The Rush From Jesus!

Is one man better than another? Is man following the lies of the deception of the Age of Reason.* There is no God proclaimed by many. The people are being told to leave the superstition of Jesus in its grave. Many proclaim God is dead, and thus you rush from Jesus: You run to the bigotry of Darwinism. The anti-God belief in the superiority of the favored races. Charles Darwin’s theory is the theory of white supremacy. It is a theory of bigotry, yet so many believe this theory is a fact. Yet, it is the lie that you believe, and anti-God believers have been fooled into believing the lie.  Your freedom is stolen by lies and your belief in lies. Lies of White Supermacy of favored races. An evolutionary theory of bigotry, a plan to create white supremacy, a doctrine of anti-God.

Do you realize you believe a theory that cannot be proved but fills your religious void! You are disregarding truth and have joined the mob and have joined the rush from Jesus. You rush from the truth and to embrace a lie and demand everyone who does not believe your lies are dangerous to society.

If you see the truth and deny the truth, what does that make you? A fool? Or simply just ignorant? I guess it would depend on the person’s belief, right? If they have no knowledge, then they are just ignorant. Since some people do not seek knowledge but run from it, they are just ignorant. But for those billions of people who know the truth and deny the truth are lead by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Fools leading the deniers into deception, in a rush from Jesus. Society wants you to leave Jesus in the grave. He’s dead, they say. Believe them not, for they lie.

Most men try to be good, and there are simply bad men. One loves Jesus and God. He loves his family and his wife and his friends. He may not hang out with people, but he does no harm to anyone. He will not tell anyone that he is better, he does not think he is better, but his life proves it. Wickedness roams this earth devouring the minds of humanity. Even in his own heart, he knows he can turn evil if he does not continue to resist the temptations of the evil that stalks humanity like the wolf packs prey. Stalking relentlessly until their prey is devoured with sickness and filth of evil itself. Good people resist evil, many fall prey to it.

Many people embrace evil as society twist and turn the truth of words into a lie. There are examples everywhere. The rush from Jesus has to lead many people down paths of complete debauchery. It all its forms, gluttony, drunkness, lies, thievery, sexual perversion, and murder. People are rushing to sin and running as fast as possible from Jesus. A belief in Jesus makes you the enemy of a new generation trying to demand that Jesus stay dead.

Humanity demands that “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole of The Law.” as Alister Crowley proclaimed. Wickedness rules the minds of humanity, hive minds think alike and want to do what thou wilt.

Jesus leads the world towards salvation from the wickedness of sin. Yet, society and the humans buzzing around embrace the concept of God is dead. Society embraces faith without consequences of actions. Society rushes from Jesus even as God fulfills his words and will send Jesus rushing towards all of us, and there are only two options. Turn from Jesus or turn to Jesus. Where will you rush to? Read Your Bible and Believe It.

*Thomas Paine wrote the Age of Reason