Lock Down the Polticans they are a virus

In a world of hysteria, the government orders the lockdown of Americans. That is a denial of civil liberties, and freedom itself. Locking down business is illegal against the constitution. Facebook is a totalitarian social network following in the footsteps of the Chinese Communist Party.  Denial of civil liberties and betrayal of the Constitution. People should close their Facebook accounts so they are not subjected to the Facebook Communist Censorship. Bill Gates wants the world locked down until he finds a vaccine. Bill Gates needs to be locked down into an insane asylum.

Save us, Bill Gates, save us, we can’t live without your vaccine. Heil Gates.

Romans 1:22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”* though this quote is in reference to fools not believing God and worshiping anything but god. It could well be used for the same fools, such as Bill Gates who thinks he is a god. Go back to your billion-dollar home and stop pretending anyone with half a brain would listen to you about anything other than putting computer parts and programs together. The world does not need more Bill Gates vaccines.  And take your sidekick, Dr. Fauci, with you.

Take the criminal political elite and lock them down. Many democrat governors, many democrats congressmen, all of the bureaucrat’s democrats these are the virus that is killing America, the last bastion of freedom. These political elites even have the police thinking they can lock people up for sitting in their yard, walking around without a mask because they said so. The is political terror. The American people are being terrorized by the entire political class of people who push the hysteria of the virus. People die, viruses kill young and old since when did we lock down a country because people have died from a virus? This is not a pandemic this Spanish Flue of 1918 was killing health people 15-  34, if that were happening today indeed it would be a pandemic. But what are we seeing older people like myself and unhealthy people are suffering the brunt of this virus? If only the strong survive then isn’t nature just taking its course? If this virus kills roughly the same amount of people as the flu does each year. Then something much darker is going on. The US nor the world economies can be shut down and mass suffering will not take place. Mass suffering much worse than the virus. Mental Illness will rise, resentment, hatred, mass confusion, hysteria, violence, and rioting as food shortages occur and more deaths from the mental confusion of this political torture.

The democrats see this as an opportunity to install their socialist reality. Forcing people by threats of arrest and fines if they do not obey their orders. Well, it just shows how ignorant they are as people are not going to obey them after a certain point. And as government authority breaks down so to will the society because the powers that be are responsible for the actions they take and for every action there is a direct and opposite reaction so fully expect the people to come after the elected officials, the people who sit on the boards of banks and the federal reserve and the owners of these institutions. They can live in the fantasy of their Green New Deal, but the cold hard facts are people will not go hungry while Nancy Pelosi sits in her million-dollar home and eats ice cream. She may think she is the queen of America but she is not. She is the leading hypocrite in America.

There are many sinister forces at work in this world. Many people with motivations with dark agendas.  The majority of the people have been fooled into believing the deceptions and lies of media outlets, corporations, polls, elected officials. America still stands for the ideals of “soul liberty”. The right of each person to choose how they will live and believe. How they will worship God and how they will turn their backs on God. Each person has this fundamental right to choose their own path and though the government has some power they are not unlimited. Hilary Clinton said there are limits to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Well, there are also limits to how much the people will take before the people decide political power has limits and the only limits are the ones the people will accept before they revolt.






Government Digital Currency Equals SLAVERY And Don’t Forget Your Vaccine

Jesus said there would come a day when no man may buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. The US Government is going to create a Government Digital Currency on the blockchain and with this, they can monitor everything you spend money on. Invasion of your privacy on a massive scale. All backed up by lies, deception, and fraud. That is nothing more than “counterfeit money” that you are going to be forced to use and pay to use.

Globalism, World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Central Banks, ECB, Federal Reserve.

Here are the enemies of the world. These people who control the money of the world control you. You are a slave. White, Yellow, Brown or Black we are all slaves to the monetary system. A system of valueless paper that is held up only by force. It has no value against anything real. All a Ponzi scheme for the bankers to control the world.

