The War For Your Soul Has Begun

I who am nothing became something when the Lord Jesus Christ, took away my burden. That mental burden of sin that we all commit. I became committed when proof of God and the power of salvation was given to me. This state of mind that God has allowed me to have where I see the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is everything and I am nothing. I have revealed my mind and repented of my awful sins.  I ask God to remove the deepest darkest perversions of my mind, in my heart, to prove he existed by removing the lust. And he did.

Now people will say all sorts of things about this little story. God proved he existed to me and I now bow my head, I bend my knee, not to statues and crosses with figures attached to them, or on holidays. I bend my mind to the Lord Jesus Christ because I have heard the lies of men and believed them. But I have experienced the correction, I have been shown the truth, I have been given eyes to see, ears to hears and the “Word of God” to follow.

Somewhere around six years ago I read

The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection, 250 Milestones by Clifford A. Pickover

It came out in 2011. The title suggested something that in 2014 I had not heard of “Quantum Resurrection” I was interested so I borrowed a copy from my local library. It was in the last few chapters that I realized the story of “The Resurrection” was being played out in the book as one of the 250 milestones. Yet as it was discussed and described in the merging of quantum computing with AI and suddenly you could live forever or come back as a digital being. Quantum Resurrection. Though I simplify in words. Nothing could have been more obvious to me.

The Matrix is what I thought of and then it dawned on me. I had heard this story before. Simply told a different way to be true but still eerie. Then I remembered vague lines in verses of the Bible about people begging to die but they cannot die. As a digital quantum resurrection will you be able to die?

I sat pondering for a while and went and picked up my King James Bible AV, I started reading and I could see clearly the parallels that quantum physicist was saying without them even realizing or knowing the parallels to the Bible.

Five years have passed, God and I have talked many times and usually, I am asking for correct words to put to paper. Without any errors in the will of God to be put on the paper. But God has said one thing to me over and over. Write, attack my enemies.

Oh, I hear the people who are all appalled by those words.  Yet God is real and for those who cannot accept that it simply does not matter. Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ are all that matter. The Lord Jesus is the Shepard to lead us to Jehovah and his Pastures of Plenty. What a strange tale for the human mind to comprehend. Wrapped in an enigma of illusion we struggle to see the truth beyond what can be true in our minds. Yet without the mind of God truth confuses human beings.

In the last fifty or so years humanity has taken a great leap forward in science and knowledge. Many theories have been accepted as scientific fact and they are no different than the tales of sea monsters 500 years ago. The sea monsters were real. But not all theories are fact even when accepted as facts. Tell a lie long enough and eventually, everyone will believe the lie we have all heard this and it is true. Evolution, Climate Change is put forth as fact yet Evolution cannot answer how life began. Of course, the climate changes how would we have the four seasons otherwise. Confusion seems to reign over reality and logical thinking today.

For those who doubt God exists ask him to prove it to you. This is the great leap of faith that so many people can never make, talk to God. People say they are Christians yet they don’t talk to God. You even hear some leaders of faith saying “It’s dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus.” That seems a very odd statement from a man who is suppose to represent the Christian Faith which is based on a personal relationship with Jesus.  Why does the same man bow to a statue of Mary and Child and pray daily to a statue? Is it not an Idol? Is this not idolatry?

I am nothing and Jesus Christ is everything. Would you not want to have a personal relationship with God? The Lord Jesus Christ?

But that does not seem to be the way of the new “Christian” believers. It seems they worship the world and not God. They pray to Mary but not to Jesus Christ. Why do they fail to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ? Why are they saying they can lead you to the prosperity God wants you to have and not saying the Lord Jesus Christ is the prosperity? And he is the one who leads you? Not the preacher, not the priest. No, it is Jesus Christ who leads, who shows the way, who guides the flock, is the living waters of life.

As I read the last words on the page of the book about the quantum resurrection, I was struck and marveled at the reality that had just been revealed. Upon opening the Bible and reading I began to see the light of God’s words. God does not make false boasts. Unlike myself and all other men.

