mankind. Just because you are a conservative does not mean you can keep silent in the face of evil

Righteousness is not corrupt, God is not corrupt, Jesus is not corrupt, the Holy Spirit is not corrupt. Mankind is corrupt.

“I AM” says the people must make a choice. The time is at hand when the secular world is going to demand that everyone follow the path they have laid out. Their path to peace and prosperity, their path to economic stability, their path to save the planet. Their path to save your soul from the evil of a God who says he can save your soul. They bow to their statues, they bow to the sun, they bow to the virgin Mary, they bow to the pope, the bow to BLM, they bow to Lucifer. And now the time is coming when they will demand you to bow. And pledge that you to are the enemy of Jesus Christ, the holy righteous one.

Read Your Bible.

A Time Line to Slavery

Though out history people have suffered under the thumb of the rich, the powerful, the religious and the politically corrupt. Today all around the world from the USA to the China. From Iran to Israel the people live under the yoke of some form of tyranny. Here in America we are under the tyranny of corrupt elected officials and a corrupt Federal Reserve Banking system, a Ponzi scheme that has stolen the wealth of the world for generations. The owners of the Federal Reserve System are creating wealth disparity on a grand scale. This banking system which is insidious has eaten away the value of the US Dollar and it buys nothing hardly that you could buy just ten years ago. The system is so insidious people think it is the way of life not the way of the dollar system. 2% inflation is wealth stolen by a group of people who own a private enterprise that is allowed to steal our wealth with blind impunity. This system of banking is killing America and the American population with its fraud of wealth theft.

Now this same entity wants to force the American people to use a all digital currency, fake money created out of thin air and they demand we have faith in it to buy and sell. This is a lie and an illusion of reality. Do these people want us to follow them blindly into slavery at their whim, just like in Communist China today. Are the people so fooled to believe that the Federal Reserve will be any different than Communist China. We are walking down a time line of slavery. The government will demand we have faith in 0’s & 1’s on a computer while they control the amount and the flow of made up digital currency. Who is fooling who here! Dollar bills are fake and now they are going to demand we use currency you cannot even hold in your hand. They will hand you their trickle down freedom. Your freedom will be do as we command and be rewarded with illusion and refuse to accept and you will be cut off from our system of society. The more people disobey their edicts the more they will cut off your supply of fake currency, fake money, in their fake PONZI Scheme of theft. They are lying and the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks should be held accountable for their theft. These great families of wealth have stolen it from the people of the world for generations.

If America accepts the lie of digital dollars then soon within a few years there will social scoring across the USA, just like in Communist China with the CCP, the great haters of freedom that wants the world to bow to their tyranny. They have 1.2 billion people under the thumb of 90 million, will millions have to die to stop the CCP from butchering anyone who dares to defy them. Here in America elected officials think they will get away with gun confiscation when they pass laws. They think they will get away with using a cowardly traitors in the military and police but they have a huge shock coming if they think armed citizens will not start a war with our own people who are trying to force us to disarm. Oh, they may get people like me who are calling for a NATIONAL MILITIA, Patriot Militia Party that is made up of every race, creed, faith and political belief. But who all agree on one thing. We want to remain free people and not slaves to a corrupt monetary system, corrupt political system, or police or military. We are armed and we are ready if you so choose to continue the path of hatred of the people and hatred of our freedoms.

In this nation many will die if the fools in political power think they can disarm this nation without a bloody fight. I would point to them to history because there is nothing new under the sun and history my not be repeating itself but as Mark Twain said “it sure does rhyme.” Tyranny is raising its ugly head here in America and it is up to the citizens to take our freedom back from the corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt District Attorney’s, corrupt lobbyist, corrupt school teachers, corrupt college professors and a corrupt banking and money system. As well as the preachers across America who do not preach repentance, do not fear God. These are the enemies of American’s who love freedom and wish to be free at all cost. Who love God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ and will obey God and follow the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what government power demands. Tyranny is where we are headed and it cannot be stopped except by God.

It takes only a small fraction of people to refuse to bow to power of evil to bend the will of a nation. And with the power of the living God (I AM) their are people who will be able to stand against the evil growing in power in our nation. New World Order simply means slavery for all humans except for the rich and power. Just like all communist and fascist and socialist nations America will become a totalitarian state. It is only guns that will protect us from their tyranny.

Yet only God can protect us from the evil that is rising all around us. In plain site evil is raising it ugly head all around you, lies, deception, hatred, corruption, technology to control us, vaccines to sicken us, cell phones to track us , 5g technology for tighter control, robotics and trans humanism is the replacement of human beings, and the evil of all evils abortion the destruction of life itself. Who would not cry tears of anguish for the little babies destroyed by the eugenics of modern democratic party’s holy grail, abortion, for the worship of Moloch, the evil has been at work for decades and many souls are beseeching (I AM) to punish the souls of their murderers.