Now they are trying to use a virus to control us with vaccines.  If you do not have a vaccine you cannot go to the stores, you cannot go out in public, you will be pointed out as someone who is the enemy because you will not take the poison of vaccines. What a lie, these globalist, Fauci, Gates, intend to force the world to bend to their twisted reality of science. Only their vaccine can be used. What a lie. Why?

This is the world of globalism, money at any cost, more money to have more control. Bill Gates is not a scientist he is a globalist. Bill Gates and his vaccines were run out of India because of the harm it did to people, he was not run out of India for the good he did for the people of India. Bill Gates understands that trillions can be made off of vaccines. Fauci is a globalist, vaccine crazed into ignorance. Pretending he is a scientist who only insists on a vaccine for all Americans so they should be able to move about. These two men are making comments that would come out of the mouth of Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hiter, and people claim President Trump does the same. He may say he has complete authority to open the country up. But he is not insisting people be vaccinated. He is not spreading the lie that vaccines are the be all end all.

Why do people believe everything they hear out of the mouth of a communist (mockingbird) news organization like NYT, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, The View, ABC, CBS and much of FOX news though Fox does much better than all the others. Funny to hear mockingbirds like Don Lemon, Rachael Meadow, Cuomo, Morning Joe, The View how they mock and mock and mock but yet never once offer real solutions. They should all be in government they appear to be so good at mocking “the deplorable’s.”

Rude to the President in press conferences, men or women should be banned if they cannot have a respectful attitude to asking their questions. “What were you doing in Feb. after you imposed the travel ban?”  O.K. fair question? Think of the context? What were you doing? That implies nothing was being done to stop the spread of infection. Right? So a respectful question might have been, what were you able to accomplish in Feb to prepare to stop the spread of the virus? Does not even the President of the United States deserve to be spoken to in a respectful manner?

When President Obama signed Obama Care into law, I wrote to him and I told him he was a traitor. I wrote my local congressmen and told them they were traitors. Why because they wrote into law that I was required to buy or be penalized for not having health care. Nancy Pelosi was and still is a loud and ignorant voice of incompetent leadership. Telling the Congress, “Just vote yes now and we will find out what is in it later.” Now that is how you pass major bills through the government with great leadership. Nancy Pelosi is incompetent and needs to be removed from her position as Speaker of the House,

Now with vaccines, you are going to see the same idealogy put into play. You must get “our” vaccine or else you cannot do what we say you cannot do.

Every time but one (tetanus) I have refused vaccines. I have refused medicines that have been suggested to prevent a quick death. I refuse to take all pharmaceutical drugs except in an emergency. Why you ask? Why won’t you take these “medicines?” The answer is very simple they are poison. You don’t think of medicine as poison do you? Yes, many people benefit “medicine”, yet many people suffer from medication. Now think of it Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci now say that old drugs may not work, they could be dangerous. What is more dangerous than introducing unproven vaccines that Gates and Fauci, and many others will insist are safe. Poison is poison no matter how they spin the fantasy of their globalist reality vaccine mania. They do not want you to use hydroxychloroquine because there is no money in it. Dr. Fauci’s research money might be cut. If a drug’s side effects are known and it appears to help people get better, why the issue? It’s an emergency, that is when it should be used.

Trying to force vaccines on the entire population may be the catalyst for armed revolt. It may be the collapse of the dollar. It may be the globalist victory. With millions of people lining up being vaccinated lead like sheep to the slaughter globalist getting their way and poisoning 99.9 percent of the population. 500,000 people are the goal of the world population for the globalist. And the people go willing much as many Jews did to their slaughter. You can hear the voices in the news, in government, you hear the voices in science. We have the power to save you, they claim. Yet if you look around the cities they are many areas run down, poverty everywhere, homeless people, the moral decay is eating society is and on the news you hear deception and lies of a mockingbird press give you the new Globalist/DemocraticParty/Communist deceptions, half-truths and outright lies.