The price for the evil of humanity has been paid. Belief is a fleeting thing for humanity. But as the reality of the Word of God rings true, the world begins to tremble. Humanity lives as a bare breath of air, from one moment to the next and then it is taken away and so the end. In a moment, in the blink of an eye. All the world suffers in the strain of sin and the curse of evil that plagues the minds of humans who believe they are everything and the Lord Jesus Christ is nothing. But oh how confused their minds are. They fear death but they do not fear God.

Some of Gods words are easy to understand in many cases, but some of the mysteries are harder to understand. Some things are only understood of God reveals there meaning to you. Yet as I read now I understand things much differently than did before.

The believers know the Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sin of all humanity. He did not ask for anything. He simply told the people how to see the truth and believe. But the words are used by many people, including myself in the wrong way.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the light and we do not want to believe.

John 16:8 “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

9 Of sin, because they believe not on me;”

This is the sin, nonbelief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is fighting for your soul, he wants you to come to him.

Many have read where we are told to turn the other cheek and let the person strike the other one. In other words, don’t strike back. Yes, a couple of slaps most people will survive, physical or spoken. Yet they don’t seem to hear him when he says put on the Full Armor of God. This seems to indicate to me that war is at hand. Get prepared. This does not seem to be a turn the other cheek moment. This is a stand your ground moment. Be prepared and ready for spiritual combat at any time.  Because the war for your soul has begun. The war for the soul of every human being on earth is playing out across the earth.

Put on the full armor of God and be prepared for battle. Not with guns and knives but with spiritual truth of the “Word of God.” Do you know what I am talking about?

Revelation 19:13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.”

This is the Lord Jesus Christ his robe dipped in blood. Ready for war. He is not a diplomat, his not a prophet, he is not a peacemaker, he is not a socialist, he is a warrior, ready for war.

Revelation 19:14 “And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.”

This is not peace but war. And to all the believers who sit on the fence of doubt. Time to make up your minds. To all those who mislead the people with lies and deceptions and your twisting of the Word of God into abomination and debauchery be prepared for the winepress of fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

The Lord of Lord Jesus Christ is all that matters and he is The Word of God. The hatred of Jesus is rising and as the hatred grows so too the turning away from him by many. You see it in the churches that are allowing homosexuals to preach to the church. So God refers to homosexual activity as an abomination, so what church is true to God if they allow homosexuals to preach to the “church”, the people. Most are not homosexual, cannot relate to homosexuality. Yet they are told that the homosexuals are worthy to preach in the house of God. It seems sort of contradictory does it not? None of us can or should stop people from committing sin, we can only try to teach them what God has said and that we should live by his words, not the words of the people in the world. God’s word is what matters not mine, no yours, no the preachers or the priest or the pope. And all those who pervert the meanings, who twist the truth, who say sinful acts are ok are all lying to the children of God. All sin is wrong, but we are all human. We are not Transhumans, nor transgender, nor are there more than two sexes. But many people are suffering under this delusion and believe they can be what they want when they want. It simply is not true. You can be a child of God or you can be a child of Lucifer, there will be no middle ground. You either believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the light of salvation to all humanity and will dare bow a knee to Jesus the “Word of God.” Accept him and trust that what he said was true. Yet it seems people today are faithless even when they pretend to have faith. Delusion and confusion reigns in the minds of humanity.

Many people are in the Church of Laodiceans today. And Jesus had a strong rebuke for that church.

Revelation 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

People’s eyes are closed to the truth. So many sophist theories have played on the beliefs and doubts of people that most do not know what to think.  Thus they sit on the fence of not really caring. As the world moves towards a cashless society, a police state society, forcing people to live where the government demands you live. A society controlled by fear and fear-mongering. A society built of a system of illusion for corrupt institutions to steal the wealth of all humanity and deny the rights of anyone who would protest.

