The Anti-God People

The Anti-God People


       Your mind is organized in violence, your hatred leads you to your own blindness.

Hatred abounds from the lips of Anti-God people in the world today. Their hatred of religious fundamentalism or people who believe every word of the Bible is true. Funny how quotes reflect the attitude of the minds of humans. Such as 1 John 3:13 “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hates you.“

What is going on here, the world hates me because of what I believe. Not because of anything I have done, simply because of what I believe. John 7:7 “The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.” The world hates Jesus Christ, the world hates the Bible, the world hates God. Now you know it is not you, they hate, but Jesus Christ and his calling out of our morality.

Anti-God people think that every time they tell you, the Bible is corrupt, that there was no flood, there was no resurrection, there was no serpent in a garden of Eden, there was no garden at all, that it is true. They proclaim it, exactly like the Roman Catholic Church proclaims itself “Christian,” as it acts in a pagan way. It worships as pagans worshiped. Even in modern history books, it will tell you that when Constantine made Christianity legal and acceptable. Paganism mixed with Christianity to form this new hybrid belief system of Roman Catholicism. The Pagan Roman Empire carries on as the Pagan Roman Catholic Church. So the world says Bible believers are fools. I thank you, for the enlightenment of your own ignorance.

Our minds attacked, daily by anti-God, music, movies, tv shows, video games, card games, board games. Our minds attacked, by any religious idea as long as it is not of, Jesus Christ. There are no answers by men that does stand up to the test of our reality under any scientific method, and there is a scientific method for every scientist in the world. Again our minds are under continual saturation with the idea that aliens and space are the future of mankind. Yet fallen angels walk this earth, beings of incredible power, capable of great beauty, great deception, great treachery and great destruction of an entire planets populations souls. We have people in power using witchcraft to rule this nation. We have people in power who admit and seem proud of the fact that they are in contact with these spirits. Listening to what these spirits say and guiding our public policy based on these entities suggestions.

This pope Francis shouts his hate and nations listen. All religious fundamentalism has to be eradicated. This is a message of hatred. A message to murder those who will not join their club. Anyone who will not bow down to their man-god. Who demands you worship him or else.

Everywhere you turn today, you see people who are Anti-God. The tell you that it is foolish to believe in a God. People say the Gospel is Jihad and is wrong. What silly people, these world leaders are, telling the people to become Anti-God. Telling them not believe in God, Don’t believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t accept anything but what men tell you. Foolish people think they can declare their Anti-God propaganda and the whole world will listen. Who are you to say we all worship the same God? You spread vicious lies about God and Jesus Christ, and you think that all humans will be deceived by your deceptions and lies. You spread lies and expect men to believe your lies?

The Anti-God people are everywhere now. They have usurped the power of God on earth, or so they think. Yet they live in a state of delusion. Believing their own power is the most significant power of all. Kings on the throne of humanity, who demand that all human beings bow down to them. Papal Bulls released by Rome, declared to be, the authority of God. I do not believe that for one minute. These Papal Bulls released by the Vatican are nothing but hot air from Anti-god people, dressed in self-righteousness. Demanding all men bow to the power of Rome. Bow to the power of the Anti-God, the Pope God. The man who lives in the delusion that he is God on earth. This is blasphemy, a man thinks he is God. Isn’t this what cult leaders do?

This Roman Catholic Cult has its own messiah, the Virgin Mary. They do not need God, or Jesus Christ they have the pope and the Virgin Mary. The pope can save the world, the pope is the light for humanity. What lies and deception. The pope can only do harm to the world just as Papal Rome has done since the fall of the Roman Empire.

They use the same methods of persuasion as the Caesar’s. Oh, don’t you long to be a part of a cult that tortures people who disagree with them and who will not accept the pope and all his Anti-God papal decrees.

Am I to bow down to a man who declares himself God.

Seems in the past many people have declared themselves God and none have proven to be so. Where is the power of the great god pope? He offers indulgence from sin if you follow him on Twitter.

He offers you pardon from sin if you will but follow him on Twitter. Does that sound God like to you? Do you really believe God needs you to follow him on Twitter? Do you really think this man has the power to forgive sin by just declaring it?

Now the pope says the priest has the power to forgive the sin of abortion. I would like to know who is forgiving the papacy for all the sins it has committed, and is allowing and will allow in the future. Anti-God has raised his voice and forgiven all. Blasphemy is uttered by every priest, every bishop, every cardinal and every minister, pastor or preacher who goes along with this Anti-God papacy.

God does not live in a wafer. God is not resurrected in a wafer. God does not exist in a cracker that some pope says all priest have the power to convert a plain ordinary cracker into the body of Jesus Christ. What a hypocrite. Christ in a cracker, that should be their motto. Can you honestly believe that Jesus Christ is resurrected into a cracker to be sacrificed again for your sins? What God are they praying to? If Jesus Christ came to earth in human form why would he come back as a cracker? Does that not seem very strange to you. Talk about cultish thinking. Think with your mind, not the brainwashing the Catholic church has done to you. Read the word of God, instead of listening to men. Look around you, the world you live in today is Anti-God.

They hate anything that would call their actions into question. They hate anything that questions their authority. That hate anyone that will not bow down to the power of the Roman Caesar Pope. They hate the Son of the Creator, They hate Creator. They are Anti-God People.

Bow to a plastic cross of Jesus, Bow to a plaster idol of Mary. Bow down to the Pope. Drinking from a golden chalice.

Covering themselves in scarlet and purple, with magnificent jewels and gold. Where is their humbleness of Jesus Christ? Look at me! Look at Me! All is vanity in the Roman Catholic Church Cult.

Read Your Bible