Yes, viruses kill, yes the world is always in danger. Especially when governments and research foundations are playing around with deadly viruses. But even more so as the world changes so to the microbes, virus, germs change. We are all going to die. There is no reason to fear your neighbor because the government and health officials who have never seen the mutation of this coronavirus. It would be better for the world if they quit pretending their vaccines are the be all end all for humanity. More importantly, let us stand up to their insistence that we must bow to their “scientific” authority. I prefer the authority of God. Not the theories, or claims of men that they solved the problems of the world and reject the power of the Living God, “I AM” and they claim the power for themselves.



Great American Liars & Hypocrites

J. Edgar Hoover   – Called people like John Dillenger Public Enemy #1, when in fact the corruption in the elected state and federal politicians were the real public enemy #1

Joe McCarthy   –  Called everyone a communist without the slightest bit of proof in most cases. Sounds like Adam Schiff today

Woodrow Wilson   Signed into law the Federal Reserve Central Banking System, I mean Ponzi Scheme. Signed into law Federal Income Tax. But systems of wealth theft by a Fascist just like we see with All the Democrat presidential candidates today. Bernie and Elizabeth and Ole Joe Biden all declare they will tax you more, print more fake Federal Reserve Notes and continue to follow the ideals of fascism, socialism, communism, globalism, and technocracy.

Franklin D.Roosevelt   – Passed laws that outlawed gold and forced US Citizens to turn in their gold under threat of fines and prison. Then once he had it all he increased the price by over 40%. Cheating US Citizens out of billions of dollars.

Lyndon Johnson – Lied to the American people to escalate the war in Vietnam (Tonkin Bay Incident) was a “False Flag” to launch the military-industrial complex into war for profit.

George Bush  – Led Saddam Hussien into believing we would not interfere in his attack on Kuwait. Basically baiting Saddam to attack to launch his beloved “New World Order.”

Bill Clinton – signed NAFTA into law it gutted American Manufacturing. He did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Hillary Clinton – “The US policy—under Clinton and until recently—has been: regime change first, ceasefire after.”

George W. Bush Lied about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as did most of his cabinet.

Barrack Obama – signed the bill into law that forced American’s to buy health coverage. That is the act of a dictator. Remember “you can keep you doctor”, “your premiums will go down.” “you will buy it or you will pay a fine.” A Fascist demanding the people obey.

Jim Langevin, Sheldon Whitehouse David Cicilline all blame President Trump for anything and everything. If a fly lands on them its President Trumps’ fault.

Nancy Pelosi – A progressive indeed she lies when it suits her.

Chuck Schumer  A progressive indeed he lies when it suits him.

Bernie Sanders – He banters on about socialism, but he is really a communist. He supports a communist-controlled state. Much like Communist China or Cuba. Or maybe he is Fascist which is just a slight variation to communism. Still, it is totalitarian and denies people rights granted under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Yet Bernie says he is coming for the gun manufacturers and the gun owners.

Adam Schiff – the biggest liar in American political history. He lies over and over and over and never produces one bit of evidence to prove his point.

Jerry Nadler – This man is an incompetent boob and would not know the truth even when it slaps him in the face and he continues to follow the party line lies of the Democrats.

AOC – simply makes up the truth as she sees it. It’s all relative to her.

Ilhan Omar – A bigot, a hater and she too lives by her own relative truth.

Mayor Pete – When people talk about Christians being hypocrites, this is the sort of thing that would apply. A devout homosexual pretending his acts or acceptable to God. Though God told him it was an abomination. So voting for President Trump is worse than being a homosexual. He just an outright liar.

Elizabeth Warren – Native American indeed. 0.00124. Says she will pay for all student loan debt but does not say she will tax everyone into poverty to make it happen. Let alone medicare for all. All of these ideas are pipedreams unless they tax the entire population of America into abject poverty. Just another ball faced liar.

James Comey – Lied to Congress, lied to the President. Lied to many news outlets.

Andrew McCabe – Lied to Congress

Our nation is lead by Pyscho Paths, power-mad, corrupt, greedy money-grubbers.

All lying when it is convenient for their purpose.