Many people think of Satan as the being who brought humanity to the truth of existence by opening our eyes. Yet that is simply just another deception. Satan wanted humanity to see him in a good light and to see God in an evil light. Thus he tricked humanity, he lied to humanity, he deceived humanity into thinking it is for man to decide what is right or wrong. To see the world as God sees it. But humanity was lied to and you now see the world from a perverted sense of reality. A sin filled reality. A great delusion is falling over the minds of humanity and most people cannot see this happening. They believe they are more enlightened than ever. They have been tricked again. I am a sinner, I bow to God and praise the Lord Jesus Christ as the “Word of God.”

You will live or die with or without belief in the Lamb of God, the Messiah, the King.  The “Word of God” is worthy of praise and glory. I am not worthy, you are not worthy. Yet the war for your soul has begun. The twisting and turning of the Bible is the deception that so few can see. But God cannot be turned he will hold fast a remnant of those who will not be deceived. They will be called fools, hateful, bigots, homophobic and because they refuse to accept the normalization of perversion they will be outcast in society.  This is the war for your soul. Believe God or believe men. Join the world or separate yourself from the world? Trust God or trust men. It seems a rather foolish question in the light of human reality.





1960’s hatred of America is Today’s Progressives Hatred of America

As a young man growing up in the sixties I saw, heard and experienced the changes of social upheaval. I watched as whites acted racist against blacks, and blacks acting racist against whites. A cycle that some people lived in but not all people lived in this cycle of hatred of white against black and black against white.

Later in the sixties, young people started hearing things they did not like. The war in Vietnam was escalated with a false flag which was not known at the time but indeed President Johnson was a warmonger and he had plenty of support. The youth spoke against being drafted and sent to Vietnam. They protested white racism. Excellent ideas. However, not long into the protest things began to change. It was great to protest against war and racism.

But people like Bernie Sanders and his children the Social Justice Children of these remnants of the 1960s. The backers for communist Bernie Sanders.

Here were the stories we heard as the youth of America. Free Love, Free Drugs, Free Music. Notice the same idealogy of free, free, free. Then we heard America was racist, America was imperialistic, America Eat It’s Young. Then we heard, “You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.” Bob Dylan

And domestic terrorists struck in America. The Weathermen, the Black Panthers, to be fair not all people in the group spoke for violence nor did they act violently. But some members went too far. We see it today with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

As the anti-American sentiment grew so to the war in Vietnam. As the hippie culture struck, America it was presented as a new way to live. “Far Out, Man.” “Groovy Baby.” “My Bag.” the slang was the new language of the hip. As the culture of the hippies grew with the youth the enemies of America infiltrated the youth and began to preach ANTI-American slogans and rhetoric of thought. Abbey Hoffman put out “Steal This Book.” A call to lawlessness with such subtly that it escaped the perception of most of the youth who read it. They also taught the idea of lawlessness in morality by promoting young people to have sex and sexual experimentation. To rebel against the government and country, family and god and all we had been told. In the minds of the hippie culture, all this seemed “groovy.”

LSD and marijuana freed the minds of many people. But it harmed the minds of many as well. The Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey & the Mary Pranksters was possibly a CIA covert experiment in mind control. Spreading the glories of LSD among the youth as the key to enlightenment. Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary preached “Turn On, Turn In and Drop Out.” Many people’s minds were altered in ways they wish had not after using LSD, speaking from experience I am not one of those people. Also, many of those same people went on to hard drug addiction because the wanted to keep experimenting. And many turned to the “New Age.” Psychic ability, ESP, Contact spirits, to sexually deviant behavior. Throwing all moral Judea / Christian ideas out the door.

Just like the communist Soviet Union. Just like the Chinse Communist Party, And all socialist, fascist, communist or nazi political parties. Once in power all of these infamous regimes enslaved and murdered at will.

Bernie is the “revolution” of the children from the remnants of many sixties hippie children who most became socialist or communist, or new agers, feminism and all sorts of other ideologies. Today that equals democrat, democratic socialist, or as Nancy Pelosi likes to call it now Progressive. History repeats itself with the violence in the streets. The protest against America and the Republic are lead by ideas like Bernie or his followers. Their anger has no validity in the world today. Some of their arguments have validity but they are so poorly represented they make no sense.