God is not feared by men who do not believe in God. Jesus is mocked by men who think themselves better than their fellow man. This is the society of tyranny and most people cannot even see their chains. We are on a time line of enslavement of humanity by the very people who have power over humanity. Much like the roman Caesars they demand and we must obey. Yet if we look at what they are demanding it is very simple to understand they are demanding we all renounce God and accept their god who approves of corruption, lies, false statements, misleading information, fake money (US Federal Reserve Notes), fake education with lies, and self righteous hatred of truth and worship of anything but the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to bow to Jesus is blasphemy to the deniers of Love and the worshipers of Hate.

Better to go down fighting the enemies of Jesus Christ than be on the side of the evil that is growing in the land like a plague that is against Jesus. Pick up the mantel of our God, Jesus Christ and fear no evil for he is with us. Yes many of us will die and to die on the side of the Living God is not small thing. For we commend our souls to his Glory and Righteousness. We will worship the living God of life not their god of death, that butchers babies in the womb. Forces people to take a vaccine because they demand death for all.

Our world is perverse and sick and we can only pray that God will heal the minds of those who see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil. Heads buried in the sand afraid to face the reality of the rise of evil in our land. The rise of a NWO of totalitarian control over all aspect of your life. This will be a land of tyranny and hatred of the living God. Controlled by people who will do anything and every thing they wish to do no matter how perverse or evil it might be. They are murdering babies in the womb so it is going to get a whole lot worse. Pray to Jesus Christ to give you the strength to stand against the fiery darts of his enemies which hate you just as much as they hate him.

So rise up and draw your sword. Speak for the Lord.

Read Your Bible:

Gods Silver And Gods Gold

Do you believe that paper dollars, paper bonds, paper mutual funds, paper stocks, and all other paper assets, such as paper gold and silver contracts, are really worth anything?

The buying power of one US Dollar is 0.02 cents, not 100 cents but 2 cents.  The coins in your pocket are debased with cheap metal, there is no silver or gold in any of the US coins manufactured since 1964. What is the US Dollar really worth? Bankers, lawyers, politicians, and globalists all are not telling the truth of the US money. Since 1972 when President Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard, US money has lost its value. You don’t believe me? Ask yourself one simple question. Does the dollar you got as a child the same dollar as the ones issued today. Yes, they look basically the same, yet you cannot go get a bill from 1965 and buy anymore today than you can from a bill printed in  2019. They hold equal value today. 0.02 cents. But do you recall how much one dollar bought when you were a child?

Paper wealth is the illusion of reality. Dollars bills are fake money that bankers are using to steal the wealth from the nation and putting the proceeds in their pocket and buying real property, land, buildings, art, jewelry, gold, and silver, etc., etc. So the people have their wealth stolen by the bankers, lawyers, politicians, and the globalist and the people struggle to pay their bills and survive in a system of “Fake Money.” Thomas Jefferson said something to the effect that currency is the illusion of money.

Currency, US Federal Reserve Notes

Fake Money is created by bankers because politicians refuse to live within the countries means. Why does America not have a balanced budget? We have heard trillions of dollars were spent on the war effort in the Middle East. What do we have to show for it? Wounded and dead soldiers year after year and a giant deficit we are supposed to pay because the political leaders cannot control themselves when it is not their money. They make war for profit. Why do you think the political leaders hate President Trump, he is anti-war. Their grandiose, self-righteous plans are for themselves, not the American population at large, yet they expect us to shoulder the burden for their reckless, careless, and callous acts. Do you think that members of the Federal Reserve care more about you and the country or the profits they are making off of the American Nation and the American Citizens as they steal the wealth of the people and the nation? Why does the Federal Reserve have the power to control the nation’s money supply? Why does a private banking business get to dictate interest rates instead of the free market system? Why are  the American people suffering at large from the Banksters frauds who are more concerned with their profit margin than the price of goods going up as the dollar is debased even more as they continue to print money from nothing and charge you and I and the rest of the population interest on the United States money supply?  Fake Money is what they are issuing, and the population continues to believe in their lies of value and the worth of paper assets.

All dimes issued since 1965 have a metal value of $0.014. Basically, a dime is really only worth one cent in metal value, but you are told it is worth 0.10 cents. A dime issued from 1964 and before are today worth $1.76; in the silver value, they are worth $1.76 today. So ask yourself, is silver worth having? Is gold worth having? Think of it this way, the silver dime has more value than the paper dollar is worth today. You have been fooled and lied to and deceived, as we all have been.

But God’s silver and God’s gold are real value. The power of the metals to be used as stores of value and has been used for 5000 years of history. That speaks volumes to the actual value of silver and gold and what has value and what does not. What are lies, and what is the truth when it comes to money?

Gold and Silver are real, and paper assets, i.e., dollar bills, bonds, stocks, CDs, mutual funds, derivatives contracts, gold, and silver paper contracts are promises and nothing more. If one of these paper assets collapses, they all may collapse. So to then the entire world economy as it is based on US Dollars, Fake Money.

Remember, God’s people are rich in gold, silver, cattle, sheep, land, farms, and other real tangible items that are not made up promises of wealth.

Read Your Bible.