And it is all fueled by the corrupt Federal Reserve and other corrupt Central Banks around the world. These people are running the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the world. Telling people that Federal Reserve Notes have value when the only value they have is the power of the police to lock anyone up who tries “unapproved” payment methods. The shot President Kennedy because he tried to do something about this corrupt system.

President Trump is in the same boat. Fighting against a corrupt banking system that steals the wealth of the people and tells you right out they are stealing 2% of your wealth per year. Why is this lie allowed to continue? So they can go to war when they want. Why is the US Budget never balanced? Why is the budget a national security issue? So they can hide their lies by claiming it is a national security issue. President Trump is using the very system of the Ponzi Scheme to change the reality of the progressives, I mean the communist who pretends they are socialist as if it really mattered as in due time it all becomes a dictatorship. The equal distribution of poverty is all it amounts to.




Is YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Social Scoring US Citizens

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook  Social Scoring US Citizens. What does that mean?

Communist China has a social scoring system in which they reward or punish its citizens based on their behavior.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are all using a social scoring system to control and limit the behavior of American’s in a non-communist country. Are these companies laying the foundation for a technocracy communist take over of America’s freedom?

This is the destruction of civil liberties all in the name of corporate policy. I call BS, the companies are trying to control thought in America. Your thoughts, your freedom, your rights of free speech.

Yet these corporate technocracy wants to control what you can and cannot say on their platforms. Working with the corrupt political leaders who have been in office for years and years and years. Which is the majority of all political figures. 20, 30 years of abusing and using their positions to create a communist, socialist, technocracy. Controlled by their power-mad insanity. Arm yourselves America they will come for the guns next.

YouTube is anti-American, Twitter Is Anti American, Facebook is Anti American. Only God knows how many elected officials democrats and republicans are anti-American, or just filled with greed, or mad for more power. America’s political officials and the technocracy elite want a communist one-world government, New world order based on them in power and everyone else doing what they are told. Time to create the PMP Patriot Militia Party. In every state, we need a driving force against political power. Technocracy power-mad elites. Like Bill Gates suggesting we should have mandatory vaccines. Who does Bill Gates think he is, GOD? That is a declaration of war. That is an authoritarian comment. Bill Gates and the elites want to say everyone must get their “vaccine”, that is a declaration of war. Then all people who believe in God must ask themselves. Who is making you take the vaccine? Who will demand and enforce the power of the state to inject into your body something they say is for the “safety of all.” Yet only a hive mind could even suggest that everyone should be force vaccinated even if they refuse to comply. Or told they cannot leave their house if they don’t comply. Do you believe more in America Bill Gates or do you prefer Communist China as your model for society?

Next will be the cash in your pocket. It is already fake money. Has nothing backing it but the faith of a nation that is trillions of dollars in debt. US Federal Reserve Notes are all fake money. Now they are dropping it out of the sky just as predicted by many people in the economic community, MMT, helicopter money is here. Money created out of thin air has no value even when printed on pretty paper. The coins in your pocket will end up with more in melt value in the end than the paper bills you own. Even if its thousands or millions or billions. The only thing they will be worth will be to wipe your behind.

Time to create and organize to protect ourselves from this power-mad elected officials, from the economic theorist who are so smart they cannot believe they are not right. In America, we have lots of problems. But our biggest problem is the Federal Reserve and all other Central and Global Banks, such as the IMF. They print fake money out of thin air and tell you it has value, they demand you follow their rules. Soon they will create a cryptocurrency that is made up of a computer program and we are told they can press a few buttons and create new money and make us pay interest on something they never worked for! Fake money they charge our nation to control and they are not that smart because they think we the people don’t see what they are doing. It is time to confiscate all the wealth of the “Central Banks.” Their assets, their owners’ assets, buildings, land, gold, silver, diamonds, luxury car, luxury planes, art, etc. etc. They have bought such assets with the fake money they charge us to manage but they have run our nation into financial ruin along with the US Congress and Senate playing along with them. Let us remove the elected officials with votes, let us remove the “Federal Reserve” and all other Central Banks and pay off America’s and the world’s debt with the money these people stole for the world.  Federal Reserve Notes should be titled Federal Reserve I.O.U. because it is nothing but a debt that is owed. There is no wealth in debt.