Bernie Sanders rails against people not having health care. He points to Canada, the UK, Denmark, France and other countries with socialized medicine. Yet each of those countries has a population a fraction of the size of the US population. Bernie purposes a minimum wage hike to $15.00 per hour. A noble idea, except for one problem. Business owners may choose to let one employee go to be able to pay the $15.00 minimum for another employee. Thus unemployment is raised. Or the employer may go with all machines to do the work of humans and lay off all workers.  Bernie’s ideas will wreak havoc on more of the very people he thinks his ideas will help. Some it would help. For many others, it would make things much worse such as those who lose their jobs to more government regulation, i.e, the wage increase purposed by Sanders. The very thing strangling the economy not allowing people access to an unregulated market. Bernie wants to strangle the entire country with more regulations. Bernie’s revolution is a joke, told by a political hack who has never accomplished anything but spread his message of communism is better than freedom. The state knows better than you little peon’s what is best for you. All the Bernie Bros are nothing more than adult Progressive cry babies.

We were told the same lies in the sixties except now its free health care, free college tuition, free housing, free food, free money.  Each and every one of these is a lie to persuade you not to depend on anything but the government. Bernie seems to think the government can be people’s mama, their daddy, and their GOD. Just good ole social-democratic communism just as Bernie envisioned it. A nation of paupers, bowing to his authority and will. Ruled by backstabbers, liars, thieves, and murders. People with the lowest moral standard perhaps since the fall of Rome.


Murder the Children in the Womb and Take Away Gun Rights.

Chuck Schumer is betraying God with his enthusiastic desire to murder America’s unborn children in the wombs. By the way, there will be consequences for your soul. You are from Brooklyn, and you use strong language.  You and the women who support you are so happy to fight to keep the MURDER of Unborn children legal are all going to reap the whirlwind of the wrath of God.

Chuck Schumer is a threat to every child in the womb of women who do not have the moral backbone to not abort the baby. What a hypocrite. Chuck Schumer says he is not threatening the Supreme Court, and I believe him. But he is threatening every child that is in the womb when he says he is enthusiastic about keeping the butcher of children in the womb legal. How do you justify destroying millions of unborn American’s and pretend that keeping abortion legal is not destroying the lives of millions of people, the born, and those not allowed to be born.

But oh, you are all for taking the guns of American’s so you can protect us from ourselves. When it is you and Nancy and Adam and Jerry and Maxine and AOC and Ilhan and Bernie and Elizabeth and Biden all you want to do is disarm the American population. And then what? Will you begin to murder us then?

We will fight for the Unborn and the right to own guns.

Because guns are the only thing that is going to keep us from being enslaved into your communist/socialist/fascist/nazi idealogy of your politically correct social justice children, of the born. Fake Political leaders, fake people, two-faced and hypocrites. I believe it will be you who reaps the political whirlwind Mr. Schumer and all your party hacks.

Childlike in his outrage to ensure that women can make bad choices, and he is enthusiastic about keeping it so. Murdering children in the womb is the lowest form of hatred of God. So it appears we have a political party that hates more than it can ever love because they revel in the destruction of life in the womb. They demand the right to murder.

Murders belong in prison.

And their next goal is to take away guns from American’s so they can start murdering with impunity anyone who refuses to bow to their demands. This is the communist agenda, which hides its self in the socialist economic wing of communism. They pretend they want to protect you from yourself but who will protect you from them if you give up your guns?

The democrat party seems to hate children, hate guns, hate free-speech, hates the right of people to make money. It seems they hate all things American. And love all things, communists. Uninformed people continue to vote for these hate-mongers whose anti-American sentiment is becoming a raw nerve to many citizens, no matter their political affiliation.  Joe Biden saying he would assign Beta O’rouke to help take the guns away from law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. But not one damn word on punishing people to the full extent of the law when they commit crimes. Joe Biden will sell Americans out to the Chinese Communist Party. Just like Nancy and Chuck and Maxine and Adam and all the other political hacks of both sides like old Mitt, the hypocrite Romney was happy to do so they could line their pockets with billions of dollars.

It seems the entire democratic party leaders are all about taking everything they can from the American people and forcing them to bend to their demands without any consideration for the law-abiding, tax-paying citizen who pays their salary.  It’s our way or the highway with democratic socialist leaders.

So old Chuck you are about the reap the political whirlwind of defeat at the hands of people who love being free, love the right to bear arms, hate abortion, love being able to make money and improve their lives. And we will fight to overturn Roe Vs. Wade at the earliest possible moment as it is an abomination each and every time a woman aborts her child and you are the enabler of this genocide.


The Journey to Righteousness


Broken-hearted human being abounds on the planet earth. Their minds have lost faith and their hearts have turned cold as their broken hearts suffer in pain, as they torment themselves without understanding. Lost in a wilderness of confusion. Lost in a landscape of lies and deceptions. Tormented by their own lust and wickedness.

The broken-hearted are living a lie of deception and suffering a great delusion and thus believing a lie. A lie told to humanity by other human beings. Lies told to deceive and confuse. Lies told to lead people away from truth and righteousness. To lead people to a world of hatred of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all who bow to the holy spirit of God’s righteousness.

Broken hearts are suffering and pain invades their minds and bodies from their own hatred. Yet they never understand the pain until their minds turn from hate. Blind, they cannot see that their hatred is the cause of their broken heart.

The journey to righteousness begins with truth. Not relative truth where you think that whatever you believe is truth, or whatever you feel is true. Righteous truth does not begin with you, it begins with Jesus Christ. God walking on the face of the earth, healing the pain and suffering of humanity, guiding the hearts and minds of humanity to righteousness. The belief in the power of LOVE. GOD. the LORD JESUS CHRIST and his righteousness and glory.

When you have that moment when you can see clearly the mistakes and wrong you have done, then your eyes are beginning to open. When you accept that you have made the mistakes your eyes are open. When you reach to God, the Lord Jesus Christ you are reaching towards righteousness.

Though each of us is unrighteous by moving towards righteousness we move closer to God. Many of us know we do not deserve to be allowed into the house of God, but we will be allowed because we have believed that the fountains of water are flowing through the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, “I AM”, Jehovah.


They Do Not Fear God!


Dying on a cross, spilling his blood for all humanity was the Son of God, Jesus Christ. God incarnate who became a man to save humanity and suffered unto death for the debt to be paid for the sins of those who dare to believe. Yet many have been misled, lied to and deceived. They have been caught in a web of deception. They refuse to see love, instead, they see hate. And they hate for one reason, they do not fear God. They believe in their own beauty, in their own power to bend God to their will and they refuse to bend to God’s will.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given all that was possible to humanity and yet most of humanity refuses to acknowledge his power to save human them.  This twisting of reality has turned minds into people who believe that there is no reason to fear God. They believe that the magic of God is sweet and kind and gentle and loving. But they do not understand God is LOVE, and sometimes love hurts. No one gets to the father without the son. This is what they hate, they hate the moral obligation that is demanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. And they are afraid to exalt his name. They are embarrassed to say that Jesus is God. They are conflicted by the deceptions and lies and half-truths of their ministers, preachers, priest, and their Rituals and intercessors, like the Virgin Mary. The Synogauge of Satan is all the churches who are not preaching the power and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  For those congregations that say they are for Jesus and but are not are false churches. Those churches where the preachers and priests are more concerned with social justice instead of preaching the good news of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for them, who willing suffered your punishment for the sins you commit are Synoguages of Satan, false churches.

Those who hate Jesus, hate themselves. They hate but yet refuse to come to the truth. They hide behind their false beliefs and hold them up as truth when there is no truth in them. The truth of God is simple, love your enemies and your neighbors. But that does not mean you will allow them to abuse you, lie to you, steal from you, or bully you into submission.