The Federal Reserve is a dinosaur, Central Banks and World Banks are dinosaur’s, they should be extinct but they are not. It is time to bury their dead bodies and inherit their wealth they bought with paper money that has no real value they used to steal the entire country.

The Corona Virus lie, Ponzi Scheme USA

The Governors of many states in America are acting like little Hitlers. Telling business they must close, telling people they must social distance. What a giant lie. How many people have died? More people are dying from hunger than this virus. So why all this police state action and hysteria. TO LOCK YOU DOWN. To show the people what they can and will do if you resist their orders.

So what just happened to freedom in America. It just disappeared under the lies and deceptions of our elected fools. Hive minds in power lead to greater disaster, greater suffering all from the foolish decisions of the hive mind of political leaders who are really not in politics to serve the people but to serve themselves. This 2 trillion dollar bailout is another way to steal the wealth of the people. The actual full cost is 6 trillion and we the people get the bill for all the bad decisions of the federal reserve, government officials, and the media pushing hysteria.

Our country has been broke for years and running on fumes and now the fuel has run out. The country is locking us down to set the precedent to demand we obey them. Should you obey the government? The military has been mobilized and you can bet if you resist they will kill you. Make no mistake this is the creation of a POLICE STATE in America. You are no longer free when you cannot do what you want, go where you want and all the lies about the virus that has blown a ripple in the pond into a tidal wave.

Soon they will roll out a cryptocurrency and demand we use virtual 0 & 1’s as value. Gold has value, even coins have value in the metal but what value does a virtual currency have? Just like the US Dollar today which only has $0.03 of value left. Do you understand? The Federal Reserve steals 2% of your money every year, year after year.

The Federal Reserve gets to create currency out of thin air and sell it to the US Treasury and charge the American people for the privilege of using their “fake”, counterfeit “money.”

We are being lied to about the virus to change the core balance of freedom and rights and to usher in a new way of living. Social Distancing, what propaganda. Has anyone asked where is this six trillion dollar is coming from? Why is America being pushed so far into debt for the average citizens but yet the rich just keep on getting a bailout and buying everything including the Federal Reserve?

The virus is a cover to change the fundamental rights of American citizens. And to steal trillions of dollars. What congressmen and senators and governors are invested in the companies who should be allowed to go bankrupt. They will lock up poor people who can not pay their bills in some state and the politicians hold out their hand for their cut of the pie stolen and given to the corporations by these same political hacks. What a scam.

The Federal Reserve is the problem. Creating “money” out of thin air.  Congress is the problem since they have no accountability what so ever for all the currency they spend that we the people do not have. Congress belongs in prison. Just lock up every one of them who votes to continue to raise the debt ceiling and therefore spend money they borrow on the backs of our great-great-great-grandchildren.

Money has a store of value. What value does a Federal Reserve Note have? If they issue a cryptocurrency based on a computer model of 0’s and 1’s, what value does it have? Even if they limit the amount like “bitcoin” what value does it have? Can you carry it with you at all times? Do you have to have a password for gold? You have been lied to, currency, “fiat money” is nothing but the police power of government to force you to use useless paper and 0’s & 1’s made up out of thin air as value. Sorry, they do not have any value except your police state authority to impose worthlessness as value.

But you cannot change the fact that Federal Reserve Notes are useless pieces of paper. That the credit card you use that creates “currency” instantly has any real value. The zero’s and one’s of your credit card only have value because you accept it. Gold has value no matter what the paper or zero’s and one’s on the banks’ balance sheet said.

You are charged interest on something that has no value and continues to fool you into thinking pieces of paper and pieces of plastic are wealth. Both are debt. Do you understand, currency, Federal Reserve Notes and Credit Cards, and Debit Cards are all debt. We as a nation owe tens of trillions of debt in Federal Reserve Notes and computer-generated zero’s and one’s out of thin air. And we have the privilege of paying the Federal Reserve interest and we have the privilege of paying the banks interest on something they created out of thin air. Shysters stealing the suckers blind. You are the suckers.