Many people in the world hates the Lord Jesus Christ and many people hate themselves and thus their hatred affects everything they touch. Hatred is like a terminal disease. It eats away at your well being and destroys your love of other people. You hate the Lord Jesus Christ because he sets guidelines to your behavior and he only accepts those who are willing to admit their mistakes and change their ways. It is not complex but most people refuse to bend their knee and acknowledge that they have done wrong.

Read Your Bible.



What Bernie Sanders Does Not Understand.

I have listened to Bernie Sanders rail against billionaires, yet he is a millionaire. Wealthier than 99% of all other Americans. What a hypocrite.

He talks about taxing the wealth of rich people. Well, he should include himself in the crowd who he plans to steal from. This man has no clue what is wrong with America. Nor do the rest of the democratic candidates. They blindly throw out ideas just to see what sticks on the wall. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren suggest plans that cost more than the American nation pays in taxes combined for years. What a joke. If this is the best Bernie and Elizabeth can offer, I suggest they quit today and all the other elected officials who do not understand what is wrong with America resign as well.

And what is the biggest problem THE FEDERAL RESERVE and Central Banks, to BIG TO FAIL Banks and the IMF, ECB, The World Bank? Central Banking is the problem of this world. These owners of the private Federal Reserve is stealing the wealth of the world, and they proclaim it in public records. They have a target rate of 2% inflation per year. So they are telling you we are stealing 2% of your money year after year after year. And we are going to charge you interest, fees, upon fees, upon fees to simply steal your money. And if you would like to get a return on your “money,” they will offer you a fraction of what they will charge you on any loans. What a deal. It’s a deal, you can’t refuse. Because private bankers control the money system in America and the world. It’s their game and their rules with the power and the authority of the corrupt politicians to keep to going.

Yet here is old Bernie and his sidekick Elizabeth Warren saying Communism can work and how it works is we steal all the wealth of all the citizens. And our friends in the Federal Reserve will print us quad trillions of dollars out of thin air. Uh, counterfeiting you mean. Printing pieces of paper that lose more value each time they print another batch. Just as the Federal Reserve is doing right now.

What gives the criminal reserve banksters the right to steal our wealth with out of control money printing? What gives this giant PONZI Scheme called the Federal Reserve the right and the power to lie to the people and steal their wealth? The Federal Reserve does not allow the bad debt of the banks and too big to fail business to go into bankruptcy. They bail them out and add that to my tax burden. I did not give the Federal Reserve permission to put more debt on my back as a citizen. They are stealing my wealth and committing fraud by putting debt on my back I never agreed to. But the rich bankers are not bankrupt, they were given a bonus and become wealthier. Yea, O.K. What an outright scam on the American people and the citizens of the world.

It is their right because the American people put their faith in a system of lies told to them by bankers, i.e., the Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve Notes are just pieces of paper and are nothing but a lie. They have no value except your faith in them. Of course, the law demands you use them, but they are still just I.O.U. Notes. A promise to pay.

Yet good ole Bernie, yells, and wails against billionaires and not the Ponzi scheme the Federal Reserve is running on the people.

Socialists and communists like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren would be happy to continue on with the Ponzi scheme as they enrich themselves. And the struggle of the 99% would become harder as the counterfeit Federal Reserve bills roll off the printing presses of the US Treasury. What a scam.

All the political hacks who bemoan the billionaires are all millionaires and are just unhappy that they are not billionaires, and if they take power, they will become billionaires.

“You can fool some of the people some time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

The Federal Reserve Banking System is a Ponzi scheme, much like the stock market, which the Federal Reserve Banking System inflates and deflates. The Federal Reserve inflates it on purpose to drive up the value of stocks, bonds, properties, and goods. They push it as far as they can. You see that right now in the stock and bond market and housing market. But the bubble usually deflates unexpectedly, without notice. Just like when a balloon burst, it reaches its maximum capacity for expansion and it burst and is destroyed in an instant. This is what is going to happen to the US Federal Reserve Notes. Puff, here today, gone tomorrow.

And America and most of the world will be thrown into a Greater Depression. Open your eyes, can’t you see it coming at you?