We are living in a world of lies and all the people who are in authority are the biggest liars. No matter what position they have. Politicians, Preachers, Priest, Economists, Bankers, Professors, Teachers, Police, Military all the leaders are liars. Our country is so corrupt that to act in an ethical way and call out people for what they are doing. No people just look the other way and pretend it is not happening.

The Swamp won on the virus bailout, where is all this “money” coming from? It is coming from the scam of the Federal Reserve. Creating currency out of thin air. Counterfeiting wealth and pretending its real. It is one giant scam. A Ponzi scheme that most Americans cannot see and certainly not believe. Many people cannot believe that politicians work for themselves and don’t even think of themselves as public servants but think of themselves as masters over the people. Your wealth is being stolen right before your eyes and you cannot believe they are stealing your wealth. But look again. Who is getting rich? Are you? Are your neighbors getting rich? But politicians are getting rich. Even old Bernie Sanders the proclaimed Democratic Socialist who loves communism is a millionaire. Um, how did that happen?

We the people are losing the war to the likes of communist idealogy. The progressives love to call it socialism but they fail to mention that a police state is created with dictatorial powers. A usually millions die in countries a large as America because of all those who disagree with them are marked as enemies of the state and therefore. Everything can be taken from them including their lives. The Hive Mind rules the Mob of progressive Democratic Socialist, I mean communist.

The bankruptcy of America is right around the corner and those little pieces of paper in your pocket are going to be worthless.

UN & WHO & BILL GATES Mandatory Vaccines

Mandatory vaccines for the greater good is nothing but a communist loving UN & WHO and Bill Gates. Who the hell does Bill Gates think he is even suggesting everyone is required to take his or any other vaccine for the greater good. Of who? People in power, rich people like yourself Bill Gates. The UN is pure communist, the WHO is pure communist why are these organizations allowed to exist on US soil.

Bill Gates develops software what the hell gives him the right to talk about or even think he can require all Americans to be vaccinated against their will. Go back to developing software and stay out of my life. Have you ever heard of civil liberties, you don’t get to demand the greater good I must be vaccinated because you can make trillions of more dollars and millions may die from your vaccines.

Who would trust a guy who develops software with your health care? Or an organization like the UN which is controlled by globalists who have made plans to disarm America (Agenda 21)  and you see them working with democrat communists like progressive communist Nancy Pelosi and AOC and Adam Shiff, and Chuch Schumer and Joe Biden they are all communist. Though Biden might not even know he supports communist ideas. And is the WHO controlled by China? With officials who are wasting millions of US Tax Payer Dollars and we just keep throwing money at them when they are siding with the Communist Chinse Party and their murderous IX Jinping. Dictator for life. Just what American taxpayers want. More waste of our wealth on people who hate us. China is America’s greatest enemy and many political leaders on both sides are working more to help Ameria become the new Communist America of the United States.

The Living God


God loves humanity, he wishes nothing more than to walk on a summer evening with humanity. Now people are living in fear. Yet if you love God, believe Jesus and have the strength to believe God. All things God does is for the will of his being. he has taken a person like me who is unworthy of God Love, unworthy of forgives by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am unworthy and I know it. Yet the Lord says come to me, and I will be there for you. He is not hiding, he is not absent, he is not dead. God is everything we need. Belief in the Lamb of God who paid the price for us all.

In this time of hysteria, God is calm. In the time of worry, worry not. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one who would protect you. And God is the very reality of existence. Do you think he can protect you? Do you doubt he can protect you? Doubt is your unbelief. God has the power to do the things you cannot do. Those miracles you doubt are as real as the air you breathe. The breath of God breathed into you.

Be calm, have belief in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to protect you from all things. For he is the Living God, I AM, with power that humanity cannot understand. Don’t fear the hysteria of men but the power of Almighty God, that is something to fear.