Everything that is placed on the bubble is the illusion of wealth growth, but in reality, it is the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme affecting the value of stocks, bonds, properties, and goods.

It is not a free market system, it is a controlled system. If it was a free market, then all the businesses that should have failed in 2008 would have failed.

It is not consumer demand driving up prices; it is the counterfeit money system we are living under. This is the problem, Bernie.  Not to mention the over-taxation of property ownership. Too many state and federal employees. More state and federal employees need to move back into private employment. The government is growing into the monolithic nightmare of pampered, overpaid, over-compensated workers, who cannot be fired. Simply do away with the positions. Send them back to private employment.

Help lower the debt by reducing the amount of city, state and federal employees. Specially committees, boards, and oversight panels, in other words, bureaucrats. Or make all city, state, and federal employees minimum wage workers. Who can pay their own health care, get no paid vacations, get a raise once every decade! Who can save for their own retirement?  Reduce the size of government and save trillions.

From the website

“21,995,000 to 12,329,000: Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1”

We have a population of 330 million that is approximately 6.5% of the entire us population. The very thing you and many democrats and republicans want to increase is a financial burden on the whole nation. More people are being paid to oversee, manage, and control us than are producing and creating for us.

So please stop railing against the billionaires. Think of people like Michael Jordan, he worked hard for his money, he earned it honestly. Why should he be stripped of his money?

Capitalism is not the problem. It is fraud and corruption that is the problem. We need a fair judicial system that is not rigged in favor of the wealthy and the criminals.

By the way, Bernie,  my wife, and I live on about 32K a year.

We are not asking for any of the billionaire’s money, nor are we asking any of you millionaire’s for your money. We want to be left alone to live in peace, with the right to gun ownership, free speech, less taxation, less government, a less invasive government, fewer business monopolies, and NO To Big To Fail Business or Banks. That is the price of capitalism if you fail.

Gods Chosen Few

Every person on earth who “believes” in JESUS is hoping they will be chosen by God to enter into his kingdom. They are already chosen because they believe. All those who believe are chosen to be saved. But God has chosen a few to be the ones who act in ways others cannot or will not. In the world today many people preach a prosperity gospel of wealth attainment, but all are wealthy who believe in “I AM.” Those who believe in JESUS are the richest people on the planet.

There are those who say that in the twelve years that is unaccounted for in the life of JESUS he went and studied with the Buddha. But in Luke 2:49, when JESUS was only  12 years old knew more than the “doctors” and they marveled at his knowledge. They wondered where he had studied.

When Mary and Joseph found JESUS missing and in their search of 3 days they found him where? They found him in the Temple. Luke 2:49 “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Twelve years old the child had become a man and knew more than others who marveled at his knowledge and wisdom and his words. Why would Jesus need to study with anyone when he already knew more than others?

But around the world, many people still do not believe in “I AM.” We are not coming to a time of pure hatred for Jesus Christ and in this time God has chosen a few who will dare when others will falter. God’s chosen a few will stand when others run. God has chosen a few who will be strong when others are weak. Standing strong in the Word of God. In their trust in JESUS, in their strong conviction for truth and righteousness. Sinners all, believers all. Standing with the full armor of God wrapped around their minds and bodies, following JESUS.

The chosen few will speak and they will be hated. The chosen few will point out the hypocrisy of each and every one of us. They will point out our sins and our self-deceptions just as was done to them by the will of Jesus. Many will believe them and trust in the Lord JESUS but many will turn away because they will believe the words of men who seek wealth and power and not salvation through belief in Jesus Christ, “I AM.”

Never will anyone bow without belief. If you do not believe in “I AM” if you are afraid to be mocked and called a fool. If you are afraid to live for the Lord Jesus Christ it is natural. Fear is a great deterrent. But belief overcomes fear and belief guides you to the truth of the “Word of God.” The LORD JESUS CHRIST, faithful and true.

So let the mockers, mock. Let the haters, hate. Let the pretenders continue to pretend. Let the believers pray for them, that they may one day come to believe the “Word of God.”